fair debt practices

What You Need To Know About Fair Debt Practices

fair debt practices

Fair Debt Practices

This page will contain information about fair debt practices in the USA, United Kingdom and other countries. In addition we will add our own opinion about fair debt practises we have garnered in over 40 years of debt collection. The information might be anecdotal, the law or unusual.

The information about fair debt practices is for debtors, lenders, debt collectors, debt collection attorneys, and debt collection agencies. Use our menu to jump to specific section as this article is quite lengthy.

Defend Yourself with the Fair Debt Collection Act

In 1977, the United States’ congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Commonly referred to as the Fair Debt Collection Act, this law was drafted in order to provide guidelines, procedures and limitations to regulate the activities that are done in debt collection processes. Because of the Fair Debt Collection Act, debt collectors have refrained from using threats, lies or insults to harass and intimidate debtors.

In order to understand this act, you must first have an understanding of what a debt collector is. According to the Fair Debt Collection Act, a debt collector is someone who

“uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the collection of any debts, or who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, debts owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another”.

US Government

To put it simply, a debt collector is someone who collects payments that debtors owe to another company. For example, you have a delinquent account with a credit card company. Once the credit company feels that too much resource is required to pursue you to make payments, it will hire a debt collector to pursue the payments for them.

Now that you understand what a debt collector is, you must also know what the debt collector’s job entails. The Fair Debt Collection Act details the information that your debt collector must give you. Remember, for the debt collection activity to be legitimate, you should first be supplied with documents that will help you understand the situation you are in.

Once the debt collector has contacted you, he has five days to provide you with the following:

1) The exact figures regarding that debt that you supposedly owe.
2) Information about the creditor that you owe the debt to.
3) The debt collector must tell you that you have a maximum of 30 days to raise your doubts or disagreements regarding the nature and specifics of the debt. If you do not dispute the debt, the collector assumes that the debt is valid and binding.
4) In case you claim that you have no debt, the debt collector must immediately send you documents and other certificates that will verify the debt.
5) Under the Fair Debt Collection Act, the debt collector should inform you that if you have switched creditors, you are allowed to ask for information regarding your original creditor.

As you can see, the Fair Debt Collection Act mandates that the debtor be given adequate details as well as ample time to evaluate them and raise whatever concerns he may have. If for some reason, the debt collector becomes aggressive and abusive, the Fair Debt Collection Act also gives the debtor the right to sue the debt collector.

However, the debtor must remember that the Fair Debt Collection Act of 1977 does not erase debts. It isn’t a get-out-of-debt ticket. It simply ensures that debt collectors will be able to do their work and solicit payments without violating the rights of the debtors.

What Fair Debt Practices Means to You?

So, you may have missed some payments on your mortgage. Or, you may have failed to respond to calls from your creditor. Despite the fact that you may have failed to keep your end of the contract, you still have the right to be treated fairly during the process of debt collection.

Fair debt collection involves the use of proper tools to evaluate your situation. It also gives you ample time to respond to the notification of the debt collector. In order to ensure that debt collection is carried out fairly, the congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA.

The FDCPA ensures that there are guidelines that will protect you when you communicate with a debt collector to settle your accounts. The act states that the debt collector cannot intimidate you with false threats. He cannot scare you into thinking that you will go to jail if you fail to make payments on time. He cannot insult your race or make any negative references to your gender. He is also not allowed to talk to you using obscene and profane language.

Fair debt collection also protects your privacy. This means that debt collectors are not allowed to tell other people about your debt. They cannot put you in a place of public shame and humiliation in order to pressure you into paying. If the debt collection process is to be fair, then it is only right that you and your debt problems remain private and personal. More importantly, fair debt collection gives you the right to sue your debt collector if you feel that he is being abusive, aggressive or dishonest.

Fair debt collection means that even though you have failed to make some payments, the debt collection agency will still respect you and value you as a client. This means that you are given the opportunity to approach your debt collector and request for a change of payment scheme. Once you show that you intend to pay, you are allowed to renegotiate the structure of your debt. You and your debt collector will come up with a payment scheme that you can afford. This is what fair debt collection is about; it gives you a legal environment in which you can come up with an effective way to settle your debt.

So, if you have debts, do not panic. The United States of America has put in the necessary legal safeguards that will allow you to coordinate with debt collectors without fear of harassment or abuse. You won’t be arbitrarily driven out of your home or anything like that. The FDCDPA ensures that there is a fair debt collection process that will respect your rights as an individual and a customer. In the end, fair debt collection should help reduce the stress and anxiety that are brought about by the entire process of settling a debt.

Fair Debt Collection Practices: What to Expect from your Debt Collector?

The best way to protect yourself from harassment is to know the exact job description of your debt collector. If you know the things that his job entitles him to do, you can keep better track of his behavior and take action when he violates your rights. To know the debt collector’s job description, you need to have a thorough understanding of the 1977 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This act literally outlines the Fair Debt Collection Practices. It tells you the practices that are acceptable for debt collectors. It also informs you of practices that are unacceptable under the eyes of the law.

So, according to the Fair Debt Practices, what are the debt collector’s responsibilities towards you?

Basically, the debt collector owes you information. If the debt collector is trying to get you to pay up, it is only right that you are fully informed of the circumstances surrounding your debt. This means that within five days of initial contact, the debt collector must send you a written document that contains information such as the amount of debt you owe and the company or institution you owe it to. The document should also let you know the steps to take in the event that you believe you do not have that debt and you should not be held responsible for it.

If you file a letter to dispute the debt, the debt collector will stop contacting you until he comes up with evidence that proves that you truly owe that money. As part of the Fair Debt Practices, the debt collector must send you a receipt to prove that he has received your complaint. Also, the debt collector has to mail any evidence that proves that you are responsible for the debt.

Fair Debt Collection Practices are aimed at protecting the debtor’s privacy. As such, if you wish to put a stop to the debt collector’s calls and visits, you must write a letter to indicate your intention. Once the debt collector confirms receipt of your letter, you can expect him to stop contacting you.

Aside from these things, the Fair Debt Collection Practices also forbid your debt collector to do the following:

1) Contact you via phone or make personal visits outside of the time period between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.
2) Approach your family and friends in an effort to locate you.
3) Come to your workplace for the purpose of contacting you, verifying your employment or acquiring information regarding your salary.

Fair Debt Practices are exactly that – fair. It means that while you have individual rights, the law also provides guidelines to ensure that the debt collector can do his job well.

Fair Debt Practices Act: Dealing with Abusive Debt Collectors

In an effort to make you pay, some debt collectors may resort to unethical means. They may falsely threaten you with law suits or repossessions. They may call you incessantly or use derogatory language that will embarrass and humiliate you. However, these things don’t have to happen. The United States actually has a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that protects individuals from the abusive behavior of debt collectors.

In the first place, why do debt collectors find it easy to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act? Actually, the answer is quite simple. Debt collectors take advantage of people’s ignorance. If you don’t know the law and you’re not familiar with the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Act, you won’t know what rights you have against these debt collectors. If the debtor is ignorant, the debt collector can manipulate him easily. Without the necessary information, debtors will not know how to fight back against debt collectors who harass him.

Another reason is that while abusive behavior is common, it may be hard to prove. Oftentimes, debtors have difficulty providing evidence that clearly shows that the debt collectors went beyond their limitations and violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In order to help your cause, it is advisable that you keep copies of every single document that you and your debt collector exchanged.

