uk commercial debt collection tips

UK Commercial Debt Collection Basics

UK commercial debt collection basics and tips for small businesses

UK debt collection is the process of recovering debts in the United Kingdom. There are licensed agencies called DCAs (Debt Collection Agencies)  that collect debts by following different national laws and Acts.

Some facts about debt collection:

●    Debt collection refers to a process where a DCA can attempt to recover a past-due debt from a second-party called debtor (“consumer” or “business”) on behalf of the first-party called the original creditor or lender.

●    Debt collection agencies are permitted to implement different legal and ethical debt collection methods. They can collect debts and contact debtors either only within the UK territories or outside the nation.

●    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom which regulates the financial services industry including debt collection services. FCA protects consumers, promotes healthy competition between financial service providers, and keeps the industry stable.

Here we will discuss the commercial debt collection for small businesses and the strategies that can be implemented to recover debts.

Commercial UK debt collection

Commercial debt collection is the method of collecting business debts from debtor companies. UK debt collection agencies recover business debts from the debtor company on behalf of the creditor company. Under the United Kingdom regulations and laws, commercial or business debt collection recovers commercial loans from a debtor company. Those laws may include the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations, the EU regulation for Late Payment in Commercial Transactions, the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act, etc.

Late payments can be a lethal issue for small businesses, reducing the ability to continue the business. As per the research from GoCardless, 2 out of 5 SME businesses encounter critical cash flow issues due to late payments. When companies try to settle the invoice and fail, they might need to start the debt collection process.

Businesses have two primary forms of professional debt collection:

●    Solicitors

●    Debt collection agencies (DCA)

Practically, if businesses hire a solicitor, it is likely to be the most cost-effective choice. Businesses can send a debt collection letter, written on a legal letterhead from a reputed law firm, to the debtor SME for collecting the payment.

However, if that option doesn’t work as expected, businesses may hire a debt collection company to deal with the matter. A debt collection service can be effective in recovering debts or settling a late invoice. But often, it is an expensive option. Before hiring a debt collection agency, the creditor should know that it may cause permanent damage to the relationship between the creditor and the debtor company. Apart from that, a business may suffer from a bad reputation caused by the harsh and unlawful debt collection tactics that DCA can use.

Debt collection costs

The DCA may charge a business a fixed amount apart from the debts as the cost of recovering a late commercial payment. The amount of compensation that DCA is allowed to claim will depend on the outstanding amount of debt as follows:

Total debt amountCost of recovering a late commercial payment
Up to £999.99£40
£1,000 to £9,999.99£70
£10,000 or more£100

*Data courtesy –
The business can only be charged once for each payment.

Business debt collection rules for debt collection agencies (DCA)

Unfortunately, no such regulatory body is present to regulate business debt collection laws in the UK for DCAs, like the US consumers have the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA), under the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). But the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also implemented few rules regarding business debt collection in the UK.

●    A creditor can’t hire more than one debt collection agency at a time.

●    A debt collector should contact the debtor by phone, email, letter, or visiting directly. However, a debt collector must inform the debtor initially about his identity and the purpose of contacting him.

●    The debt collector can’t use abusive language or threats to confuse the debtor.

●    A debt will be ‘statute barred’ if the creditor does not contact the debtor for six years and does not take any action on the account.

●    The debtor still owes the debt, but the creditor can’t take any legal action to get the money back. The creditor or debt collector can’t manipulate the debtor and tell him/her that they can still recover the debt legally.

●    The debt collector can’t force the debtor to pay the debt if he/she refuses to pay the money. It will be considered harassment under Section 40(1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970.

●    If a debtor disputes the debt, the collection agent can’t continue with recovery proceedings. The collection agent must provide all the details of outstanding debt to the debtor. The creditor or the debt collector must prove that the debtor still owes the debt.

Debt collection strategies to implement for small businesses

Confirm the orders

●    After receiving an order, small businesses should confirm the order in writing.

●    Use emails to confirm the order placed.

●    Add the cost and reference numbers.

Prepare proper invoices

●    Add all details of the transaction, including the goods or services provided.

●    Mention the correct date and other particulars.

