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A little bit about us at Resolute collections

Jim Campbell

With over 40 years in collections, data management and internet, Jim is ideally suited to manage Resolute Collections. Although he gained most of his experience in the UK, he has moved the business to Asia where there is less regulation with which nonpayers can hide behind.

He has managed teams of 100’s and dealt with in excess of 300,000 debtors over his 40 years in the industry. Many of these were face to face or physical vehicle repossession from debtor. Yet others were through discreet research and not so discreet research.

His belief is that everyone has cash hidden that they don’t want people looking for. Additionally, he believes that many debt collection agencies are too timid to bring these matters into play. The majority of the cases he has solved were not because the debtor had no money – they just did not want to part with it.

Here is another very useful fact: 99.9% of all creditors (YOU) have rarely been in this position. They have no experience of action against even the most naïve of debtors. On the opposite side of the coin most debtors don’t pay as part of their trade nor are they trained. Which means, consistency, persistency and incremental action is the order of the day – that is what Jim brings to the table. Experience and determination to win.

You want Jim on your team.

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Paul Taylor

Our technology man. He has extensive experience in getting things done through software solutions. If we want to do something once or 1,000 times, he is the man we turn to.

If he can’t write a program, he can find someone who can – quickly

Paul has joined us in Asia, so that he can act with a free hand.

Paul might be in the background, but he is the backbone of our internet efforts.

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