How does Debt Affect Our Physical and Mental Health? How to Overcome?

Are you looking for ways to deal with the mental health effects of debt? People fall into debt due to various factors, including poor financial planning and not having emergency funds. All of us want to manage the financial resources to provide enough facilities to our families, plan something for the future, and keep an amount aside to cope with the uncertain condition. However, debt makes these goals impossible to reach.

In some conditions, debt problems may be self-inflicted, such as poor spending habits. Still, some situations may arise where you have no control, like job loss, marital issues, medical conditions, and other financial crises or medical emergencies. When debt becomes high and burdensome, it can also negatively affect your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Studies determine that debt stress impacts your health physically and mentally. The post will look into details on how debt affects our physical and mental health and how to overcome it.

Physical and Mental Effects of Debt

Debt can affect your physical health in too many ways leading to moderate to severe symptoms. In addition, it can have adverse effects on your mental wellbeing in the following manner.

  1. Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are common in every other person experiencing debt stress. It may cause symptoms like headache, sleeplessness, or inability to focus and function properly. In extreme cases, many individuals are likely to commit suicide due to debt.

  1. Fear and Panic

The debt makes a person stressed with recurrent thoughts of paying off debts, dealing with people, and confronting extreme behavior of creditors. Stress leads to fearful thoughts and sometimes panic attacks if fear does not go away. The fear of late payments makes you feel uncomfortable and leads to increased heartbeat, dry mouth, headache, shivering in the body, and shortness of breath. However, fear and panic can cause severe health conditions

  1. Frustration

Frustration due to constant thoughts about debt can cause anger. No doubt that debt is a significant problem. When you feel stuck in the situation from all aspects, it causes frustration and makes you show impulsive behavior. It becomes challenging to deal with the effects of uncontrollable stress, especially when you remain unable to control debt, like a medical emergency or an extreme financial crisis. 

  1. Irritation and Resentment

When debt keeps increasing, it causes irritation and bitterness in relationships. Money arguments can spoil relationships. Studies declare that many divorce cases take place due to financial issues and disputes. So debt can put the sustainability of the relationships at risk and weaken them. These situations may hurt you emotionally and have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

  1. Regret

After putting yourself under the burden of the debt, it is a period of regret if you are fighting against your conscience. Regretful feelings disturb your mental and emotional wellbeing. The feelings may make you feel impetuous all the time, causing difficulty in managing your job and daily activities. As a result, it destroys your mental health and peaceful mindset.

How to Overcome Debt Stress?

Now that you know how debt affects your mental and physical health, you should also know how to deal with this situation and consolidate debt.

  1. Speak with Credit Counselor

There are certain situations in your life that you cannot control. A trained professional, such as a credit counselor, could help you out in this situation. The credit counselor can deeply analyze your case and determine some factors and figure out some possible ways for eliminating your debt. Their advice can assist you to come of debt gradually by following some useful and practical strategies. So, consider debt management services to deal with its effects.

  1. Consult with Doctor

As discussed above, debt can affect your physical and mental health. In general, certain mental health conditions due to debt can trigger physical problems in your body, like fluctuation of blood pressure due to anxiety and depression. Besides, it starts to disturb sleeping patterns, lack of appetite, hormonal imbalance, headache, cardiovascular disease (in severe cases), and other physical discomforts. It is better to book an appointment with a doctor to take proper medication to deal with these physical problems.

  1. Make an Action Plan

How should you deal with obligations? Should you get rid of the burden of loan payments first or pay credit card debt? The situation may be challenging to prepare an action plan strategically, keeping priority to the most important to deal. You can seek help from professionals to find ways to consolidate debt.

  1. Talk to Someone

Sharing your problem with someone may not resolve your issue, yet it can be helpful to relieve stress. Discussing your situation with someone may be beneficial in managing your problems. Trusting someone can be a meaningful way to minimize the pressure by discussing your fear inform of them.

  1. Seek Mental Health Counseling

Here is another solution to your debt stress, and one of the most professional ways is to seek mental health counseling. Words have the power to take you out of hopelessness, depression, anxiousness, and helplessness. Contact a counselor for sessions to help you minimize your depression level by incorporating your mental health provider’s strategies.

  1. Denial

Another effective way to deal with emotional stress caused by debt is denial. Feeling overwhelmed by the current situation because of constant reminders of bills, calls from creditors, etc., can even be more stressful.

As per human psychology, denial is not easy to deal with; individuals may find it difficult to push back recurrent thoughts of the situation they are passing through. However, it can provide you temporary relief and may lessen your anxiety level.

Bottom line

The most important thing to remember is you are not alone who is in debt. Many people face this issue and look for ways to deal with it. You can take inspiration from the people around you who manage their situation and fulfill all obligations, and measure patterns to come out of the situation.

So, like other people, you can also implement steps to cope with its effects and deal with paying debts conveniently.

uk commercial debt collection tips

UK Commercial Debt Collection Basics

UK commercial debt collection basics and tips for small businesses

UK debt collection is the process of recovering debts in the United Kingdom. There are licensed agencies called DCAs (Debt Collection Agencies)  that collect debts by following different national laws and Acts.

Some facts about debt collection:

●    Debt collection refers to a process where a DCA can attempt to recover a past-due debt from a second-party called debtor (“consumer” or “business”) on behalf of the first-party called the original creditor or lender.

●    Debt collection agencies are permitted to implement different legal and ethical debt collection methods. They can collect debts and contact debtors either only within the UK territories or outside the nation.

●    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom which regulates the financial services industry including debt collection services. FCA protects consumers, promotes healthy competition between financial service providers, and keeps the industry stable.

Here we will discuss the commercial debt collection for small businesses and the strategies that can be implemented to recover debts.

Commercial UK debt collection

Commercial debt collection is the method of collecting business debts from debtor companies. UK debt collection agencies recover business debts from the debtor company on behalf of the creditor company. Under the United Kingdom regulations and laws, commercial or business debt collection recovers commercial loans from a debtor company. Those laws may include the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations, the EU regulation for Late Payment in Commercial Transactions, the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act, etc.

Late payments can be a lethal issue for small businesses, reducing the ability to continue the business. As per the research from GoCardless, 2 out of 5 SME businesses encounter critical cash flow issues due to late payments. When companies try to settle the invoice and fail, they might need to start the debt collection process.

Businesses have two primary forms of professional debt collection:

●    Solicitors

●    Debt collection agencies (DCA)

Practically, if businesses hire a solicitor, it is likely to be the most cost-effective choice. Businesses can send a debt collection letter, written on a legal letterhead from a reputed law firm, to the debtor SME for collecting the payment.

However, if that option doesn’t work as expected, businesses may hire a debt collection company to deal with the matter. A debt collection service can be effective in recovering debts or settling a late invoice. But often, it is an expensive option. Before hiring a debt collection agency, the creditor should know that it may cause permanent damage to the relationship between the creditor and the debtor company. Apart from that, a business may suffer from a bad reputation caused by the harsh and unlawful debt collection tactics that DCA can use.