●    Add expected payment dates and terms.

Prepare monthly statements

●    Prepare a monthly statement for each debtor (regular or repeat customers).

●    Keep clients informed of payment due dates.

Send a reminder

●    SME owners should follow up on an invoice regularly.

●    They can use some accounting software that can automatically send a reminder to debtors.

●    They can use emails or postal mails to let the customer/debtor know about the outstanding debt.

Call the debtor

●    Call the customer/debtor if the terms are violated, and the debtor does not respond to the reminder.

●    Stay calm and don’t lose your temper while communicating with the debtor.

●    Try to understand the situation better by discussing the matter openly.

●    Ask the debtor to discuss alternate payment options.

●    Accept an agreed repayment schedule if possible.

Hire a professional debt collection agency

●    Review online testimonials and client feedback before choosing a debt collection agency

●    Please read all the terms before signing a contract with them.

Author Bio: Lyle David Solomon is a licensed attorney in California. He has been affiliated with the law firms in California, Nevada, and Arizona since 1991. As the principal attorney of Oak View Law Group, he gives advice and writes articles to help people solve their debt problems. You can connect with him on twitter

bad debt collection our top tips

Top Tips To Successful Bad Debt Collection

Top Tips To Successful Bad Debt Collection

bad debt collection our top tips

Bad debts are a huge problem. Bad debt collection is an even bigger problem. When a debtor has stopped making payment months or years ago, the debt is considered a bad debt. This debt can be written off and declared as a loss. The problem is that banks, lending companies, and smaller creditors need to survive. If they keep on declaring bad debts as losses, they will keep losing money. For smaller businesses, it means valuable money that could have been used for operational expenses. More importantly, if bad debt collection doesn’t happen, debtors will assume that their creditors will just let them off the hook.

So, how can a company achieve successful bad debt collection? The key is in the correspondence with the debtor. First of all, make sure that your debt collectors follow the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Although you’re desperate to get your money back, you’re not allowed to use threats and insults to intimidate the debtor. You want to get paid, not get sued.

Secondly, use all possible venues for communication. You can call, email, fax, or make a personal visit. Make sure that you find a way to communicate with the debtor. Let the debtor know that you are serious about collecting that bad debt. Bad debt collection is about informing debtors that they are responsible for their debts. The best thing you can do to communicate with your debtors is to send collection letters. In these letters, you should indicate the details of the debt – the amount, the transaction information and the original creditor. Provide all the necessary information and attach any other document that the debtor needs to verify the nature of the debt.

Bad Debt Letter

Why letters? The debtor may just dodge your calls, but he cannot escape the collection letter. At the same time, the debtor may be aggressive and defensive when you call. He will keep interrupting you, and you will not be able to give the information he needs to know. In addition, collection letters are valuable documents that can be used as evidence in the event that the matter goes to court.

Debt Repayment Deadline

Thirdly, give a deadline. Be strict and confident. Bad debt collection is about letting the debtor know that you want the debt settled as soon as possible. Don’t ask when it is convenient for him. Say that you want the debt settled by tomorrow. If he says he can’t pay by tomorrow, then you can negotiate. In the end, don’t fall for his excuses. You should try to set a definite deadline.

Also, you need to be respectful. If the debtor finds that you are nasty, you’re just giving him more reasons to ignore you. If you want him to pay, you have to establish a formal but cooperative relationship.

Has Your Debtor Absconded

Dealing with Skip Tracers and Debt Collection

One of the biggest problems that debt collectors face is locating their debtors. When a debtor moves to another house in another state, the collection agency often has no clue how to locate him. So, how do collection agencies track runaway debtors? The solution is easy – they hire skip tracers.

Skip tracers are people whose sole mission is to locate debtors who moved without giving their new contact details to the collection agencies. Sometimes, skip tracers are employed to help legal collectors find the addresses of assets that are to be repossessed.

You may wonder how skip tracers locate people. The process is actually rather straightforward. The easiest way is to use the debtors’ social security numbers. They run the social security numbers through various credit bureaus. What they get are header files from the debtors’ credit files or credit reports. A header file only has basic information like the name, address and in some cases, the place of employment. As little as this information may be, it’s all that the skip tracers need to help debt collectors find their debtors.