Lastly, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act has several loopholes. So, if the debt collector makes some violations, he can simply close his office only to reopen later, under a new name.

Once you are sure that your debt collector violated the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, here are the steps you should take:

1) Notify the debt collector of the violation you observed. In a formal letter, cite the provision of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act that was violated. Include details of the event like the date, time, place as well as other circumstances regarding the violation. Make sure you ask for a receipt that proves that the debt collector has indeed received your complaint.
2) If you find it necessary, you can mail another letter to ask the debt collector to stop calling or visiting you.
3) File a formal complaint at the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC. The FTC is the body that is responsible for regulating the activities of debt collection agencies. Filing a complaint is easy, just log on to www.ftc.gov and you can accomplish an online form.
4) Go to your State Attorney General and report your debt collector’s abusive behavior. The Secretary General will have the case processed and investigated.
If you have enough evidence, approach your lawyer and consider filing a lawsuit against that collection agency.

Remember, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act is there to support you. However, it is only useful when you have enough knowledge about it.

The Debt Collection Law: What You Need to Know if You are in Debt?

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you are protected from the abusive actions of a debt collector. No matter how much the creditor wants his money back, he needs to follow the guidelines of this debt collection law. This law has special implications for you, your workplace and even your medical care.

The Debt Collection Law and Your Workplace

The debt collection law, specifically the FDCPA, specifies that a debt collector may contact your office only to inquire about your location, your home address as well as your contact information. This form of contact can only be done if the debt collector has no other means of locating your current residence.

Meanwhile, the debt collection law also gives the debt collector the right to send papers and documentation to your boss. These documents are files on your debt that are somehow related to your job and your salary. A common example is a court order that asks for details about your salary.

However, the debt collector is not allowed to volunteer any information regarding your debt. The debt collector may only share this information if your boss asks for it, or if he is asking your boss to answer certain paperwork that is related to your debt. While the debt collector may not share the details of your debt, your employer may have other ways of obtaining such information. Usually, records of your debt may appear on your credit rating. Since your employer is allowed to view this information, he may learn about your debt.

The Debt Collection Law and your Health Care

Unpaid medical bills are a huge concern for creditors and their collection agencies. If you fail to settle your medical bills, your healthcare provider may turn over your account to a collection agency. However, the debt collection law and the law concerning medical bills indicate that you must first agree to such a transaction before a collection agency takes over your account. If for some reason you dispute the debt, you may raise your concerns at this point.

Even though a debt collection agency is taking care of your account, your healthcare provider will still protect your privacy. To this extent, the healthcare provider will only release information on your name, address, account number, social security number and your date of birth.

The Debt Collection Law and Identity Theft

The fair debt practices collection law also has provisions for identity theft. If a collection agency contacts you regarding a debt that you have no previous knowledge of, you may be a victim of identity theft. The first thing you should do is ask for documents regarding your debt. Ask for transaction records, letters of agreement, and receipts. If you have verified that the debt is really not yours, ask the debt collector for a fraud affidavit form. Once the form is processed, the debt collector will stop contacting you and the identity thief will be pursued.

If You Are In Doubt About Fair Debt Practices

Report the debt collecter to the lender. Most lenders do not want to risk their lending licence. If it is the lender who is collecting from you, report them to an appropriate body in your country. Each state and country are different – which means we have no definitve list. Ask the lender who you can complain to – they know!

fair debt practices

How To Quickly Find An Expert Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

catastrophic injury lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Before you start to go off hunting for a catastrophic injury lawyer, we need to understand what we are looking for. Or why we believe that what we have is Catastrophic or a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims are for a myriad of causes. From an injury at work or an accident in public. Generally, all you need to do is prove negligence (partial or wholly) on the other party. Much of this is covered by their insurance.

The average personal injury claim is between $3,000 and $75,000. The injuries will have been claimed many times and have specific values. Any competent personal injury lawyer will have his own experiences to assess your claim.

A claim for a catastrophic injury is another matter altogether. At the end of the article we will show you a quick method of separating the wheat from the chaff. So that you find the best lawyer to suit your needs.

A Summary Of Frequently Asked Questions

The fact that these questions are often asked is because there is often not a lot of information on Google. Nor do lawyers and attorneys give out information for free. However, once you know the questions to ask your choice of injury claim lawyer the better the choice you will make.

What is a catastrophic injury lawyer?
Is a legal professional who subject matter is personal injuries of an extreme nature. Lawyers and attorneys in this field of law will have extensive and persuasive negotiation skills. Many will be familiar on how to deal with insurance companies
What is a catastrophic injury?
By its very nature it is of the utmost seriousness. It can involve the loss limbs or damage to the spinal column. catastrophic injury can also include major burns or internal damage.
What are the common causes for catastrophic injuries?
By a long margin, the most common causes needing a catastrophic injury lawyer are, car accidents, medical errors, workplace injuries and defective medical devices.
Do I need a catastrophic injury lawyer?
The short answer is YES. If you have had and accident or believe that you or a loved one have been affected by a medical mistake – you need to contact an attorney or lawyer as soon as possible.
How do I find a specialised catastrophic injury lawyer?
We at resolute collections show you how to find a personal injury lawyer quickly and at no cost. All it takes is 5 minutes on Google maps and a being prepared with a few questions.
How much can I claim for a catastrophic injury?
That is an impossible question to answer accurately. It will involve how the accident happened, who was to blame, how to apportion blame, incapacity involved and how long care will take.  Ongoing medications, nursing care, loss or earnings and diminished life enjoyment. You will need an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer
Is there an organisation for catastrophic injury lawyers?
Yes, there are. In the UK It is the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. In the United States it is the National Academy of Personal Injury lawyers. In Australia you can visit the Australian Lawyers Alliance. These legal organisations can help you research any personal injury claim lawyer you might consider representing you.
Are there no win no fee catastrophic injury lawyers?
Nearly all law firms will offer some sort of no win no fee. However, their fee could be up to 40% of the claim. Make sure you know what it will be and who pays it.
How long does a catastrophic injury claim last?
This is impossible to state on a website like this; indeed, any website. It will depend on a myriad of facts, assumptions, attitudes, and willingness to negotiate. It will depend if you lawyer can negotiate a settlement or if you go to court. If you go to court who knows how busy they will be. This means your catastrophic injury claim could be 6 months to 6+ years. 
What does a catastrophic injury mean?
The best place for an explanation that will be meaningful to you is to search Wikipedia. Whether you are looking for sports related injuries or major trauma. These pages will give unbiased information nor try to engage a specific personal injury lawyer for you.

Costs For A Personal Injury Lawyer

Considering what you will read in this article any attorney or lawyer may ask for a fee upfront or they may not. It is not public information and something you will need to discuss with your legal team or representative. This is a business for them. They may offer tea and sympathy but what they want is fee income. Sounds scornful: but it is true. All legal firms want fees.

In addition, they will most definitely want a success fee. This could be as much as 40% of the net claim, after all testimony and experts have been compensated.

Notwithstanding this, a catastrophic injury lawyer is essential. Make the right decision and make the best deal you can.  

Why Should I Hire A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

The straightforward reason is that you do not have the experience or contacts to do it successfully on your own. A personal injury lawyer is going to know how the system works. They are going to have professional contacts who can make the entire process easier for you. All you have to do is invest a couple of hours finding the best catastrophic injury lawyer to hire for your claim.

What Is The Difference Between An Attorney And A Lawyer?