Debt collection costs

The DCA may charge a business a fixed amount apart from the debts as the cost of recovering a late commercial payment. The amount of compensation that DCA is allowed to claim will depend on the outstanding amount of debt as follows:

Total debt amountCost of recovering a late commercial payment
Up to £999.99£40
£1,000 to £9,999.99£70
£10,000 or more£100

*Data courtesy –
The business can only be charged once for each payment.

Business debt collection rules for debt collection agencies (DCA)

Unfortunately, no such regulatory body is present to regulate business debt collection laws in the UK for DCAs, like the US consumers have the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA), under the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). But the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also implemented few rules regarding business debt collection in the UK.

●    A creditor can’t hire more than one debt collection agency at a time.

●    A debt collector should contact the debtor by phone, email, letter, or visiting directly. However, a debt collector must inform the debtor initially about his identity and the purpose of contacting him.

●    The debt collector can’t use abusive language or threats to confuse the debtor.

●    A debt will be ‘statute barred’ if the creditor does not contact the debtor for six years and does not take any action on the account.

●    The debtor still owes the debt, but the creditor can’t take any legal action to get the money back. The creditor or debt collector can’t manipulate the debtor and tell him/her that they can still recover the debt legally.

●    The debt collector can’t force the debtor to pay the debt if he/she refuses to pay the money. It will be considered harassment under Section 40(1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970.

●    If a debtor disputes the debt, the collection agent can’t continue with recovery proceedings. The collection agent must provide all the details of outstanding debt to the debtor. The creditor or the debt collector must prove that the debtor still owes the debt.

Debt collection strategies to implement for small businesses

Confirm the orders

●    After receiving an order, small businesses should confirm the order in writing.

●    Use emails to confirm the order placed.

●    Add the cost and reference numbers.

Prepare proper invoices

●    Add all details of the transaction, including the goods or services provided.

●    Mention the correct date and other particulars.

●    Add expected payment dates and terms.

Prepare monthly statements

●    Prepare a monthly statement for each debtor (regular or repeat customers).

●    Keep clients informed of payment due dates.

Send a reminder

●    SME owners should follow up on an invoice regularly.

●    They can use some accounting software that can automatically send a reminder to debtors.

●    They can use emails or postal mails to let the customer/debtor know about the outstanding debt.

Call the debtor

●    Call the customer/debtor if the terms are violated, and the debtor does not respond to the reminder.

●    Stay calm and don’t lose your temper while communicating with the debtor.

●    Try to understand the situation better by discussing the matter openly.

●    Ask the debtor to discuss alternate payment options.

●    Accept an agreed repayment schedule if possible.

Hire a professional debt collection agency

●    Review online testimonials and client feedback before choosing a debt collection agency

●    Please read all the terms before signing a contract with them.

Author Bio: Lyle David Solomon is a licensed attorney in California. He has been affiliated with the law firms in California, Nevada, and Arizona since 1991. As the principal attorney of Oak View Law Group, he gives advice and writes articles to help people solve their debt problems. You can connect with him on twitter

fair debt practices

What You Need To Know About Fair Debt Practices

fair debt practices

Fair Debt Practices

This page will contain information about fair debt practices in the USA, United Kingdom and other countries. In addition we will add our own opinion about fair debt practises we have garnered in over 40 years of debt collection. The information might be anecdotal, the law or unusual.

The information about fair debt practices is for debtors, lenders, debt collectors, debt collection attorneys, and debt collection agencies. Use our menu to jump to specific section as this article is quite lengthy.

Defend Yourself with the Fair Debt Collection Act

In 1977, the United States’ congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Commonly referred to as the Fair Debt Collection Act, this law was drafted in order to provide guidelines, procedures and limitations to regulate the activities that are done in debt collection processes. Because of the Fair Debt Collection Act, debt collectors have refrained from using threats, lies or insults to harass and intimidate debtors.

In order to understand this act, you must first have an understanding of what a debt collector is. According to the Fair Debt Collection Act, a debt collector is someone who

“uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the collection of any debts, or who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, debts owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another”.

US Government

To put it simply, a debt collector is someone who collects payments that debtors owe to another company. For example, you have a delinquent account with a credit card company. Once the credit company feels that too much resource is required to pursue you to make payments, it will hire a debt collector to pursue the payments for them.

Now that you understand what a debt collector is, you must also know what the debt collector’s job entails. The Fair Debt Collection Act details the information that your debt collector must give you. Remember, for the debt collection activity to be legitimate, you should first be supplied with documents that will help you understand the situation you are in.

Once the debt collector has contacted you, he has five days to provide you with the following:

1) The exact figures regarding that debt that you supposedly owe.
2) Information about the creditor that you owe the debt to.
3) The debt collector must tell you that you have a maximum of 30 days to raise your doubts or disagreements regarding the nature and specifics of the debt. If you do not dispute the debt, the collector assumes that the debt is valid and binding.
4) In case you claim that you have no debt, the debt collector must immediately send you documents and other certificates that will verify the debt.
5) Under the Fair Debt Collection Act, the debt collector should inform you that if you have switched creditors, you are allowed to ask for information regarding your original creditor.

As you can see, the Fair Debt Collection Act mandates that the debtor be given adequate details as well as ample time to evaluate them and raise whatever concerns he may have. If for some reason, the debt collector becomes aggressive and abusive, the Fair Debt Collection Act also gives the debtor the right to sue the debt collector.

However, the debtor must remember that the Fair Debt Collection Act of 1977 does not erase debts. It isn’t a get-out-of-debt ticket. It simply ensures that debt collectors will be able to do their work and solicit payments without violating the rights of the debtors.

What Fair Debt Practices Means to You?

So, you may have missed some payments on your mortgage. Or, you may have failed to respond to calls from your creditor. Despite the fact that you may have failed to keep your end of the contract, you still have the right to be treated fairly during the process of debt collection.

Fair debt collection involves the use of proper tools to evaluate your situation. It also gives you ample time to respond to the notification of the debt collector. In order to ensure that debt collection is carried out fairly, the congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA.

The FDCPA ensures that there are guidelines that will protect you when you communicate with a debt collector to settle your accounts. The act states that the debt collector cannot intimidate you with false threats. He cannot scare you into thinking that you will go to jail if you fail to make payments on time. He cannot insult your race or make any negative references to your gender. He is also not allowed to talk to you using obscene and profane language.

Fair debt collection also protects your privacy. This means that debt collectors are not allowed to tell other people about your debt. They cannot put you in a place of public shame and humiliation in order to pressure you into paying. If the debt collection process is to be fair, then it is only right that you and your debt problems remain private and personal. More importantly, fair debt collection gives you the right to sue your debt collector if you feel that he is being abusive, aggressive or dishonest.