If the skip tracer cannot find the debtor through the social security number, he can do a national identifier search. Simply put, this is an old school system that uses the debtor’s last known residence as well as his name to find his new location.

The skip tracer may look through these sources:

Phone book
Online directories and search engines – The debtor may have accounts in various websites, like myspace, livejournal or facebook. If not, there may be people on the internet who may have written entries about him or posted his pictures.

The Department of Motor Vehicles
If the debtor drives or has a license, it is likely that the DMV has recent information about his whereabouts.

If you know the debtor’s last place of employment, the skip tracer can approach his boss and inquire about his current employment status. Even if the debtor has moved to a different job, the employer may still have information that can help the skip tracer locate him.

Associations and other groups
If the debtor has a specialized occupation, like Engineering or Medicine, he must have membership in certain organizations. The skip tracer will try to search through these groups to find the debtor.

Former contacts
The skip tracer may visit old neighbors, friends and relatives to get some information about the debtor’s current location.

Never Misprepresent Yourself
When trying to get information about a certain debtor, a skip tracer faces a lot of potential legal troubles. In order to prevent these, the skip tracer should not falsely represent himself as a member of law enforcement or a detective. Also, the skip tracer may experience legal troubles if he tries to get the cell phone numbers of the debtors.

Debt Collection Techniques: How to Collect Debt Successfully

Lets get back to getting the money you are owed. The more you know about bad debt collection the better. All of our information is written by people who have been involved in bad debt collection professionally for decades. Learn from them. Bad debt collection is a skill that anyone can learn. You do not need to learn how not to pay.

With Americans owing billions and billions of dollars in debt, both creditors and bad debt collection agencies are feeling the pressure. Debt collectors must employ techniques that will encourage debtors to pay. Successful debt collection techniques will help the collector get the account settled immediately. On top of the pressure to collect debt, debt collectors still have to be mindful of the laws that protect debtors.

So, what are the debt collection techniques that can be used by creditors?

The Bad Debt Call Is Incredibly Effective

A debtor can rarely deny having spoken to you. As a precuser you might want to call the debtor a week or so before a repayment is due. A gentle reminder that you can fall back on.

To collect debt successfully, the debt collector must make sure that he establishes a good cooperative relationship with the debtor. You want the debtor to feel that you’re trying to help and that you’re not out to get him. This rapport can be established by making calls to the debtor. With the right debt collection techniques, you will know how to make the perfect debt collection call.

First of all, open the call by introducing yourself. Formally state your name, the company you work for, and the intention for the call. From the beginning, you want to establish a certain form of authority and credibility. You don’t want to scare the debtor. Instead, you want the debtor to know that you represent the creditor, and you are going to handle this account from now on. The last thing you want is for the debtor to doubt you and start thinking that you may be trying to scam him.

Secondly, immediately ask the debtor about what he plans to do with the debt. Make the debtor explain his situation. Don’t preempt the conversation by asking when he wants to pay. If you do this, the debtor may just give a random dateline which he never really plans to meet. If the debtor refuses to commit to a date or meet your deadline, do not push him. Instead, move on to another topic. Ask about his employment status. Ask about what other loans and credit cards he has.

Thirdly, present options to the debtor. Good debt collection techniques make the debtor feel like he has options, and he has the power to choose how he wants to pay off the debt. If you make the debtor feel like he’s trapped in a corner, he may panic. Establish a calm atmosphere. Make suggestions. Tell the debtor that he can pay using another loan or he can put it in his credit card. A good technique is to give specific options. Since you have asked for his financial background, use the information to present ways for him to settle the account. Now that you’ve presented some options, you can demand for payment in a respectful way.

Lastly, close the call with a confirmation. Whether he agrees to pay or not, ask an open-ended question that will let him explain that he is fully aware of the situation and that he stands by the decision he made.

Always complete any action youm have said that you will do. Never give the debtor a cause to complain. If he has asked for a statement – send it today.