The additional question is will it affect your decision? The difference is not so great and only really applies to claimants in the USA. Firstly, the proper title for an attorney is an attorney in law. And it all boils down to who can represent you in court. Generally speaking, a lawyer will require an attorney if the claim goes to court. Considering that 99% of all cases are settled out of court there is no need for the additional expense of hiring a personal injury attorney. Simply search for a catastrophic injury lawyer near me. More information on searching later in this article.

Choosing The right Personal Injury Lawyer

We wholeheartedly encourage you to find a Catastrophic injury lawyer you feel comfortable working with. There is no changing relationships midstream. This should be an unbreakable partnership until you gain success or failure. Changing halfway through is not an option to consider.

What Does A Catastrophic Injury Mean?

If you are at the receiving end of a Catastrophic injury, you will no longer be able to work in the medium to long term. Probably the extent of the injury will mean you will never be able to work again.

There will be urgent and long term medical care required. You may require specially adapted means of transportation and long term home care.

Injures can include but are not limited to:

  • Single or multiple amputations
  • Significant brain damage
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns over large areas of your body
  • Major life changing injuries

Legal Definition Of The Term Catastrophic Injury

In legal jargon it does not really exist. It is certainly catastrophic to you but that is not a legal category.  You have a personal injury. The main difference is that this “personal injury” will have significant lifestyle changes, loss of future enjoyment and expensive enduring medical costs.

Use this as a quote: The American Medical Association (AMA) defines a catastrophic injury as a severe injury to the spinal cord, spine, or brain.

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Occur?

They are wide and varied sources of catastrophic injurie. Here are the most common examples:

  • Accidents involving cars, trucks, or trains
  • Medical negligence or catastrophic mistakes
  • Injuries sustained in your workplace or public buildings
  • Major side effects of drugs or malfunctioning medical devices.
  • Injuries suffered in sport or recreation
  • Building site accidents

The Four Most Common Catastrophic Injuries

  1. Severe or traumatic brain injury
  2. Injuries to the spinal cord. There will be 15,000+ cases recorded every year according to the national spinal cord injury statistical center (USA).
  3. Major disfigurement burns
  4. Loss of limb(s)

Aide Memoire

From the very first instant that you know that you are making a catastrophic injury claim for yourself our someone else. Think about some of this:

  1. Do not worry about going to trail with a jury. Rarely does a claim get this far. You are more likely to be with your counsel in front of a sole judge.
  2. You are not the only lawyers dance in town. More than likely they will be working on many cases. Your lawyer will be seldom at your beck and call.
  3. No question is too ridiculous to ask. As they say there are only stupid answers. Ask anything that concerns you. Anything at all.
  4. Your claim will not be an overnight outcome. Batten the hatches down for a tedious journey with a tumultuous finish.
  5. Keep a record of everything. Pictures, phone calls, letters, conversations or medications and treatment. Everything. You never know when it could be the difference of failure to glorious success.
  6. An early offer is a sure sign of disquiet by the third party. Get an injury lawyer and wait. And then wait a little bit more. Let your lawyer review all aspects of the claim. It will be well worth the wait.
  7. You will need expert medical opinion. You stand a better chance of a successful outcome when the best are your side.
  8. Make sure your choice of law firm is carefully considered. Separate the wheat from the chaff. From promises of no fees to instant success.  This is the most important choice you will make. We have tips at the end of the article.
  9.  Always employ the skills and experience of an lawyer or lawyer who has worked on similar cases to yours. You do not want to be their 1st project.
  10. Do not. Really, do not try and do this on your own. You need a qualified lawyer with relevant experience.
  11. Expenses. Keep accurate records of everything that you have spent regarding the injury. Absolutely every receipt. Not only does it record your financial loss it will indicate a need for future income and back up of your claim.
  12. Diary. Keep detailed notes for both your medical team and legal team. Every twinge or headache or “something is not right”. Write it down on paper or use an audio diary. There are apps for audio diaries.
  13. Disclosure. It is absolutely imperative that you inform medical experts, consultants or you legal team about mental or psychological symptoms. This is not a time to be shy or out on a brave face.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Associations

You are going to have to find a lawyer who can lead a team of experts. A legal firm with immediate access to experts in the field of the catastrophic injury sustained.

Legal Bodies To become Familiar With.

You will want your intermediate lawyer to fully check your catastrophic injury lawyers’ credentials. A shiny website and an advert on Google is not nearly enough. Research is required. Both with legal associations, courts, and Google.

United Kingdom

  • Forum of insurance lawyers
  • Association of Personal injury lawyers
  • Civil justice Council


  • American Bar association
  • Association of Trial lawyers of America
  • Workers compensation lawyer’s association

How Your Claim Is Assessed

Initially it is quite straightforward. Your chosen catastrophic injury lawyer will review:

  • The Injury suffered.
  • How long will the damage last?

Secondary Considerations Will Be

  • Expert testimony. The cost and availability of experts in the field of the actual cause of the injury and specialists in your recovery plan. The courts will want to understand the diagnosis and the prognosis. This is costly to both parties and time consuming. 
  • Level of opposition. There will no doubt be a vast amount of money at stake. Your opponent will be balancing the cist of time and expert testimony versus reduction in your payment.  Be prepared for years. In exceptional cases a decade or more. Be prepared for a long wait.

What you need is an excellent lawyer.

How to find a catastrophic injury lawyer. Invariably the search will present firms as personal injury lawyers.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Near Me.

Generally, Google will find a lawyer near you. However, to get the best results you should use the following method. It is a really good idea to do this at a desktop or lap top and something to make notes. Simply making a normal search on Google is going to return tens of thousands of results for a catastrophic injury lawyer. Take our insider tips to narrow it down to a manageable number.

Finding the best catastrophic injury claim lawyer near me

Total Time To Find Lawyer Near You 5 minutes

Open Google Maps
catastrophic injury lawyer

Find and open Google maps on a laptop or desktop to view the best results

The Location Is Vitally Important
find best catastrophic injury lawyer

You can enter any location that helps your claim. Maybe the head office of the third party. Or near you if you wish to make it easy to visit your lawyer.

Service You Require
do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Seems a bit obvious, but it does remove the chaff from the wheat. A general google search gets you tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of results. This will return a few dozen focussed selections

Choice and Research
do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Next step is to choose 3-5 potential legal firms. Then you need to research and call them. Have your list of questions and go through them in order with each claim lawyer.

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personal injury lawyer in Sydney

Finding The Best Personal Injury lawyers in Sydney.

personal injury lawyer in sydney

Personal Injury lawyers in Sydney.

Before you go hunting for a personal injury lawyer in Sydney to help you with your personal injury claim, there are a few things you night want to consider. Your initial instinct is to Google personal injury lawyers in Sydney. Believe it or not, that search will return 9,300,000 results! Plus, some adverts written by some of the finest Google ad writers available.

We can show you how to reduce your list to a focused 10 personal injury lawyers to choose from. Additionally, after reading our article you will know the best questions to ask these scholarly people.

Take your time to read this through. Once you have selected a lawyer you are with them, until successful claim (or not) do you part.  

What is a personal injury?

Personal injury happens owing to the negligence and carelessness of some people. Injuries such as this can occur on the road, workplace, due to medical malpractice, defective product, food poisoning, fall caused by a flawed surface, invasion of privacy and the like. The damage done can be both physical and psychological, which include mental suffering, emotional distress, and bodily harm. If you find yourself with this problem all you need is an experienced injury lawyer to fully represent you.

