How to Quickly Plan Effective Australian Debt Recoveries

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Australian Debt Recoveries

Probably your first port of call on Australian debt recoveries is a search on google. This particular search will net you 1,300,000+ results. Not much use if you are looking for something more specific.

Reading our article for 10 minutes will save you hours of struggling through volumes of google search pages. You will find our tips truly awesome, for researching any location for a multitude of services. From debt collectors to bakers or great bars.

Consider this our personal guide to help you with Australian debt recoveries.

How to find an Australian Debt Collector in 5 Mins

Speedy and Easy 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer Open google maps. It will probably show the location you are in. Go to step 2

Enter a location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

In the top lest hand search box enter a location. It could be Australia or Brisbane or Sydney. You can enter anything from a country down to an individual street. No limits.

Enter Service Required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might require a business to business collection agent or a personal debt collection agent. You can try a few variations.

Click On Marker

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You will see red markers. Click on one to see the full details of the business you might want to use.

Make The Call

australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

You need to call them. not email or SMS. You need to know that they can think on their feet. Have some basic questions ready. Experience, cost, tine scale, success rate etc

Sample Search

Here is a typical example of a search for debt collector in Brisbane.

Debt Collectors Australia

What you probably need is a method in which to find debt collectors in Australia. As with the above, if you simply search google you will be inundated with 3.5 million search results! Plus, a couple of dozen adverts. You can narrow the search by using google operators:

Our 2 favorites are:

  • allinurl: debt collectors australia – this will return a more helpful 305 results
  • allintitle: debt collectors australia – returning a more manageable 510 results

This is the method that international and interstate companies will use to find trading partners. They will then assign your debtor to a third party.

Occasionally Google will flash up a warning saying that they recognize unusual activity on your computer.  They do not like you using their search engine tools – which they built to make things easier. Its as though they want to keep it a secret. Just click in the box and continue.

How to find nationwide debt collectors in Australia. or visi this page if you are intersted in an international debt collection agency. It has information to hep you locate a suitable agnet for you, no matter where in the world.

You can get more detailed information by visiting our pages covering:

On our pages you will find our simple guide to finding a debt collector in Australia – easily.

Googles Not So Secret Search Engine

To make your search even easier you have to give Google maps a try. It is easy to add “near me” or “Australia” at the end of a search. However, this can be miss and hit. The video below shows how to complete an effective search in awesome detail. But the basics are:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Search for Australian debt collection agencies or Australia debt collectors

It all becomes very apparent in 54 seconds. Have a look at our video showing you how to use Goolge maps to locate a great Australian agent.

The instruction for cities is different. Simply visit the links above. If your location city our town is not on our list, simply substitute your city in the search box.

Australian Debt Agency List

The biggest players in Australian debt collection are:


These 2 Australian debt collectors focus on different aspects of debt collecting. Ausdebt focus on software solutions for business. Whereas debtrecoveries focus on; you guessed it. Debt recoveries from consumers and businesses.

On the face of it you would appear not to have many options to recover your debts. If you are collecting single international debts, small business debts or personal debts then option 2 is not for you.

On the other hand, if you choose option #1, the absolute minimum commission you are going to part with is 11%. There is no doubt that for skip tracing they would be your first choice. They have data on debtors that probably no other Australian debt agency owns. If you know otherwise, leave a comment.

They offer some free templates that are useful, when trading in Australia.

  1. tax invoice
  2. letter of demand
  3. credit application and terms

Prushka Fast Debt Recovery

When discussing debt recovery in Australia, you must mention Prushka fast debt recovery. I am neither promiting this comapny of detailing how to handle them. It is just some information.

Prushka state they have 60,000 clients. The question here for trust is what does this mean? Is it active clients? Or does it include budines colelcting on one debt? At nearly $40 per letter you could send a reminder letter or final demand letter yourself. Then you are going to part with at least 11% on debt collected plus any “other” fees. Read the small print.

They advertise a credit control department. That is another question. Are they deciding to who you might ectend credit or is it what it should be called a debt collection department. Our advice when we did telpehine ollection was not that we were credit control. We were debt collectors – simple. We did what it said on the tin.

What you need with a debt collection firm is someone who sayd we will have a look and let you know if it is worth persuing. Or you might want to take debt action via the internet.

General Debt Advice

Australian Debt Agency List

Make sure your customer or debtor is able to pay you. Never throw good money after bad. If it is something different you want to achieve; Resolute Collections has various services, we can offer at a fixed debt collection fee.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Will I Be Successful?

Depends. 2 cornerstone pillars – make sure debtor has money and be quick. Early bird catches the worm (snake).

What If The Debtor Has No Money?

Debtors rarely have money when you ask them! Get a professional debt collector or use one of our solutions.

Will I Get All My Money Back

Negotiation or litigation. The former can be quick whilst the latter can get all your money back eventually. Lawyers and debt collectors are great negotiators.

Commercial Collection Agency

If you are looking for a debt collector or commerical collection agency, we have a page on that subject. Many agencies specialise and understand the law when dealing with companies. You will discover many debt recovery providers in niches, to make recovering your debt as stress free and as succcesful as possible.

Your Comments and Stories

We love to share your successes or otherwise regarding Australian debt recoveries and debt collectors. 5 minutes of your time could save a business or someone’s life savings. Or email us and we try and find a solution for you.

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