Fair debt collection means that even though you have failed to make some payments, the debt collection agency will still respect you and value you as a client. This means that you are given the opportunity to approach your debt collector and request for a change of payment scheme. Once you show that you intend to pay, you are allowed to renegotiate the structure of your debt. You and your debt collector will come up with a payment scheme that you can afford. This is what fair debt collection is about; it gives you a legal environment in which you can come up with an effective way to settle your debt.

So, if you have debts, do not panic. The United States of America has put in the necessary legal safeguards that will allow you to coordinate with debt collectors without fear of harassment or abuse. You won’t be arbitrarily driven out of your home or anything like that. The FDCDPA ensures that there is a fair debt collection process that will respect your rights as an individual and a customer. In the end, fair debt collection should help reduce the stress and anxiety that are brought about by the entire process of settling a debt.

Fair Debt Collection Practices: What to Expect from your Debt Collector?

The best way to protect yourself from harassment is to know the exact job description of your debt collector. If you know the things that his job entitles him to do, you can keep better track of his behavior and take action when he violates your rights. To know the debt collector’s job description, you need to have a thorough understanding of the 1977 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This act literally outlines the Fair Debt Collection Practices. It tells you the practices that are acceptable for debt collectors. It also informs you of practices that are unacceptable under the eyes of the law.

So, according to the Fair Debt Practices, what are the debt collector’s responsibilities towards you?

Basically, the debt collector owes you information. If the debt collector is trying to get you to pay up, it is only right that you are fully informed of the circumstances surrounding your debt. This means that within five days of initial contact, the debt collector must send you a written document that contains information such as the amount of debt you owe and the company or institution you owe it to. The document should also let you know the steps to take in the event that you believe you do not have that debt and you should not be held responsible for it.

If you file a letter to dispute the debt, the debt collector will stop contacting you until he comes up with evidence that proves that you truly owe that money. As part of the Fair Debt Practices, the debt collector must send you a receipt to prove that he has received your complaint. Also, the debt collector has to mail any evidence that proves that you are responsible for the debt.

Fair Debt Collection Practices are aimed at protecting the debtor’s privacy. As such, if you wish to put a stop to the debt collector’s calls and visits, you must write a letter to indicate your intention. Once the debt collector confirms receipt of your letter, you can expect him to stop contacting you.

Aside from these things, the Fair Debt Collection Practices also forbid your debt collector to do the following:

1) Contact you via phone or make personal visits outside of the time period between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.
2) Approach your family and friends in an effort to locate you.
3) Come to your workplace for the purpose of contacting you, verifying your employment or acquiring information regarding your salary.

Fair Debt Practices are exactly that – fair. It means that while you have individual rights, the law also provides guidelines to ensure that the debt collector can do his job well.

Fair Debt Practices Act: Dealing with Abusive Debt Collectors

In an effort to make you pay, some debt collectors may resort to unethical means. They may falsely threaten you with law suits or repossessions. They may call you incessantly or use derogatory language that will embarrass and humiliate you. However, these things don’t have to happen. The United States actually has a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that protects individuals from the abusive behavior of debt collectors.

In the first place, why do debt collectors find it easy to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act? Actually, the answer is quite simple. Debt collectors take advantage of people’s ignorance. If you don’t know the law and you’re not familiar with the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Act, you won’t know what rights you have against these debt collectors. If the debtor is ignorant, the debt collector can manipulate him easily. Without the necessary information, debtors will not know how to fight back against debt collectors who harass him.

Another reason is that while abusive behavior is common, it may be hard to prove. Oftentimes, debtors have difficulty providing evidence that clearly shows that the debt collectors went beyond their limitations and violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In order to help your cause, it is advisable that you keep copies of every single document that you and your debt collector exchanged.

Lastly, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act has several loopholes. So, if the debt collector makes some violations, he can simply close his office only to reopen later, under a new name.

Once you are sure that your debt collector violated the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, here are the steps you should take:

1) Notify the debt collector of the violation you observed. In a formal letter, cite the provision of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act that was violated. Include details of the event like the date, time, place as well as other circumstances regarding the violation. Make sure you ask for a receipt that proves that the debt collector has indeed received your complaint.
2) If you find it necessary, you can mail another letter to ask the debt collector to stop calling or visiting you.
3) File a formal complaint at the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC. The FTC is the body that is responsible for regulating the activities of debt collection agencies. Filing a complaint is easy, just log on to and you can accomplish an online form.
4) Go to your State Attorney General and report your debt collector’s abusive behavior. The Secretary General will have the case processed and investigated.
If you have enough evidence, approach your lawyer and consider filing a lawsuit against that collection agency.

Remember, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act is there to support you. However, it is only useful when you have enough knowledge about it.

The Debt Collection Law: What You Need to Know if You are in Debt?

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you are protected from the abusive actions of a debt collector. No matter how much the creditor wants his money back, he needs to follow the guidelines of this debt collection law. This law has special implications for you, your workplace and even your medical care.

The Debt Collection Law and Your Workplace

The debt collection law, specifically the FDCPA, specifies that a debt collector may contact your office only to inquire about your location, your home address as well as your contact information. This form of contact can only be done if the debt collector has no other means of locating your current residence.

Meanwhile, the debt collection law also gives the debt collector the right to send papers and documentation to your boss. These documents are files on your debt that are somehow related to your job and your salary. A common example is a court order that asks for details about your salary.

However, the debt collector is not allowed to volunteer any information regarding your debt. The debt collector may only share this information if your boss asks for it, or if he is asking your boss to answer certain paperwork that is related to your debt. While the debt collector may not share the details of your debt, your employer may have other ways of obtaining such information. Usually, records of your debt may appear on your credit rating. Since your employer is allowed to view this information, he may learn about your debt.

The Debt Collection Law and your Health Care

Unpaid medical bills are a huge concern for creditors and their collection agencies. If you fail to settle your medical bills, your healthcare provider may turn over your account to a collection agency. However, the debt collection law and the law concerning medical bills indicate that you must first agree to such a transaction before a collection agency takes over your account. If for some reason you dispute the debt, you may raise your concerns at this point.

Even though a debt collection agency is taking care of your account, your healthcare provider will still protect your privacy. To this extent, the healthcare provider will only release information on your name, address, account number, social security number and your date of birth.

The Debt Collection Law and Identity Theft

The fair debt practices collection law also has provisions for identity theft. If a collection agency contacts you regarding a debt that you have no previous knowledge of, you may be a victim of identity theft. The first thing you should do is ask for documents regarding your debt. Ask for transaction records, letters of agreement, and receipts. If you have verified that the debt is really not yours, ask the debt collector for a fraud affidavit form. Once the form is processed, the debt collector will stop contacting you and the identity thief will be pursued.

If You Are In Doubt About Fair Debt Practices

Report the debt collecter to the lender. Most lenders do not want to risk their lending licence. If it is the lender who is collecting from you, report them to an appropriate body in your country. Each state and country are different – which means we have no definitve list. Ask the lender who you can complain to – they know!