When it comes to personal injury cases, the law includes the bodily harm, a person may have sustained. As well as the suffering he or she suffered and encompasses emotional shock that an individual may have undergone due to personal injury. When this happens, the affected party is qualified for actual as well as punitive damages. Damages of punitive nature are outcomes of a jury verdict to penalize the defendant of his recklessness. While general damage, is a verdict to regain losses like medical expenses, loss of wages and property damage?

Do you know why personal injury claim is popular? Well only a little of personal injury cases really go to trial. This it because the respondent and the victim may have reason to go to trial. It may be that the defendants may feel that the victim stands a better chance to win in court. The other reason could be due to financial limitation. While others behind that the cost of a trial would worsen the financial condition that might affect things greatly. Hence, they both choose to settle early and avoid the cost and repercussions of a  trial.

FAQ: Personal Injury lawyers In Sydney

Who Are The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Sydney

Ask any law firm in Sydney and they will say it is them. Nearly all of them have a Google review rating of 4.5 or above. Nor can you search for worst personal injury lawyer as there are no results. Not a single result, which is very strange. Try a Google search on the lawyer who WILL be handling your case.

Is The Lawyer Accredited As A Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Society of NSW gives special accreditation to lawyers who specialise in personal injury claims and the compensation related to claims. Simply ask the lawyer and then check. If they are not registered then give them a pass.

Who Actually Handles My Personal Injury Claim

It is essential that you speak to the lawyer who will actually handle the case. Many large firms might allow a junior or non qualified lawyer to handle the initial query and information gathering stages. Then it will be passed on to a qualified lawyer.
You want to speak the the organ grinder and not the monkey from the get go. It will save time, misunderstandings, extra information gathering and a whole load of other stuff.

What Are The Chances Of Success For My Personal Injury Claim

A qualified, experienced and knowledgeable lawyer will be able to tell you this during your meeting. He/She should have handled many cases and be able and willing to give you a reasonable estimate of costs and compensation. They should be able to give you a fairly reliable timeline. If they cannot – you have the wrong compensation lawyer

Can I Find Out If The Lawyer Has Been Disciplined

Yes you can! The NSW Legal Services Commissioner will give you this information. Some time researching now will save you a huge amount of time and hassle later. Which could affect your perosbal injury claim.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth

Many people have no idea or an exaggerated expectation. Or possibly a lower estimation of what the claim is worth. An experienced Sydney legal firm will be able to give you a fairly accurate (but not guaranteed) valuation of your claim.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay In Legal Fees

This will be determined by many factors. You are going to have to speak to a lawyer to get an accurate estimate. AND it is an estimate. Here are some tips.
Avoid paying by the billable hour. Personal Injury Lawyers love generating billing hours. Ask for a quote by stage.
Avoid %age of claim. This type of contingency fee generation is banned in NSW. If a lawyer suggests this – remind them that it is illegal in Australia

Is No Win No Fee True

Yes and no. A personal injury lawyer might offer you a no win no fee deal. However that relates to their fees. If you lose you will have to pay legal costs (medicals and specialist reports) and might have to pay the defendants costs. It is NEVER free.

Do you need a personal injury lawyer.

personal injury lawyer in Sydney

When it comes to personal injury, you must know that qualified personal injury attorneys can comprehend the complex legal issues involved. They can assist their client to know about their legal privileges and receive the best outcome for his or her personal injury. Do not hesitate to seek legal counsel once you find yourself in a personal injury case.

Always have in mind that when an individual becomes negligent, he or she can be charged to reimburse you for the injury you sustained. However, you will require the service of an experienced and reputable personal injury lawyer to help you with the legalities of the case. Contact the best lawyer for maximum representation.

What Personal Injuries Can You Claim

Personal injury is referred to as any harm or injury done to an individual or his asset, privileges, or image. A personal injury can happen in the office, road, from a defective brand or repair, due to medical negligence and the like. Personal injury can be divided into physical or psychological injury depending on what is determined. As a victim you need the help of a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury also happens owing to the recklessness or negligence of the individual or company that should otherwise have offered you with basic care or safety. Instances of personal injury cases are nuisance, trespass, slander, wrongful death, and professional malpractice. If you find yourself in any of such condition your best bet is to contact a personal injury lawyer first.

Did you know that several personal injury lawyers offer free consultation? They also provide you the chances to discuss in depth about the case prior to signing and service agreement. From this communication you can gain insight about the compensation amount and the duration needed to begin and complete the process. Seek out a professional attorney and learn more about how they work before you hire them.

Contingency Fee basis

In most cases personal injury attorneys are normally hired on a contingency fee basis. What this indicates is that if you fail to be compensated from the case, you will not be required to pay any charges to the attorney. However, in the event that you get compensated you will be expected to pay a percentage of the amount to the attorney. in spite of this, you will need to pay for other costs that was acquired while processing the case. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, especially on a contingency fee basis, it is recommended that you enter into an agreement with him or her before giving them the case to handle on your behalf. Also know that uninhibited interaction with your attorney every time. will assist a lot in achieving the best results.

Experienced personal injury attorney normally handles several injuries concurrently and assist in handling insurance agents. They assist in evaluating the value of the personal injury claims as well as clarify everything about the case that you will otherwise not have cared of. It is crucial to hire an experienced attorney for your case but do not forget to scrutinize his or her qualifications before hiring them.

Are you looking for a good personal injury lawyer in Sydney? Do you know that there are societies and bodies of attorneys that supply lists of professionals in your locality to assist you to find the best lawyer? Checking with your friends and colleagues can aid you to locate the right personal injury attorney for you. Locating a personal injury attorney moments after you had an accident in which you were physically harmed should not be a difficult task to accomplish.

As it is, the legal support of a personal injury attorney in Sydney is vital if your personal injury case is to produce the best outcomes. Therefore, do well to get an experienced lawyer to help you out and do not make your own claim unless you have legal background. You need a personal injury lawyer in Sydney to maximise your claim.

Check The Lawyers Credentials

Did you know that the skill, experience, and qualification of a personal injury attorney who is handling your claim issues would provide you with lots of benefits? This is more advantageous with the coming of the Internet, through which you can locate the best personal injury attorney in Sydney. All you have to do is to carry out a simple search online and you will be flooded with lots of legal firms to pick from. Should you ever encounter personal injuries owing to the recklessness or negligent of another party, you should instantly contact a personal injury attorney.

Obtaining the service of a legal practitioner should not be difficult; all you have to do is go online. When it comes to contacting personal injury lawyers it does not actually matter if you are filing a case or not. Consulting with a personal injury attorney simply for discussion purposes will aid you greatly. This way your privileges as well as your interest will be properly safeguarded. With the assistance of a personal injury attorney your case will assuredly be handled by the best legal minds in Sydney.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to search (personal injury lawyer Sydney) scam, horror story, ETC. inserting the name of the legal firm of solicitor who will act for you. This will present you with any red flags.

Specialized Injury Attorneys

Are you ready to claim your personal injury compensation? Then you are probably looking for a personal injury attorney. In that case you should never settle for the first personal injury attorney that comes your way. All personal injury attorneys are specialized in a specific field. For example, a personal injury attorney that have been handling medical malpractice laws for decades may not be best in dealing with compensation cases relating to worker accidents.