I Am Exhausted

Lastly, if you have tried all of the above and you still cannot succeed in bad debt collection, contact a collection agency to help you.

small business debt collection

How To Guide For Small Business Debt Collection

small business debt collection

Small Business Debt Collection

For the purpose of clarification, when we speak of small business debt collection, this article is for the creditor. It is to highlight the options for a small business to collect their debt cheaply and quickly.

A large debt or several small debts defaulting, can bring a small business to its knees. This is especially true if the debtor goes into bankruptcy, flees, or simply will not pay you.

How To Collect Small Business Debt

Quick and Easy 10 minutes

Move Quickly

The quicker you move the better. Get the final demand letter to them and make a deadline

Is There Money?

Does the company have money NOW. Pay me today or tomorrow. If they do not pay you – start step 3. No waiting. Start the clock ticking

Move Quicker

Start court proceedings within a maximum of 60 days overdue.

No Success?

Think out of the box. Maybe there is something in our box.

Your Options

The great aspect of modern technology is that small businesses can leverage the power of the largest debt collection agencies. But this can only work if the debtor has something to pay with. Many customers suddenly become professional nonpayers by hiding their assets. And with international banking and travel so simple – they can simply transfer cash to anywhere.

business debt collection

So, what are the debt collection options for a small business.

The first step is to send a reminder letter and a final demand. These letters HAVE TO BE followed up with a professional phone call. Your reminder, final demand and call must be within 30 days of payment being due. Either you or a professional must create a small business debt collection letter.

A telephone call should always be preceded by a reminder letter or email. It gives your call “legitimacy”. With over 40 years’ experience we understand that you need to refer to something.  

You can do this yourself or have a debt collection agent do it for you. A small business debt collection agent is the better option. However, make sure you understand the fees and commission.

  1. No emotion. Neither you nor the agent should be angry, sad, or aggressive.
  2. Debt collection agencies have heard every story in the book. DCA’s deal with this day in and day out. An excuse being only an excuse. It is not a reason for nonpayment. There are no reasons, apart from fraud.
  3. A collector should remain focused on the debt – nothing else. Not charges nor extra fees. Do not become distracted. Be focused on collecting the debt, first and foremost.

Small Business Debt Collection Outsourced

The step above is reasonably cheap and works quickly. You certainly know if the debtor will pay or not. However, they have not paid you. You really need a professional at this point. There is really only 1 important decision. A debt collection agent near you or near the debtor.

If you search google for business debt collection agent, you will be given millions of results. Literally, millions of pages including some adverts. Here we give you the solution to finding a suitable debt collector. We have used Sydney. You can use your location or the debtor’s location.

This will work for you locally, interstate or internationally. Its is Google, so its free and it is the tool that debt collection agencies use to outsource their assignments.

Simply open google maps. In the top left search box insert the location you require. Once the location has been found you can search the for the service you want, business debt collection, debt attorney or lawyer etc

Your Questions Answered

Why Should I Move Quickly

Generally the sooner the better.

Should I Stop Process With A Promise Of Payment?

Never. The process stops when you are fully paid.

What if Business Is Bust

Write it off and never worry about it. Or chase the business owners, if you believe that is the right thing to do.

Can I Sell My Small Business Debt

Yes. However 2 things to consider. You will not reive the face value of the debt – maybe as little as 10% or less. You can assign the income, but not the responsibilites of any contract – even though they have not paid you. Choose a reputable firm to sell to.

Business Debt Collector Fees

A business debt collector is going to charge you a fee and you have to decide if it is worth it or not. There are many things to consider that only you know. Is it personal or just business? A fee for debt collection to vary from 15% of the debt to far more. You might even lose more money.

Business Debt Collection – The Initial Decision

Genrally speaking if you are trying to collect from a business, the debtor company will know what they are doing. You are not the first to try and collect from them. Have a good, cold look at why you allowed them credit in the first place. Did they accept the terms too quickly? Have you had previous experience? Did they gradually increase their indebtness over time? Was the salesman being paid handsome commisions on the sale and not the payment? Did they have to pay a reasonable deposit? Was the decision made on GUT instinct?