How To Get Out Of Debt And Enjoy Life To The Full

101 Ways On How To Get Out Of Debt

How To Get Out Of Debt And Enjoy Life To The Full

How To Get Out Of Debt

How To Get Out Of Debt And Enjoy Life To The Full is going to take work, smartness and time. We all have something we can make money out of apart from working for the man. Or we can learn something with which to earn money. Or save the money we have.

This article is fairly extensive and takes a bit of reading. What else were you planning to do – hide your head in the sand. How To Get Out Of Debt and enjoy life to the full might just give you a bit inspiration and hope.

You might be avoiding debt collectors or credit collection companies or companies who buy debt. However there are alternative solutions.

Table Of Contents
  1. How To Get Out Of Debt And Enjoy Life To The Full
  2. How To Get Out Of Debt And Have Family Vacations On The Cheap
  3. How To Get Out Of Debt Whilst Dining Out
  4. Avoid Costly Gifts With These Suggestions
  5. Holiday Within Your Budget Can Be Fun
  6. Get Back to Work with these Money-Savings Childcare Options
  7. Five Money Ways to Simply your Life and Breathe a Bit Easier
  8. How To Get Out Of Debt By Being Tidy
  9. Five Easy Snack Makeovers to Save on the Grocery Bill
  10. Eight Ways to Save Money on Gas without Going in Debt
  11. How To Get Out Of Debt

How To Get Out Of Debt And Have Family Vacations On The Cheap

How to Take a Family Vacation and Still Live within your Means

Going on vacation can be one of those things that can make you feel guilty. If you are in debt or simply can’t afford the vacation of your dreams, take heart. There are millions of people in the same position. Remember that vacation should not make you feel guilty. Vacations are a necessary part of life, especially in our busy lives. A good family vacation can be a great way to rejuvenate, relax and truly enjoy one another’s presence. Is it possible to take a family vacation while still living within your means? The good news is yes. Here are some tips on taking a guilt-free family vacation that allows you to stay within the parameters of your budget.

Tip #1 Set a budget and be prepared to stick to it

Part of the reason so many of us get into debt is that we completely lose control of our finances. We don’t realize how much we’re spending most of the time and thus don’t realize it when we are spending too much. Many of us plan vacations and getaways without realizing how much we’re spending. This is a big mistake that can easily land most of us in debt. Well ahead of the date of your proposed family vacation make a conscious decision to set a vacation budget. Be realistic about what you would like to spend, and how far you are comfortably willing to stretch your budget. Understand exactly how much your proposed vacation will cost and plan well ahead to get the best deals.

Tip #2 Vacation closer to home and save lots of money

One of the easiest ways to go on a family vacation that does not stray from your budget is to simply vacation near home. One of the biggest costs of the average family vacation is associated with travel costs. Air travel and gas prices have never been higher. Chances are that there are many attractions within your state that you have never seen and which would make for a delightful family vacation. Investigate and present these to your family for a vacation vote.

Tip #3 Create a special vacation fund that all the family adds to

This is a great way to save for a vacation and a fun way to get the family involved. This can also make for a powerful tool for demonstrating to young children the value of things. Create a special vacation jar that everyone in the jar is responsible for adding to. Try to make a game of it. For example, every time someone comes into possession of a colorful bill, have them add it to the vacation jar. This is a fun and easy way to save money for the family vacation. You would be surprised how quickly the money can add up.

Tip #4 Plan your vacation well in advance

One of the easiest ways to save money on air travel and hotel reservations is to book well in advance. In most cases, you will end up spending more on your family vacation if you decide to book at the last minute. Even better, make it a point to check for travel discounts at your intended travel destination. Just a little research can go a long way.

Tip #5 Vacation in the Off-Season

Are you looking for an easy way to save money on your family vacation? Simply vacationing in the off-season can save you hundreds of dollars. For example, if you visit the beach in spring or fall and you are likely to enjoy great weather, fewer crowds while possibly paying less for your hotel room. In most cases, you will save money if you choose to travel before or just after the busy summer season.

How To Get Out Of Debt Whilst Dining Out

How to Dine Out on Occasion and Still Make your Budget

You need to allow yourself to have fun once in awhile, and to experience the finer things in life. Finer dining does not need to cost every cent you have. You can still go out to eat and make your budget.The following options will help you have more of a peace of mind about eating out:

Cut down on cheap everyday fast foods and make your restaurant experience special. You will have more money for a sit-down meal in a more upscale restaurant if you cut out a few hamburger and fry orders. Not only that your dining experience will be more special and more rewarding.

In between dining experiences learn how to cook better foods for yourself at home. This could lead into a new hobby and can result in more money in your pocket in the long run. 

You  might want to consider eating out during lunch instead of dinner. Even at nicer restaurants you will fine high-quality meals on the menu that are fitting for midday cuisine. Perhaps a nice brunch on a Saturday afternoon would be ideal.   

There is no shame in ordering water with your meal. In fact, most restaurants automatically supply their visitors with water. This will free up more funds for you to purchase a fuller meal.

Gourmet sandwich shops and pizza places often cost less. That is one option to think about as well.

If you eat a light meal before you go out you will get away with ordering appetizers or other inexpensive items. Either that or you can just go out for a few drinks and work it off dancing.

Buffet places usually offer reasonable rates for different times of the day. Some will offer morning specials for breakfast, while others offer noon-day and evening specials.

Use coupons, and do not be ashamed about doing so. Remember all those buy-one-get-one half off deals? Take advantage of those. However, one warning is that it may work better if you have known the person for awhile than if you have just met that person for a first date.

Check your local listings for special events that offer inexpensive dining. Local non-profit picnics, county fairs, and other places offer a well-rounded solution for fairly inexpensive fun you can plan ahead for. You also can find local Internet ads of your favorite places as well.

Have meals delivered, a service which many pizza and gourmet shops offer for free. It beats paying high gas prices to drive there.

Choose a spot in your neighborhood. It will cost you less to drive there. If you have never been to places nearby you, it is always possible to ask to view the menu before being seated. You can also call ahead or ask around about the place before you go.

Read reviews of local restaurants. These are found in local entertainment guides online and offline. You would be surprise what is in your own backyard versus an hour drive to the other side of town (or out of town).

If you want to eat healthy meals on a budget try a soup and a salad and a light sandwich. You might also consider a vegetable tray.

As long as you can “get away with it” try more informal quality dining. Many bar and grills will not mind if you order a big basket of fries and chicken for more than one person. Even in some places where they have an extensive entrée list you might be able to ask for an extra plate. Most restaurant meals are enough for two people anyway.