In case you do not know, just like in the discipline of medicine, there are highly specialized physicians that provide unique types of medical attention to their patients. There are also personal injuries lawyers whose specialty is in a specific aspect of personal injury law. For example, the handling of medical malpractice law is extremely professionalized and the best way to get the best lawyer in this field is to check with a highly respected law firm. Resolute Collections will help you with that.

Specialised Compensation Lawyers

Do you know that there are attorneys who professionalized chiefly in laws relating to worker’s compensation? The cases in these groups are generally dealt with via a specialized set up of administrative court. It is beneficial to have an attorney that has years of experience of handling such issues. Did you know that there are some personal injury law firms that only handle cases that deal with burn injuries? Such firms may also handle case such as spinal cord and brain injuries.

There are some that handle personal injuries cases that are only connected with accident like construction, automobile and so on. While some specifically handle cases that are bordered in defective of the personal injury lawyer you are setting for before you give your case to him. Before you sign any agreement with any personal injury lawyer, it is highly recommended  you interview the lawyer carefully about his or her specialization in your kind of injury case collect authentic details about the cases handled by the lawyer previously before you reach the conclusion of hiring him or her.

Negligence Claims

Are you a victim of another man’s negligence and/or abuse? Then you have the ability to seek redress using a personal injury, which is an arm of civil law. The law safeguards the privileges of an individual who has encountered injuries emanating from accident and behaviours that is linked to negligence as well as malpractice of another individual or group that ought to have been more accountable.

If you want to properly seek redress under the personal injury law, then you have to hire the service of a qualified personal injury attorney. For instance, if you are a resident of Sydney, you will have to sift personal injury lawyer listings in the phone book or directories, take your time, sample a list and interview them with the intention of picking the best from your list. Or use the method suggested by Resolute Collections.

Speed Is Of The Essence In A Personal Injury Claim

One of the best steps to make, is to hire a personal injury lawyer as fast as you can, when you need support to file for a claim. The action of waiting for too long is not ideal. The best time after an accident to hire a lawyer should not be more than a week or two. Ask a friend or a colleague to carry out the search on your behalf in the event that your injuries stop you from doing it yourself. You will be at a great advantage if you will retain the service of a personal injury attorney with stacks of court experience. As well as specialization on the nature of the injuries you sustained.

You must diligently search for the ideal legal expert to handle your case as soon as you can to locate the perfect injury attorney or catastrophic injury lawyer. Allow sufficient time for further verification prior to appending you signature on the retainer contract. Be wise! When settling for a personal injury lawyer take some time to visit the attorney’s office. If he or she is close by visit them or check their website. You want to verify their history as well as reputation of dealing with their clients. Ask for references and never shy away from inquiring about their years of experience in dealing with cases such as your own.

Law Societies in Sydney and Australia

You can search or ask advice regarding a personal injury lawyer in Sydney with the local Law society or the main law society in Australia. Never quite sure how helpful they can be. They tend to defend their own.

How To Find The Best Personal Injury lawyers in Sydney.

The Easiest Way To Find A Legal Service

Eay Way To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer In Sydney 20 minutes

Search Google For Maps

How To Easily Find The Best Debt Collectors In Scotland

Once you have found Google maps – click on it

Enter Sydney

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

You can enter any location that you want. From a country down to a street. It does not matter where you are as long as you need a personal injury lawyer in Sydney

Service Required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You no longer need to search for personal injury lawyer in Sydney. All you need is personal injury lawyer or a catastrophic injury lawyer.

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Click on any of the red markers to be presented with the details of injury lawyers for you.

Make A Choice

Choose 3 and give them a call. Not an email – a call. Have your list of questions on a notepad.

Additional Resources

If personal injury lawyers in Sydney are not what you are looking for, we have a few other articles that might be interest. Debt collection lawyers and personal injury lawyers in Brisbane. We have general information about legal matters in our Australia page.

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personal injury lawyers in brisbane

How To Find An Awesome Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane


Personal Injury lawyers Brisbane

Before you go off hunting for personal injury lawyers in Brisbane or anywhere you have to know some basic information.

You can always visit the Queensland Law Society to check up ob any of your choices for a perosnal injury representative

At the end of the article we will show you how to search for a great personal injury lawyer in Brisbane. Or for anywhere else when it come to that.

A personal injury lawyer is also known as the civil litigator who deals with the clients having a physical injury or any psychological issues that result due to the negligence of another person. Moreover, the lawyer deal with the injury that occurs due to a careless act of organization, entity, company, or government agency. Furthermore, the lawyer deals with the cases due to monetary, damages, civic wrongs, or non-monetary damages.

Personal injury lawyers have the right to practice in all law factors, yet they handle the cases related to accidents, flawed products, work injuries, and different accidents. They help the clients to provide compensation for the losses. The type of loss includes

  • Inability to perform duty again
  • Loss of ability to earn again
  • Loss of companionship
  • Emotional distress
  • Attorney fees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Imjury Claim in Brisbane.

This is a breif summary of what can be found on the pages in this website. You should do a couple of hours of research before engaging a lawyer. There is a lot of money at stake. Research now will make it less stressful in the long run.

How much does a personal injury lawyer charge in Brisbane?

As we are not going to charge you anything, we feel free to inform you that the hourly rate is between $300 to $650 per HOUR.

Are personal injury lawyer fees capped?

Many lawyers state that fees are capped by law. This does not stop them from being astronomical. As you can imagine that to nail them down on a total cost for your personal injury claim will rarely be confirmed at commencement. The fact that the fees incurred will be well documented – it does not make them a smaller amount.

Are there no win no fee personal injury lawyers in Brisbane?

In all fairness, there is no such thing. Someone has to pay for the claim at some point. A fee is a fee. It would be nice if you could find a lawyer with the candour to give you a straight answer. There are no win no fee lawyers. Ask them detailed questions about their fees. Nail them down.

What can I expect to receive in a personal injury claim?

This can be broken into 2 parts. What was the actual injury you received, and your legal representative? You really need the best lawyer you can find. RESEARCH.

How do I know if my choice of lawyer is the best I can find for my personal injury claim?

Ask them for successful claims where they have represented people with your injuries. Some of the claims will be public information, with the others they can redact personal details. Ask them what their client 1) claimed, 2) was awarded, 3) what they actually recovered less fees, 4) how long did it take. If they cannot answer – walk away and tell them why you are walking away.

Can I negotiate a lawyer’s fees?

Everything is negotiable. Link it to the claim. 100% for 100% of the claim. 80% for 80% of the claim. Make up your own deal. YOU are in control. They advise and you make decisions.

Will I have to go to court to assert a personal injury claim in Queensland?

Probably not if you have a great lawyer. Only 1% of personal injury claims end up in court. There is a perfectly good chance you will be in the 99% category. Court is awfully expensive and time consuming for all parties. Especially with lawyers claiming $600 per hour.

Will I need a medical report for a personal injury claim?

Definitely. Your own lawyer will arrange for a specialist in the field of your injury. In addition, the party being claimed against might ask for medical reports. Keep a meticulous diary of all medical symptoms and medications. It cannot be detailed enough. Every sneeze or aspirin should be documented for YOUR legal team.

Can I change personal injury lawyers whenever I want?

You can always do anything you want. The question is whether it is a good idea or not. The 2 main questions you have to consider are will they hand over all the paperwork and will you be charged. The short answers are no and yes. Make cautious considerations with an unrelated qualified person to either new or old lawyers.