If YOU have failed on making a properly informed decision, the chances of recovering the debt are slim. Before you even commence a debt collection process have someone look at your credit vetting. If you got that wrong, you might learn something. The cost of that decision could be to write off the debt and getting back your your core business.

If it is a large debt, find a professional debt collector. If the debt was small, chalk it up to experience. However do not allow that experience to hinder your business by not allowing credit sales.

Final Decision On Business Debt

Is it all worth it? You might have to invest some cash. Is your time better invested in finding new business? Is your expectations of collecting your debt too ambitious? How long will it take the debtor business to pay you?

However, you do not want to be seen as an easy touch. The word does get out. Although you have to watch your P’s and Q’s because of data protection etc., the debtor can say anything they please. There are solutions to that scenario.

You could choose a commercial collection agency. They specialise in business debt and understand the law. Use our tips on how to find an agent near you or near your debtor. It will save you time and grief. us eth tools the professionals use. They are free!

Sell the debt. There are buyers out there willing to buy distressed business debt. You will receive less than you thought.  But it is a relatively low involvement solution.

Resolute Collection Services

If you believe that your debtor is hiding assets you might consider our solutions. Sometimes the unusual works. At the very least, you see something being done.

small business debt collection agency near me

Comments On Debt Collection

If your business has had a great success with a small business debt, we would love to share it. 5 minutes of your time could save another business from failing.

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debt recovery services company

Best Method To Find A Great Commercial Debt Collection Agency

Commercial Collection Agency

Commercial Debt Collection Agency

You have some outstanding debt and you need a commercial debt collection agency. Before you go guns a blazing looking for a commercial debt collector, you have to check a few factors. This ensures that you will get paid quickly or not at all!

  1. Can you prove that the business owes you money?
  2. Do they have cash or assets to pay you?
  3. Has any complaint or quality issue been resolved?
  4. Has a reminder and/or demand letter been sent and ignored

You have checked the above and you are ready to search for a commercial debt collection agency.

A quick search of Google will provide you with 120,000,000 results. Yes! One hundred and twenty million results. Now, you want to ensure that you will see companies that actually collect debts and not logistics companies. You need to use Google logically.

How to find a commercial collection agency

The Easy Way in 5 Minutes 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

When you open google maps it will probably open where you are. Move to step 2

Search For Location Of your Debtor

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

It makes sense to locate a debt collector where your debtor is. The debt agent will be able to pop round for a face to face if needed.

Enter The Service You Require

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Search for the service that best suits your requirements. You might need an investigation or a repossession. You might need a debt litigator.

Choose And Review Potential Providers

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Once you have given providers of the service you need. Give 3 of them a call. Have some prepared questions and ask all 3 the same questions. Make a decision and go for it

How To Use Google

To find the best commercial collection agency you need to at least mention debt somewhere. In addition to debt you ought to want a more defined search. This is where we can help you find the best debt collector. Or at the very least make your search easier. Try a standard Google search for a ridiculous amount of results.

how to use google to find a debt collector

If you copy and pastes the following into Google it will return just under 8,000 results.

allintitle: commercial collection agency

you can also use the next search term. It is remarkably similar and returns a tad under 4,000 results

allinurl: commercial collection agency

in addition to narrowing down the results you have to plough through. It will/should give the nearest one to your location. The location does not always work. That is more about Google than the search term.

Here Or There

Most people when looking for a commercial debt collection agency pick one that is near their location. From personal experience as debt collectors we are not great travelers. We enjoy collecting debt near us.

local debt collection agency

Your answer to that, is to locate a debt collector near where the debtors does business. Or should we say, the location from where the bills are paid. This allows the agent to pop over at short notice or on a regular basis.

You do not want the commercial debt being subcontracted to another collector. You have chosen this debt collector and that is the one you want nocking on the debtor’s door.

Many debt collecting businesses can deal with you via the phone, Skype or Zoom.

Debt Collection Agency Near Me

Here is how to use google more accurately, than adding the city or town to your search. Open google maps. This is where you can either locate your own city or the city where the debtor is. Type the location into the search box – this then shows the location you are looking for. Alternatively, you can use your mouse and the increase/decrease arrows to “search the world” (bottom right).

debt collection agency near me

Once you have located the area that you are looking for, type debt collection agency in the top left search box. The relevant businesses will appear as red dots on the map and a full description on the left.