Avoid Costly Gifts With These Suggestions

Helpful Hints on How to Avoid the Debt of the gift giving season

Does the holiday season fill your heart with joy or do you go into a panic attack just thinking about the damage that it will do to your budget? If the holiday season has become something that you dread, it’s time to take control and put things into perspective. With mass consumerism and the pressure to spend during this time of year, it can be incredibly easy to throw caution to the wind and rack up a huge credit card bill that will come back to haunt you in the new year. This year, propose to approach the holiday season with your good sense intact. Here are some helpful hints on how to avoid the debt of the holiday season and enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Prepare a plan in advance of the holiday season

Take that old Boy Scout adage to heart when it comes to preparing yourself for the holiday season: be prepared. When the first strains of Christmas Carols come into earshot, grab a pen and sheet of paper and get ready to make a plan. You can try planning early, but it can be easy to forget about your fail-proof holiday season budgeting plan if you draft it in July. Around Thanksgiving, take a good hard look at your current financial template and figure out how much you can afford to spend on gifts, food, entertainment, travel and other seasonal expenses without going into the red. Make a list of everyone you plan on giving a gift to, including co-workers, the mail carrier, etc. It’s time to prioritize: who do you anticipate you will be spending more on? Write everyone’s name on a sheet of paper and put a figure next to their name. Add up all the numbers to make sure that your total figure is not beyond your budget.

Stick, stick, stick to your budget

You can make as many lists as you want but they won’t mean much if you don’t stick to a budget. It can be very tempting to overspend, especially if you happen to come upon the “perfect” gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boss, best friend, etc. No matter how perfect the gift may be, don’t buy it unless you can afford it. You won’t be doing your friends, family members and other loved ones any favors by getting into debt. Taking your budget plan to the store as you shop is an easy way to remind yourself not to overspend. Cross off names from your list after buying the corresponding gift or present. If you are buying many gifts, it can be very easy to overspend simply by buying too many presents and losing track of what you have purchased already.

Propose a cap on holiday spending

Chances are that you are not the only one in your family or circle of friends who overspends during the holiday season. If you are serious about spending within your means, discuss openly your concerns with friends and family members. Let them know that you will be setting a cap on your holiday setting, and that your friends and family members may want to consider reciprocating. If possible, get your family to agree on a spending cap. This will help ensure a financially healthy and low-stress holiday season for all your loved ones.

How To Get Out Of Debt By Making Your Own Gifts

A lot of people appreciate the warmth and unique beauty of handmade gifts. If you are lucky enough to have friends and family members who favor handmade items over store bought presents, the holiday season can not only be a great time to save money but a wonderful opportunity to let your talents shine. Are you an expert syrup maker? Do you love to make candles or soaps in your spare time? These can make wonderful and low-cost presents.

Holiday Within Your Budget Can Be Fun

Having a Bit of Summer Family Fun without any Debt on the Run

Summer is a time for barbeques, road trips and long-awaited travel vacations. But in these hard times, it can be hard to justify a family vacation. Remember that summer fun is never out of style and that a year full of activity and work always justifies a summer vacation. That doesn’t mean you have to go into debt just to enjoy a good summer vacation. Here are some tips for getting your good dose of summer fun without going into long-term debt.

Tip #1 Vacation in your state

Going on vacation isn’t a contest to see how far from home you can get this summer. Why not choose to vacation in your state or region? Staying within the boundaries of your own state can save you money on transportation and you can probably see many things and visit destinations you have never visited. State parks are usually much less expensive than national parks, and they are just as fun. So pack up the car and head out to explore your own backyard.

Tip #2 get a national parks pass to save money

If you and your family are set on visiting one of the country’s premiere national park destinations, go ahead and invest in a national parks pass. Most of the famous national parks will cost you a good $20-25 a pop. If you plan on visiting often or would like to see more than one park, you would probably be better off in investing a national park pass, which gains you admittance to several national parks for one flat fee.

Tip #3 Travel by train whenever possible

If your destination allows, choose to travel by train. The savings in gas will be significant, and you will have more time to enjoy the view. Of course, if you are planning a long trip or traveling with little ones, you will probably want to avoid extensive train travel. Use the train for short trips where you can get away with walking, bus and cabs, or break up a longer voyage into shorter legs so that the little ones don’t get restless and so you can get to see more destinations.

Tip #4 Buy a package vacation to save money

There are many great package vacations out there that allow you to save money on air, hotel and attractions. Make sure to do the math before you sign up for a package vacation to make sure you are getting a good deal. Also, you should read all the fine print. Many low-priced package vacations have strict travel restrictions. If you can make it work, you will likely save hundreds of dollars on package vacations.

Tip #5 Visit family instead of theme parks

If you and the family are excited about taking a road trip and aren’t too picky about the destination (after all, the journey is the destination, right?), why not pay a visit to loved relatives that you don’t get to see too often. Instead of driving across two states to go to an overpriced and crowded theme park, take the kids to visit grandma. In the long run, they are likely to have just as much fun without the high costs of theme parks or other tourist attractions.

Tip #6 Pack a cooler and make your lunch on the road

Beside gas and hotels, eating is probably your highest cost while on a family road trip vacation. You can save hundreds of dollars by preparing ahead of time and preparing your own picnic lunches. Treat yourself to one restaurant meal per day if you like, but be prepared to visit grocery stores in order to make your own fresh and much less expensive lunches.

Get Back to Work with these Money-Savings Childcare Options

There’s no doubt about it: finding affordable and trustworthy childcare options is one of the biggest challenges facing many working parents today. What can you do in order to reduce your childcare costs? Having a baby can be a huge financial stain on first-time parents, and many don’t realize how many affordable childcare options there are out there. Here are some tips for finding ways to save money with different childcare options. Some of these may seem like common sense, while others may force you and your partner to make some hard decisions. How to get out of debt sometimes requires difficult decisions.

Financial aid can help you subsidize childcare costs

There’s no getting around the high cost of child care. In some cases, you may find yourself paying more for child care than your rent or mortgage. There is some help to be found with financial aid. Take advantage of flexible spending accounts offered by your employer, such as the dependent care account. These accounts allow you to save pre-tax dollars specifically for such things as day care and elder care. You can save thousands in taxes each year by taking advantage of these flex spending accounts. If you pay for child care expenses with your after-tax dollars, you can take advantage of the Dependent Care Tax Credit on your income tax return. You can claim from 20% to 35% of up to $3,000 for one child.

Many givernmenst can help you on how to get out of debt with childcare.

Check with you child care center for ways to offset costs

Some child care centers are willing to work with their parents to help offset costs. If you are having trouble keeping up with payments, talk to your child care center before things get worse. Let them know your financial situation and see if there are things you can do in order to offset your child care costs. Volunteering, donating goods or other kinds of contributions are sometimes an acceptable way of offsetting your child care bill. Some child care centers have the resources and information to refer you to government agencies that can also help with grants and financial aid.

How To Get Out Of Debt By Offsetting Costs With Family Help

Traditionally, extended families have always been around to help offset the cost and responsibility of child care. If you are fortunate enough to have caring and supportive family members, see if they can help you with child care. Many couples or single parents work with their relatives to coordinate a child care schedule that works for both parties. Of course, you should do your best to compensate your relatives for this care.