Role of the personal injury lawyer

Personal injury lawyer performs duties by keeping in mind both the professional and ethical code. Once they get the license from the bar, they are eligible to file the complaints, prepare documents for the case, make arguments related to the case and offer legal advice to the complainants of the personal injury.

The sole responsibility of the personal injury lawyer is to study the case thoroughly. It is his responsibility to reach to the complexity of the claim to provide justice to the client. He makes appropriate searches to make a solid case.

Moreover, it is his responsibility to provide compensation to the client and help him to get justice for the suffering and losses. the lawyer does the counseling, provide oral arguments, and legal advice.


It is the duty of the lawyer to follow the legal ethics and principles as stated in the law. Although the legal law varies from country to country. UK has its own regulation while the US follows its own set of rules to provide justice for personal injuries. In fact, each US state has its own laws regarding this matter.

The lawyer evaluates his case according to state law, prepare the case and file the complaint so that his client obtains compensation for the losses he/she has suffered from.

It is obvious that if you are in Brisbane you should be searching for personal injury lawyers in Brisbane.

What nature of injuries you can claim?

The personal injury lawyer deals with a variety of cases for people who suffered injuries due to the wrongful act of another person. If you suffered from an injury because of no fault of your own, then you can claim to the personal injury lawyer get assistance. Keep in mind that you will get help on the bases of type of injury after your lawyer proves your truth in front of the court. The type of injury cases that personal injury lawyers of UK, USA, and Australia deals with

  • Head and brain injury
  • Leg injury and bruises
  • Burns
  • Whiplash
  • Scars
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Illness due to asbestos
  • Workplace accident
  • Faulty products
  • Industrial disease
  • Sexual abuse

It does not matter where you are; Brisbane, London, Sydney, New York or Montreal, ensure your lawyer has experience.

No matter what type of injury you faced due to another person or your company negligence you are liable to make a claim.  Make sure you have all proof to give strength to your case. It is good if you prepare some witness so that he can help you in getting compensation. For the type of injuries, your lawyer will work and assist you.

Try to contact the reliable attorney so they he can listen to your appeal and work to give you relief. Try to ask every question so that you know that you will get benefits from the lawyer from whom you are going to get services.

What is the time limit to make a claim?

Although the time limit may vary from country to country but generally it is more or less the same.

Moreover, the time limit is if different for a different type of injury and claim. If your health condition is serious or you disable that you cannot earn, and you have to support your family then it’s important to make a claim immediately. It is because the lawyers can get strong proofs and are able to make a statement in your favor, as well as make the case more powerful and compelling.

3 Years Is Important

If you do not claim for your injury at the time of accident or abuse, then you can claim within a three-year limit. After that time limit, you will not eligible to make claims and do not get justice. Therefore, it is important to know the time limit to avoid any further issues.

The court is liable to change the time limit in a few circumstances. Therefore, you should know the rules of your state. For that purpose, contact your attorney and take legal advice to proceed further.

What Type Of Compensation Will You Receive?

When we talk about the compensation related to personal injury there is no fixed amount. It all depends on the type and severity of the accident you got. Moreover, it also depends on the loss of earnings and other losses. So, you should claim and make compensation according to the injury level you have.

The personal injury clients are offered compensation on the basis of the No win No fee basis. It is also known as the conditional fee agreement that states – in case your claim is unsuccessful you will not pay the contingency fee to the lawyer. Your attorney will take an insurance policy and cover the cost related to the case and the cost of compensation. It includes the fees of the court, expenses related to the hospital, medicines, and medical reports. You cannot claim for any hidden charges or bills.

A personal injury lawyer in Brisbane will be well aware of local and national limits and criteria for a successful claim.

To make a claim for your personal injury it is important to prepare yourself to face the defendant lawyers questions; so that the jury makes the decision in your favor. Before you make a claim and contact your lawyer keep in mind following things

The best idea is to find a “personal injury lawyer near me”. We show you how at the end of the article.

It is important to have complete and comprehensive evidence of your injuries. Take photos of the place where you had the accident or injury or take photos of your physical injuries to show your lawyer about the whole story and the truth behind it. Images will support and assisit in giving your case a strength.

If you really want to get a fair payment for your injuries, then seek medical help before going to a lawyer. Get your treatment so that your doctor knows your condition and can provide evidence of your health status to the lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer will most certainly want you to be examined by their own expert.

You should claim for physical injury as well as the emotional problem you face due to the accident or abuse.

Once you gather all evidence, prepare a file your case and hire the lawyer who is proficient in handling personal injury cases. He is the person who will present your case in the Brisbane courts.

Cost of your case and lawyer fees

If you have made an agreement with the lawyer and determined the contingency fees, then it will be written into your contract, that either you will pay at the end of a successful claim. Or, the personal injury lawyer will deduct it from the compensation you obtain at the end of a successful result. The cost of the case and lawyer fee is first decided in the agreement and then you pay your lawyer. If the compensation is exceeded, then it will be deducted from your award and you will obtain the remaining balance.

Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane No Win No Fee

No personal injury lawyers in Queensland or the Gold Coast are going to take on a case they think they will lose. They are taking it on because they believe they will win and take a cut of the claim. the mere fact that they will accept your case gives you leverage for negotiation.

To get the best no win no fee deal is to be negotiating with several lawyers in Brisbane at the same time. You might want to consider talking to counsel in the city or state of the company or person you are making a claim for. We show you how to find the most suitable legal firm for your claim.

Do not sign any documents of any description until you decide who is going to act for you. They might say we need this document signed to give you our opinion or fees – GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

The best personal injury lawyers in Brisbane will certainly give you unbiased advice and a fee structure ofr an initial meeting.

Personal Injury Lawyers Reviews

Do not simply look at the best reviews. Look at how they reacted to their poor reviews. If they have none then it is a good bet they are using reputation management software or outsourcing. This means the firm only has good reviews.

When you search Google for personal injury lawyer reviews add the firms name, or the solictor. In addition you can add words like cases lost, poor service, does so and so overcharge. Look for the bad reviews and if you still wish to use them; ask them about what was said.

How to make a claim for personal injuries?

It is imperative to decide the cost and expense before the case commences to avoid any inconvenience and loss of trust between the personal injury lawyer and client. get quotes on fees in writing and it is essential that you read the small print. Try and ignore the sales pitch and legal jargon.

It is imperative to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with as soon as possible. And a lawyer is essential to your case. Generally time is on your side. You can take a few weeks to decide on legal counsel.

Personal Injury lawyers Brisbane

7.5 million results and tons of adverts. This is what you recieve when you Google personal injury lawyers in Brisbane. Below we show you a far more effective method. If you looking how to create the ultimate Brisbane Lawyers list – this is how you do it.

Firstly the search YOU DO NOT make. This is a typical google search for lawyers in Brisbane NSW.

How To Find Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane – Quickly

How To Easily Find Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane

personal injury lawyer search 30 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

Search for or open Google maps

Search for location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Search for the loaction you require. From a named street to an entire country.

What Serivce Do You Need

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Enter the service you require.

Make 3 choices

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Make a list of 5-10 personal injury lawyers. From thiswe suggest that you narrow it down to 3 and give them a quick call. Have your questions prepared. Ask the 3 lawyers the same questions.
Potential questions would be – cost | success rates | time | potential claim | home visits | experience.

Make your decision

It is going to be a long relationship. Go with your gut instincts.