You will find that this method of searching a debt collection agency near me or adding the location is far more effective. The reason for this, is that smart marketing people can add place names into their website meta data. Using the method described above, they would have to have a proper office. Or should we, they should have a proper office.

This method is good for any search: debt collector, international debt collector or commercial debt recovery. To be fair, it is good for any type of location based product or service you need.

Commercial Debt Recovery

debt collector investigating debtor

Is not always about cash. You might have an asset to repossess or a service that can be terminated. However, that is for other articles on our website. You can use our search facility at the top of this page.

If you are looking for the exceptional, then Resolute Collections has a few services that might fit your requirements. We have skills and experiences that help us to turn out to be your preferred supplier for commercial debt recovery.

Commercial Collection Agency Association

This USA association is for the benefit of debt collection agencies. If you were thinking of making a complaint to the commercial collection agencies of America about a debt collector think again. The CCAA is a resource for commercial debt collectors.

A similar organisation in the UK would be the Credit Services Association or the CSA. The CSA is set up by and for the interests of its members. Not for the interest of the public or people who need a debt collector

In Australia you have the Australian collectors and debt buyers association. The ACBA seems to have more information on its page. Their information would be good for anyone interested in debt collectors or debt purchasers.

If Europe is where you are looking to collect debt visiting Federation of European National Collection Associations.  However, this looks like a bureaucratic nightmare. A talking shop – probably not for you.

Some Common Questions

Why Do I Need A Commercial Debt Collector?

They know the law and have heard every excuse under the sun.

Can I Recover The Debt Myself

If you are reading this, the answer is no. Focus on how you make money.

Should I Use No Win No Fee

Only as a last resort. Agree a staged fee. This could avoid large commissions, and you retain some control of what is being done to recover your debt

Can I Sell The Debt

You certainly can. There are many individuals and institutions who will buy your debt. Have a reasoanble expectation on what you will recieve.

Commercial Debt Collection Laws

Bearing in mind that this blog is read all over the world. Different countires in the UK different states in the USA and Australia. Is there any debt collection laws that are universal? This is my own set of laws that I have garnered over 40 years in business debt collection from all sizes of companies.

  1. Make sure that the company has money. If you want to rage against the machine you can use our services for small business debt collection.
  2. Ensure that your own staff have not “mislaid” the payment. This happens more often that you think. Nor is it new staff. It can be long serving staff with new financial problems.
  3. Do not threaten anything you cannot do or will not do – that is not illegal. You have a gut feeling about what is within the law. Do not do it or look for excuses to circumvent the law.
  4. Take action as soon as possible. The law of delay always works against you.
  5. The LAW is how you understand it to be.
  6. Debt collection solicitors advise on the law, you make the decisions.

Commercial Debt Collecting Agency Comments

We are sure many of you have had some success and frustration with commercial debt collection agencies. We would love the opportunity to share these comments and ideas.

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Debt Collection Services

How To Find The Best Debt Collection Services Quickly

commercial debt collection

Debt Collection Services

There are a huge number of debt collection services that you can use. We would love you to choose resolute collections as your preferred supplier. Our solutions are maybe not what you need.

You have a few options to choose on depending on:

Debt Collection Services
  1. What type of debt do you are owed?
    • Consumer to consumer
    • Business to business
    • Business to consumer and vice versa
  2. Is the debt regulated
  3. What jurisdiction are all the parties
  4. What is the value of the debt?
  5. How much have you invested in the debt? You might have sold something with negligible value and have little invested. Or you may have lent money – which on the face of it is 100%
  6. You may have purchased the debt and are actively looking for debt collection services

Outsourcing Debt Collection Services

On the face of it, this is often the best method for most lenders.