Do you have a flexible work schedule?

Many parents rearrange their work days in order to take care of their children. With some finagling and juggling, many parents can reduce their day child care costs significantly by flexing their work schedules.

How To Get Out Of Debt | Start A Home Business Or Telecommute

With today’s advanced technology, it is easier than ever to work from home. If you or your partner has the option of working from home, take advantage of it. Even if you can only finagle a couple of days of telecommuting a week, this will still give you a great advantage. If there is simply no way that you can bring your work life home, consider starting a sideline business that can help you cope with the high costs of day child care.

Use student child care

If you are located near a college or university, there is a good chance that you can find adequate child care close to home. Many students charge less for their services than a professional day care business. If you are looking for a nanny, consider hiring from an au pair service.

Five Money Ways to Simply your Life and Breathe a Bit Easier

Are you stressed out over your finances? Do your finances remind you of a weedy jungle, full of chaos and danger? If this description strikes a chord, it’s time to get control over your financial life. One of the biggest benefits, and curiously under-touted aspects of simplifying your life, is that it can help you save money. Simplifying your life can not only help you save lots of money, it can also help you breathe easier. And who doesn’t want to breathe easier? These things—money, stress and organization—are intricately connected to one another. When we get one into control, the others will follow. Here are some tips for getting control of your finances, save money and lower your overall stress levels.

Tip #1 Spend 15 minutes every day cleaning up your finances

Many of us who find ourselves trapped in a chaotic financial life probably overlook the regular financial housekeeping that can keep the chaos at bay. It can be easy to forget, avoid or simply overlook several small tasks. These things eventually gather dust, take up space and pile up to the point that they become overwhelming, scary and bad for our finances. Here is a simple habit to fall into that can help protect you from the horrible sight of stacks of unpaid bills and stray papers overflowing on your kitchen table or desk.

How To Get Out Of Debt By Being Tidy

Spend fifteen minutes each day cleaning your desk, kitchen table, or wherever it is that you keep your important financial papers. Go over bills, throw out old mail, sharpen your pencils, and put things in order. If you are not the kind to keep extensive tabs on your papers, make it easy for yourself. Dedicate one desk drawer to your bills and other financial papers. Go through your drawer each day and make sure that there is nothing in there that will surprise or scare you one day. Simply dedicating fifteen minutes each day is an easy way to simplify your life, stay organized and save money on unpaid bills, fines or other surprise costs.

Tip #2 Make your own easy household products

Here is an easy way to save money and keep things simple. Why spend five bucks on a bottle of multipurpose cleaner when you can spend pennies on your own homemade household product. Replace your expensive Windex cleaner with your own concoction of ammonia, vinegar, water and rubbing alcohol. If you want it to look blue, add a few drops of blue food dye. You can make a full bottle for about 35 cents. This is an easy way to make an effective, safe and very inexpensive household cleaner.

Tip #3 Keep household essentials in stock and save money by buying in bulk

Ever reached for tissue and find that you are out? Or what about needing a napkin and finding none in stock? Not having household essentials on hand can be stressful and frustrating. Many times when we are hurried and harried and shopping for a household essential, we tend to overpay. After all, who has time for comparison shopping when you are in the midst of a throbbing headache? Save yourself the stress by shopping in bulk for household essentials. You should only buy in bulk when you know you’re getting a good deal. If tissues are on sale, grab a few boxes. There are many non-perishable household essentials that are easy to buy in bulk, including toilet paper, toothpaste, tissues, napkins, canned food and others.

Tip #4 Get a bill calendar

With many of us juggling numerous bills, it can be easy to drop the ball every once in a while. Keep things simple and your bills paid by keeping a handy bill calendar. Buy an oversized calendar and put it somewhere easily visible. Make a note of when you have to make payments. Even simpler, automate your payments online if possible. How to get out of debt requires a little bit of organisation.

Tip #5 Sign up for email updates

If you can’t automate your payments but you check your e-mail often, signing up for email updates is an easy way to keep track of your accounts. Most credit card companies offer many easy tools for keeping a close eye on your accounts.

Five Easy Snack Makeovers to Save on the Grocery Bill

You may have noticed that your habits and interests have changed as you’ve gotten older. More than likely, you exercise and participate in physical activities at a slower pace than when you were in your youth. Even the foods you enjoy today may be rather different than 30 or 40 years ago. These changes in lifestyle can make a dramatic change in the type of expenditures that appear in your current budget. A tasty how to get out of debt formula.

Tip #1 Don’t change anything except the way you shop

Shop differently. If you shop at grocery stores in which you aren’t normally seen at, like bulk food stores and low-cost groceries, you can often buy the same brand-name products you’re used to only at reduced costs. This type of cautious shopping is a great way to save money on your grocery bill.

Tip #2 Find low-cost food alternatives

You can easily cut down on your snacks by shopping more inexpensively. If you are used to spending $5.00 a day on a muffin from the corner store, shop for pre-packaged muffins at a low-cost grocery store and bring one of those to work with you each day. This is a way that can save you a ton on your grocery food bill. You can do this with snack foods very easily. Simply purchase inexpensive snacks at your grocery store when you do the shopping. Bring these snacks with you when you are likely to snack.

Tip #3 Makeover the kids habits

If you raised kids, the expenditures in your budget are probably significantly different today than when your children lived with you. Then, you probably looked for “family” discount packages for vacations and entertainment events. You probably purchased milk in a gallon container and kept a large supply of laundry and cleaning products. You probably cooked large meals with leftovers for one, maybe two, days.

Your medicine cabinet probably had lots of bandages and alcohol for those times when the kids scrapped their knees, as well as vitamins and cold tablets to keep them healthy and protected from viruses transmitted by their classmates.

But now that you’re older and the kids have flown the coup, it’s time to look at how to budget for the 50-something lifestyle for you and your spouse (or for you, if living alone).

Tip #4 Grocery choices

When purchasing goods with short shelf lives or expiration dates, such as milk, cheese and other dairy products, avoid getting the “jumbo” or “family-sized” container for your scaled down family of just you and your spouse. Generally, dry goods can last a long time, and you may be inclined to purchase the large bag or box of rice, cereal, and flour. However, if it takes you a very long time to consume the product once the container has been opened, that product can lose its freshness and original properties. For example, homemade cookies made with old, exposed baking powder will not rise as much as when the powder was fresh.

Tip #5 Energy efficiency and Meds

If you are retired or no longer working, you may have noticed that your heating and cooling bills are higher now that you are in the home over more hours per day. Therefore, you may want to acclimate yourself to slightly lower temperature settings on your house thermometer. If you have a timer system on your thermometer, you might adjust the time settings as well. In fact, if your equipment is more than 15 or 20 years old, you may want to consider upgrading or replacing it with a more energy-efficient furnace and air conditioning system. Sadly, the rate of prescriptions continues to rise. So, remember to include the cost of your medication, medical services and long-term care, when modifying your budget, also.