Brisbane Lawyers List

In addition to the above you could simply search through a comprehensive list of lawyers in Brisbane. There are 2 online registers that could help you. And from these lists you could prune your choice dow to a few. 3 legal firms is always a good choice. if one fim asks if you are speaking to anther say yes but do not divulge who it is.

directory for all Brisbane solicitors and Queensland Law Society. Both these lists contain all lawyers in Brisbane and not just personal injury lawyers Brisbane

What Percentage Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get?

This is fairly standard in Australia, United Kongdom and North America. You can expect personal injury lawyers Brisbane to charge fees between 30% and 40%. Any amount outside these paramaters should be questioned. Why an attorney be cheaper or more expensive.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Sydney; we have a page for that.

personal injury lawyer in Sydney

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debt collectors in brisbane

Ultimate Guide To Finding Awesome Debt Collectors In Brisbane

debt collectors in brisbane

Debt Collectors In Brisbane

debt collection agency brisbane

We will show you how to find the best debt collectors in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. What we mean, is the best debt collecting agency for your needs. Everyone has different needs and levels of service. You can use this as a guide to find the best debt recovery solution for you. You will find our must use industry tip to finding great debt collectors in Brisbane at the end of the article.

There are important debt collection facts and tips instead of you jumping in.

Before you begin there are a few fundamental facts that you have to assemble. You must have these facts available or look at an alternative solution to your collection strategy

Debt Recovery Fact Checker

  1. Do you have absolute proof that the debt is owed? Documents etc. You cannot depend on a mere bank transfer or verbal obligation. Debtors will merely say that you gave them the money. Or, we did not say that, and it is their word against yours. A fulfilled contract is essential. A signed document by both parties is the basis of your claim.
  2. Does your debtor have the ability to pay? Before you spend another cent, does the debtor have the money to pay. If they do not have any money, even the best debt collectors in Brisbane cannot get blood out of a stone. If their money is hidden or offshore you could do with a different strategy.
  3. Is it a personal debt or a small business debt? There are different debt recovery lawyers in Brisbane that deal in specific niches. It is a question they will ask you and one that you should be asking them. IE do you have extensive experience in dealing with personal debt or collecting business debt.
  4. There are no unresolved disputes or quality complaints. You must ensure that your debtor is not going use this as an excuse. It will cost time and money. If your debtor is using a dispute as a mere smoke screen to avoid payment. Make sure you give this information to your agent or lawyer.
  5. What are your debt recovery expectations? You could consider all of the debt paid over months or years. Or you might want to negotiate an expedited settlement. There is the idea of selling or factoring the debt. Money today? It was/is your money and it is up to you to decide. Then take advice.

Location, Location, Location

Your debtor is up on the Sunshine Coast and you are down on the Gold Coast. You might be an international debt collection agency and have no idea if Bindebango is near Byron Bay. Or can you simply pop over to Toowoomba for an afternoon chat with a debtor if you are based in Southport?

If you are local to Brisbane and you debtor is in Brisbane, it is not going to matter very much. However, our advice is always to use a debt recovery agency nearest to the debtor. This makes it far easier for the agents to visit the debtor in person. You can always use zoom etc., to engage with you chosen recovery agent.

It is more important for the debt recovery agent to chat face to face with your debtor, than you to be in front of the collection agent.

Try here if looking for personal injury lawyers in Sydney.

Debt Recovery Lawyer or Debt Collector In Brisbane

This depends on your debt and your strategy. Generally speaking, a debt recovery lawyer in Brisbane (or anywhere else) is not too keen to knock on doors. Whereas debt collectors are good at knocking on doors and giving debtors a telephone call.

However, lawyers are always keen to play by the book. If your reputation is at stake there is always recourse against a lawyer if they get it wrong. Plus, if your debtor has a lawyer, they will be far keener to negotiate with their own kind.

Best Debt Collection Agency Brisbane

So how do you go about finding the perfect agency for your personal debt or small business debt?

Brisbane Search FAQ’s

Can I be sure that I only see Brisbane based debt collectors

Absolutely YES: Use google maps.

Can you help me?

Yes we can! follow this link debt collectors in Brisbane

Will these searches help me with service reviews?

If you click on the red marker, the collection agences will appear on the left hand side with their review ratings

Do you recomend any of these debt collectors

No: we simply help you find a debt collector or debt lawyer in the Brisbane area you are looking for.

What do i do now?

Call or email the companies you like the look of.

Debt Collectors in Brisbane Solution

There are various quick solutions to finding debt recovery specialists in Brisbane. Here are our recommendations and ways not to do it.

The absolute worst way is to search Google for debt collectors in Brisbane. This is an absolute waste of time with 1.5 million search results. Who has the time to review even the first 100 or so? Not taking this non-solution any further. Do not even contemplate doing this.

Second best solution is using “parentheses”. Use the following search term by copying and pasting into a Google search box.

“debt collectors in Brisbane” 300 results

“debt recovery lawyers Brisbane” 800 results

The #1 solution used by industry experts is Google maps. You can do this in 2 ways. Learn how to do the search yourself as follows. Or use the searches we have already arranged for you.

debt recovery lawyer brisbane

Do it yourself:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Search for Brisbane, Queensland
  3. Search for the service you want. Debt collector or debt lawyer etc.

Or click on any of the solutions we have set up.
Debt collectors in Brisbane
Debt recovery lawyers Brisbane
Debt collection agency Brisbane

This is another page in our Australian debt recoveries series. We add locations and useful information on a regular basis.

insider tips to find a debt collector in brisbane

How to easily find a debt collector in Brisbane

Great Brisbane Debt Collector In 15 Mins 15 minutes

Open Google maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

In a google search box, simple type Google maps and open link. You will be presented with a map


find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Type in the location. Country, region, city, village or street

Service required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

In the same box that you typed in the location. Overtype with the service you require: debt collector, debt collection lawyer, debt recovery agency, etc


do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You can now move the map or increase/decrease the size of the map. On the map you will see red markers, these are the companies you need to investigate further. Click on a marker and the full details of the business will appear on the left sidebar. You will see reviews and the services they offer.
You can open their website for further information.


By far the best way to get a result is to call them. It is better than an email and it indicates their level of service. Remember, your debtor may call them.

Brisbane Based Debt Collectors or Australian Debt Recovery Agent?

This is a question that is often asked. Do you want or need the resources of a national debt collector or the local knowledge of a debt collector in Brisbane? Debt collectors in the Gold Coast are going to be able to visit your debtor quickly. They will also have personal knowledge unavailable to national and international debt collectors.

Many small business in Queensland and businesses outside the gold coast will opt for someone who can handle all their debts in one location. The reason it appears to be easier is because your credit control staff do not have to think too much. All they need to do is recognise a slow payer and bung it off to whoever. This might not be the best solution for your business.

Here is a basic truth of credit control. In all our years in debt collection we have never found a “credit control” department who was effective or efficient in collecting debts. No matter if the debts were close by and especially when they were further afield. They send a demand or reminder letter, complete a bit of administration and that is it.

Salespeople are even worse. They understand sales commissions. They should be left toy what they are good at. Once again we have experience in working with salespeople as debt collectors. It does not work.

Dedicated Debt Collector in Brisbane

If you are a small business or medium sized business in Brisbane. Find a decent debt collector who see it as their profession. We feel great pride in doing our job properly and professionally. It can be a part time position based at home. There is so much IT and software solutions out there to make it easy to do. How many clients should they handle? We managed a debt heavy business that allocated 800 debtors to each collector. Some more automated businesses allocated 2,000 live accounts.