  1. At what stage to you outsource?
    • When you intially invoice you client – this is basically factoring
    • When your credit control team cannot handle the client or volumes
    • At write off stage
    •  Or at a given date and hand over the entire debt collection services to a third party
  2. Why outsource?
    • Potentially less hassle. You need only meet the debt collections provider weekly or monthly. Or at certain levels of performance. Performance that is both good and bad.
    • No fixed costs for staff, software of premises
    • Scalability.
    • Your choice of debt collection services provider will be far more experienced than you are – generally speaking.

What Debt Collection Service Do You Need?

You should give a thought to the type of debt collection service you require. Its really not acceptable to say I want you to collect the whole shebang.

Debt Collection Services
  1. Letter dunning cycles
  2. Telephone calls
  3. Face to face visits
  4. Skip tracing
  5. International or interstate collections

The debt collection provider will want to understand:

  • Your credit and risk criteria. They will want to know what steps did you take to offer credit to the debtor and how it was monitored?
  • What type of credit is it? Regulated, asset backed, mortgage etc.
  • What are your reporting requirements?
  • Your recovery expectations?
  • What are your reputational standards?
  • Performance timetables: i.e., if they have collected less than expected by a given timetable the debt will be taken back.
  • The process to return uncollectable debts.
  • Do you require daily, weekly, or monthly payments?
  • Is it a single assignment or ongoing?
  • Your current default rates?

Any creditor (you) might find themselves being rejected by a debt collection company if they fail to meet their criteria. The debt collection provider needs to make a profit.

How Much Will It Cost You?

This is a perennial question on outsourcing debt collection. We will repeat the question 2 ways

  • How much will it cost you if you continue what you do now?
  • How much will you net if you outsource to a debt collection services provider?

If you are unable to calculate these figures yourself, you can be assured of one thing. Your potential debt collector will calculate the financials for you. Most of the collection companies will have sophisticated software to analyze the numbers and behavioral demographics of your debtors.

Do It The Easy Way

How to easily find a debt collection agency or debt collection attorney. There is no easier way to find debt collection serives than what we will show you. and it will take less than 15 minutes to find your saviour.

Use Google Maps

Time to Find The Best Solution is 15 Minutes 15 minutes

Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

Get the ball rolling by opening Google maps and move quickly to step 2

Location, Location, Location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

There might be a debt collection service next door to you. However you need one that is very close to your debtor. Enter a town, city, country or street name.

What Do You Really Need

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

What do you need? Investigation or a debt collection agent or a debt recovery attorney? This is where do drill down and focus.

Make A Choice

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You can narrow down your search to 2 or 3. And it has only taken minutes so far. Clicking on the red markers will give you details and a review of the firms. Call them and tell them your situation and requirements. Then make a choice.

Business Continuity

You have to ensure that the debt collection company is making enough profit to continue operating. If it is at all possible have them mirror their software and download you copies each night. If your chosen provider goes bust or has a difficulty forced upon them, you at least have the data.

A provider of debt collection services has to prove to you that they have business continuity. Losing your data is not a good thing for you, it is unbelievably bad.

Single Debts or International Debts

If you have a few debts or $5,000 to $100,000 or they are interstate/national, you might want to consider Resolute Collections.

Debt or Credit Confusion

This is more critical in the USA, as a company trading as Credit Collection Services is actually a debt collection agent. We have no idea why they would want to create this confusion. However we all realise that one persons credit is the counterparts debt.

Two Final Considerations

Move quickly. The first and second rule of debt collection is to be first in the line. Providers of debt collection services (including us) is to act as timely as possible. Or earn/save more money to pay your debts – they will not go away.

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Debt Recovery Solutions

How To Find The Best Debt Recovery Solutions For You

Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions.

There are many debt recovery solutions and it only takes a few minutes to decide which is best for you. Just gather all the information together and sit in a quiet room. Someone has to make a decision about collecting it – and it appears to be you. Once you have made your decision, it is them time to execute the process. Carpe diem.