Eight Ways to Save Money on Gas without Going in Debt

Do you find yourself using your credit card just to gas up? Bad idea. With sky-high gas prices, it can be difficult to gas up without going into debt these days. Here are eight ways to save money on gas without going into debt. This is one of the essential how to get out of debt sections. Long term savings – little by little.

Tip # 1: Shop around for your gas

Maybe you are not used to shopping around for your gas. In the good old days of $2.00 gallons, you could afford to stop at the first gas station you came across in order to fill up. Not anymore. Now it is possible to feel the difference simply by filling up at a station offering its gas for a few cents less per gallon than the competition across the street. Make sure to shop around for gas before filling up. In most cities you can find gas stations selling gas for ten to fifteen cents less per gallon than their competitors. Use web sites such as Gas Buddy in order to find the cheapest gas in your area. Debt free living takes a bit of time investement.

Tip # 2: Buy gas from your grocery store

One of the trends we have been seeing in recent years is grocery stores offering discount gas to customers. Many stores are now offering these types of savings discounts. Usually you will need to sign up for a store savings card, and some stores offer deeper discounts after you have spent a certain amount on groceries. Some stores are known for offering deep discounts during special promotional periods, so keep your ears and eyes open.

Tip # 3: Ride your bike for work and simple errands

So you haven’t ridden a bike since you were twelve, you say. It’s time to practice your skills and remember why riding a bike was so much fun in the first place. With more people on bikes than ever before, you will probably not be alone in commuting to work on your bike. Plus, you get the added bonus of getting in shape. Get a good basket put on your bike and use it for small shopping errands around your neighborhood. Even if you only ride your bike a few times a week, the savings on gas will quickly add up.

Tip # 4: Start your own rideshare

Even if you have never commuted before, it’s probably time to start. Commuting is a low-stress and money-saving way to save money on gas. There are many web sites that now help connect people who need to save money on their daily commute. You would be surprised how many people in your neighborhood probably drive to roughly the same area.

Tip # 5: Move closer to work

If you are used to a long commute, it’s probably costing you an arm and a leg just to make it to work. If you rent an apartment or even if you own your own home, it may be the right time to consider making a move. When you love your job and are willing to make the move, this can save you considerably on transportation costs. Sit down and do the math if you are not convinced, and think about how much time and stress you will save by working close to home. Ot try to earn from home.

Tip # 6: Invest in a bus pass

Even if you have never ridden the bus before, maybe it’s time to start. Many cities offer discounted bus passes for commuters. You would probably be surprised how easy, efficient and relaxing it can be to sit back and let another person do the driving for you. How to get out of debt and see more. If you earn from home you do not have any tavel costs.

Tip # 7: Always fill up with cash

Many gas stations are now offering discounts for cash purchases. Not only is cash a cheaper way to buy gas, it can also help you stay out of debt. The last thing you want is to spend five years paying for a gallon of gas, but that’s what interest rates will do to you.

Tip # 8: Telecommute

If possible, look into the option of telecommuting. Even telecommuting once or twice a week from home can save you a lot of money on gas. This is one of the best how to get out of debt suggestions. You and your boss benefits. Possibly less childcare.

How To Get Out Of Debt

There has not been 101 ideas on How To Get Out Of Debt in this artocle. There more articles coming on this subject. Believe it or not it is easier to earn more and reduce costs than you might think. Keep the faith in yorself. Everyone who has made money started somewhere. Debt free living could be your new lifestyle. If you do nothing you will be rewarded with the same.

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dealing with moorcroft debt recovery

How To Deal With Moorcroft Debt Recovery | Legally

moorcroft debt recovery

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

This article is not exclusively about Moorcroft Debt Recovery and the Moorcroft Group. Nor is it a legal loophole to get you out of debt. Nor is it, to persuade lenders to use Moorcroft debt recovery or any of its debt solutions competitors.

What we will explain is information that is not widely distributed. Everyone talks about the law. We will talk about our inside knowledge of how debt collection companies work.

We have no axe to grind as this article will cover us, you, lenders, debt collectors and the law. In that order.

There are 100’s and 1,000’s of debt recovery companies in the UK, USA, and Australia. They all basically follow the same path. A bit like follow the money.

Firstly: Information About Us

What gives us the right to talk about debt collection. We have had many roles as employees and our own business in the debt collection and lending world for 4 decades. From doorstep lending to deals worth 100’s of millions. Asset repossession to writing off debt – permanently. We give you access to the inside workings of lending and collection institutions.

Our biggest piece of information is that what man can make, man can amend. By this we mean if anyone and we mean anyone says that something cannot be done or undone – they are simply lying. Debts can be written off. Credit bureau records can be undone. The LAW can be circumvented – as long as it is in the debtors (you) favour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moorcroft

  • What is the email address of Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

    [email protected]. You can use this email address for all sorts of questions. General enquiries, complaints, and compliance. If you are not good on the phone, ask them to make this your primary contact method. They will ask you to jump through a few hoops. Ay least this gives you a copy of all their responses and timings.

  • What is Moorcroft debt recovery phone number?

    0330 123 9765. This number is NOT a premium number. You can use this to make payments, ask for you balance. It is also a helpline for people who are struggling with debt. You can use it to ask for the file they hold on you which can be had for FREE. Another question to ask is that a transcript of the call to be sent to you. Either a paper transcript or an audio file.

  • Is Moorcroft Group legitimate?

    You can bet your last penny that it is. It has every licence you could imagine. They have more lawyers making sure that they are properly registered than most financial institutions. Do not waste your time querying if they are legitimate.

  • Who do Moorcroft collect debts for?

    They collect for a whole crowd of companies and industries: water, gas, and electricity companies. Banks and financial institutions. In addition, they collect debts for local, regional, and national government departments. They are also highly active in the telecommunications industry.

  • Can you complain about Moorcroft?

    YES. Best place is to start with is their complaint hotline – 06161 475 2970. Remember the people on these lines are highly trained; no matter what you believe or think. This is the place to start before you start writing to the financial ombudsman. Ask for a transcript of your conversation or copy of the audio file. Ask for this at the beginning of the call. 

  • What is Moorcroft Debt Recovery address?

    If you want to write to Moorcroft about you account, copy of file request, or general information, the address is: It might be an idea to send your letter by recorded delivery and have it signed for.
    2 Spring Gardens,
    SK1 4AA

  • Are Moorcroft allowed to buy my debt?

    This is something you have to check in your original agreement. There should be a section of how your account can be assigned. You can ask Moorcroft or your original lender for a copy of this highlighting the area that allows either the sale, transfers or use of third party debt collectors. You might need a lawyer to do this for you.

  • Who should I write to at Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

    They always say aim for the highest. This might mean doing some leg work and expense. You can obtain a full report of the directors and shareholders at companies’ House. However here are a few of them (as of October 2020): Andrew James McRoberts (company secretary), Rodney Neil McRoberts, Neil George McRoberts, Amanda Martin McRoberts. Here is one potential email address [email protected]

  • Can Moorcroft debt recovery enter my premises?