Nobody will collect your debt better than you own dedicated person. Give them as much information as possible about the profitability of the accounts they control. Ensure that the bonus or commission structure ensures that the account is remedied – no cherry picking or milk rounds. If you do not understand these debt collection terms, you need to learn them soon.

Basically, accounts have to be forced and the collector or debt agent does not create a regular collecting regime that is aimed at earning commission. You might need help form a professional to discuss these.  

YOU have to find a debt collector in Brisbane or Queensland who actually know what they are doing and teach them about your business. They might be in your business now. Give them a bit of leeway. The best debt collectors are different. Guidance rather than fixed rules. Notwithstanding that they work within the law. The moral high ground always works best.

Become your own private debt collection agency sunshine coast. It might not be all sunshine but it is worth the investment.

Personal Debt Recovery

If you need to recover personal debt. Pop over and read our page. It will give you some hints and trade secrets. You will need all the unbiased help you can gather.

Personal Injury Claim

If the “debt” you want to clain is becuse of an accident or an injury that was not your fault. You have to find the right representation. Not only that, it is a good idea if you understand a bit about what and what you cannot claim.

You need a lawyer who deals in personal injury claims. Luckily, we have an laymans article on this, filled with academic research.

Can Brisbane Debt Collectors Take You To Court Australia?

The short answer is yes. However, there many conflicting reasons not to go to court or to do it quickly. Nor is it normally up to the debt collector it will be the decision for the lender. In all my years I have never allowed or never know a debt collector to instigate legal proceedings – no matter what they say.

If you can pay and won’t pay – you end up in court. Should you have no assets nor steady income, rarely will the lender take real action. The excepton is if you have realy annoyed. YES, there are vindictive people in lending institutions and they have more money than you.


If you have any experiences or recommendation on debt collectors in Brisbane, we would love to share them. A few moments of your time cold save someone their business. Or put to end a money grabbing scammer.

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australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

How to Quickly Plan Effective Australian Debt Recoveries

australian debt collector

Australian Debt Recoveries

Probably your first port of call on Australian debt recoveries is a search on google. This particular search will net you 1,300,000+ results. Not much use if you are looking for something more specific.

Reading our article for 10 minutes will save you hours of struggling through volumes of google search pages. You will find our tips truly awesome, for researching any location for a multitude of services. From debt collectors to bakers or great bars.

Consider this our personal guide to help you with Australian debt recoveries.

How to find an Australian Debt Collector in 5 Mins

Speedy and Easy 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

google.com/maps. Open google maps. It will probably show the location you are in. Go to step 2

Enter a location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

In the top lest hand search box enter a location. It could be Australia or Brisbane or Sydney. You can enter anything from a country down to an individual street. No limits.

Enter Service Required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might require a business to business collection agent or a personal debt collection agent. You can try a few variations.

Click On Marker

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You will see red markers. Click on one to see the full details of the business you might want to use.

Make The Call

australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

You need to call them. not email or SMS. You need to know that they can think on their feet. Have some basic questions ready. Experience, cost, tine scale, success rate etc

Sample Search

Here is a typical example of a search for debt collector in Brisbane.

Debt Collectors Australia

What you probably need is a method in which to find debt collectors in Australia. As with the above, if you simply search google you will be inundated with 3.5 million search results! Plus, a couple of dozen adverts. You can narrow the search by using google operators:

Our 2 favorites are:

  • allinurl: debt collectors australia – this will return a more helpful 305 results
  • allintitle: debt collectors australia – returning a more manageable 510 results

This is the method that international and interstate companies will use to find trading partners. They will then assign your debtor to a third party.

Occasionally Google will flash up a warning saying that they recognize unusual activity on your computer.  They do not like you using their search engine tools – which they built to make things easier. Its as though they want to keep it a secret. Just click in the box and continue.

How to find nationwide debt collectors in Australia. or visi this page if you are intersted in an international debt collection agency. It has information to hep you locate a suitable agnet for you, no matter where in the world.

You can get more detailed information by visiting our pages covering:

On our pages you will find our simple guide to finding a debt collector in Australia – easily.

Googles Not So Secret Search Engine

To make your search even easier you have to give Google maps a try. It is easy to add “near me” or “Australia” at the end of a search. However, this can be miss and hit. The video below shows how to complete an effective search in awesome detail. But the basics are:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Search for Australian debt collection agencies or Australia debt collectors

It all becomes very apparent in 54 seconds. Have a look at our video showing you how to use Goolge maps to locate a great Australian agent.

The instruction for cities is different. Simply visit the links above. If your location city our town is not on our list, simply substitute your city in the search box.

Australian Debt Agency List

The biggest players in Australian debt collection are:

  1. debtrecoveries.com.au
  2. ausdebt.com.au

These 2 Australian debt collectors focus on different aspects of debt collecting. Ausdebt focus on software solutions for business. Whereas debtrecoveries focus on; you guessed it. Debt recoveries from consumers and businesses.

On the face of it you would appear not to have many options to recover your debts. If you are collecting single international debts, small business debts or personal debts then option 2 is not for you.

On the other hand, if you choose option #1, the absolute minimum commission you are going to part with is 11%. There is no doubt that for skip tracing they would be your first choice. They have data on debtors that probably no other Australian debt agency owns. If you know otherwise, leave a comment.

They offer some free templates that are useful, when trading in Australia.

  1. tax invoice
  2. letter of demand
  3. credit application and terms

Prushka Fast Debt Recovery

When discussing debt recovery in Australia, you must mention Prushka fast debt recovery. I am neither promiting this comapny of detailing how to handle them. It is just some information.

Prushka state they have 60,000 clients. The question here for trust is what does this mean? Is it active clients? Or does it include budines colelcting on one debt? At nearly $40 per letter you could send a reminder letter or final demand letter yourself. Then you are going to part with at least 11% on debt collected plus any “other” fees. Read the small print.

They advertise a credit control department. That is another question. Are they deciding to who you might ectend credit or is it what it should be called a debt collection department. Our advice when we did telpehine ollection was not that we were credit control. We were debt collectors – simple. We did what it said on the tin.

What you need with a debt collection firm is someone who sayd we will have a look and let you know if it is worth persuing. Or you might want to take debt action via the internet.

General Debt Advice

Australian Debt Agency List

Make sure your customer or debtor is able to pay you. Never throw good money after bad. If it is something different you want to achieve; Resolute Collections has various services, we can offer at a fixed debt collection fee.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Will I Be Successful?

Depends. 2 cornerstone pillars – make sure debtor has money and be quick. Early bird catches the worm (snake).

What If The Debtor Has No Money?

Debtors rarely have money when you ask them! Get a professional debt collector or use one of our solutions.

Will I Get All My Money Back

Negotiation or litigation. The former can be quick whilst the latter can get all your money back eventually. Lawyers and debt collectors are great negotiators.

Commercial Collection Agency

If you are looking for a debt collector or commerical collection agency, we have a page on that subject. Many agencies specialise and understand the law when dealing with companies. You will discover many debt recovery providers in niches, to make recovering your debt as stress free and as succcesful as possible.

Your Comments and Stories

We love to share your successes or otherwise regarding Australian debt recoveries and debt collectors. 5 minutes of your time could save a business or someone’s life savings. Or email us and we try and find a solution for you.

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