Cost Versus Reward

This is often the stage that nonprofessional debt collectors simply omit. They look at the value of the debt and nothing else. There is a whole lot of “else” to be looking at in debt recovery solutions:

  1. Does the debtor have the ability to repay? Investigate their financial status.
  2. Is the debtor a can pay and will not pay? This is a professional nonpayer. They are difficult to get a result out of. Unless you know what you are doing.
  3. Is it worth investing your time trying to get this money back or focusing on making money?
  4. How long will a debt collector take you to get your money back?
  5. Do you simply want to spite the person or company?
  6. Has the debtor moved out of your jurisdiction?
  7. Could it be dangerous?
  8. Can you take your emotion of pursuing this debt? Anger rarely is successful.
  9. Could you prove the debt in court?
  10. Is the debt actually important to you?

If you omit the above considerations, you could end up choosing the wrong debt recovery solutions.

Let us delve into your options. From creating a list to finding the perfect debt recovery agent for you. Your debt solution might be very close to you or your debtor.

Not Worth Pursuing Debt Recovery

This does not mean that the debt has no value. It simply means that it not worth your time and expense to chase after a lost cause.

There are many companies out there who will purchase debt from you. Check the purchaser’s agreement documentation – receive what they believe it is worth. Move on.

Many of the debt purchase companies have been undertaking debt purchase for years and have tons of data. They will give you a realistic value of your debt. This may not be what you believe the debt to be worth – as you see it at face value. Generally, it is in single figure percentages. Work on 3% sale price to evaluate if you want to invest your time in researching this option. Assume 2 – 5 working days to complete research and offer. Time from start to completion 2 weeks – 3 months for a single debt.

For some strange reason some debt collection services go under the nomenclature of credit collection services.

Spiteful Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions

This should be done with considerable thought. It could involve costs that are literally money after bad.

  1. Write to people in your trade, neighbourhood, their customers etc.
  2. Revenge website
  3. Constant contact – not harassment.

Resolute collections does not offer this as one of their debt recovery solutions. However, by the nature of the services we offer, it incorporates these choices.

Outsourcing Debt Recovery

This is a global business with many players in the industry. Many will charge no fee no win. However, the amount retained in commission is likely to be 40%. On the face of it this is one of the most popular debt recovery solutions. Sadly (as we know from 40 years’ experience) the reporting is at best – dubious. We have an entire article and FAQs on this subject.

Where there is no upfront fee, the companies cherry pick. Launching a debt collection strategy against a debtor has costs. So, they pick the easiest cases to collect.

Demand Letter Strategy

Unless you careful or lucky, most credit control departments will merely set upon a course of letters. Letters take time and the process is costly. Many credit managers think this is a recovery solution – it is not. Sending a letter merely gives someone legitimacy when they actually talk to the debtor.

Going to repeat ourselves, credit control are generally not the best debt recovery solutions. A strongly worded letter followed by another then another, does not impress a debtor. You can buy simple software to automate this.  

If you have a Credit control department it can be expensive. Look for another recovery solution and have credit controllers do their job.

Resolute Collections Solution.

If you are looking for “unusual debt recovery solutions”, it could be Resolute Collections.

  1. Intense
  2. Different
  3. Determined
  4. Resolute

We have been collecting debt for over 40 years, working in large global organizations and on our own. We are the thinking man’s debt collector. Resolute Collectors are not credit control nor risk advisors – we are debt collectors.  All we collect payments.

There is no “no upfront fee” option. Like you, we value our time. 

UK’s Biggest Players

Moorcroft debt collection is definatley one of the biggest in the United Kingdon. However, constant monitoring is required with the big players.

Cabot Group is another magalith of UK collections if you need major debt collection in the UK or international debt collections.

Expect fees and commissions on the high side.

Google Search Results

If you use the standard Google search for Debt Recovery Solutions you end up 65 million search results. You need to reduce this to a manageable number or you end up picking any old one.

#1 method to find the best debt solution

4 Simple Steps 15 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

This is best done on a laptop or desk top

Enter the location required

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

It is far better if the debt agent is near your debtor. Easier to collect or go to the local court.

Enter the service required – debt recovery solutions

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might need a simple private debt recovery investigations or a full bodied repossession. Or it might involve handing over a final demand letter in person.

Choose a firm and research

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Pick 2 or 3 to make some further research. Pick one and do some due diligence. It is then time to pass the debt – quickly. Time is of the essence.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for debt recovery solutions

Please tell your story in the area below. Your views are much appreciated.