    NO – they cannot, unless you invite them. They are debt collectors NOT enforcement agents.

  • Can I refuse to discuss my debt with Moorcroft?

    Absolutely yes. The original lender or service supplier has to talk to you if you wish. Your lender or provider cannot reassign the obligations under your contract. One of their obligations is to discuss your account with you. Therefore, if they say you will have to speak to Moorcroft, inform your lender they are breaking the law and you wish them to write to you repeating what they have just said to you.  After that you could, and we say could (not demand) that they amend/write off your debt. Indeed many of them will have recordings – always ask them to email you a mp3 or transcript of your conversation.

  • What if I cannot afford to pay Moorcroft debt recovery?

    Fill out an income and expense statement. Be completely honest about it. We can assure you that it is not in the interest of Moorcroft or your lender to try and get money out of a stone. Do not try and blame the salesman etc. for getting you overindebted – they will always defend their introducers. Take it on the chin and send them a statement. You might just find that they will write it off or take a token payment. They have an obligation to treat customers fairly.

  • Can I avoid pay my Moorcroft debt?

    Of course, you can avoid it – however it will not go away. Remember that you have used someone’s money or service and they deserve being paid. If you cannot pay them, they deserve to be told the truth. Invest an hour or 2 and it will be resolved forever. Be courteous and pleasant at all times. The people you are speaking to only came in to do a day’s job. It is not personal it is simply their job. We assure you that you will feel better once it is put to bed and resolved.

  • Can Moorcroft Debt Group write off my debt

    The answer is probably yes. If they have purchased your debt from your lender they can write it off, if they have a good reason. If Moorcroft are acting as a third party debt collector, they can recomend to your creditor that your account should be written off. The simplest (and only) way to achieve this is to complete a financial statement and a short letter explaining your over indebtedness and inability to pay. Give them a valid reason to strike off your debt.

  • Does Moorcroft have to be registered with the FCA

    Yes they do, and yes they are. If you want to dig a bit deepeer into who they are and what they are allowed to to you can visit Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA has all the details you would need to make a thorough investigation of your own. However, you would only require this information if you beleive they have done something wrong in the way they are treating you.

  • Does Moorcroft Debt Recovery have to abide by the Data Protection Laws

    They certainly must. And you can check they have a valid registration at the Information Commsioners Office website. Never let data protection get in the way of resolving issues. Many debt collection agencies make it difficult to discuss your account because they want your personal information. If they say they need further information to discuss your account you can write to them and inlcude a secret password that they can use. Or simply say that all discussion will have to be by letter and them write to the most senior person you can find.
    Remember that the DPA is not an excuse not to resolve your account. We know we were there when it was being introduced and the red tape maniacs have went over board as the years have passed

Acceptance And Remorse

Maybe some strong words when dealing with a debt collection company. However, if you want to succeed in getting great result you need to occupy the moral high ground. They probably have the legal high goriund , so you play to your strengths.

We will assume that the debt is yours. Simply accept it, no amount of arguing or screaming will change that. This allows you to move to a stage on resolving the situtation. If you have a genuine complaint and by that we don not mean something minor, like a letter wrong in your name or the way the member of Moorcroft Debt spoke to you. If you have a serious dispute about the ownership of the debt write to them. If it is not valid, you have wasted YOUR time.

Remorse is your way of understanding that you have wasted your money on whatever and you now are expected to pay for the goods you used. Genuine remorse will go a long way to creating a great rapport.

Once you have accepted that it is your debt and that you have genuine remorse, you will obtain a seriously good result with any debt collection agency or lender.

Your Moorcroft Debt

Let us get this right – Moorcroft debt recovery are contacting you because you entered into an agreement. It could have been for anything: a phone, personal loan, car finance, utilities, home mortgage, boat loan, room rental. Just about anything where you had the use of something with the promise of future payments.

The first thing for you to do is simply accept your indebtedness. Do not try and become a legal expert trying to find a loophole. Debt collection companies like Moorcroft group and credit collection services have heard it all before.

Do not try and say they have no right to collect the debt. You can be sure that Moorcroft and the lender have had legal opinion on their ability to do so. There is an addendum to this that many people ignore and which we have personal (painful) experience of. The actual debt (income stream) can be assigned but not the obligations of the lender. Keep this in mind for later.

Income And Expenditure

Put some work into creating your own personal income and expenditure spreadsheet. Many debt collection agencies want you to use their version and I am sure Moorcroft group are no different.

You can create the spreadsheet over many weeks or even a month of 2. This is going to help you. Add the things they might not usually consider. Gambling, alcohol, smoking, obesity. Be honest with yourself. It might lead to a better lifestyle.

Writing things down makes it easier to deal with. It makes it easier to discuss your financial situation with debt collectors or debt attorneys. Or self help groups. There are groups in your area that can help. However, it is a good idea to be prepared.

Never, Never, Never

2 things you must not do.

  1. Never threaten violence. Keep the moral high ground.
  2. Never offer a payment you cannot make, just to keep the person on the phone happy. They get paid for promises being made. However, it is better for them and you to make an offer you can keep.

Your Original lender

The reason that Moorcroft debt recovery are chasing you is because someone lent you something. The lender will have done everything, insomuch that it can, to ensure you could repay. Although there are caveats here

  1. They were not given your real facts. Either by you or the lenders staff or introducer. There lending decision was made on the facts that they were given. They will assume that it was you, as you have signed the agreement.  It is difficult, but not impossible to prove otherwise. Notwithstanding that – if you have had use of the item or service that the credit was granted the lender can use that as a defence. However, we do not want to get involved in legal terminology.
  2. There was a large deposit made on an asset which they can quickly resell. Possibly quicker than the loan/rental term. However, this type of repossession is becoming more difficult for the credit grantor.

Notwithstanding that your debt has been sold to Moorcroft or they are collecting on behalf of your lender. The lender still has to uphold his obligations. And in turn, Moorcroft debt recovery ltd has to uphold those obligations. Generally, data protection and treating customers fairly. Once again, just because the lender has deviated a little from their obligations it might not eradicate your debt. They cam always rely on the law to enforce.

You do not want to go to court. The lender can afford better debt attorneys and collection lawyers.

Here is something that all lenders know or should know. People defaulting has rarely bankrupted a lender. Fraud is the death knell of a lender. And more often that not this comes from within or from you dealer network. Seek your savings there and not investing in better debt collection methods.

Advice To Lenders

Invest in real underwriting. Spend time there and your debt collections teams can be reduced. Put debt collectors in charge of lending. Mix up you credit and risk teams.  If you have a credit control department – close it until you have a better name for it. Maybe Good Business Creation or something – anything. 

By the by lenders – ensure that you debt recovery solution provider uses voice analysis. In addition, make sure 1 of your people who knows how it works. You can then add in your own keywords and phrases. Saves a lot of time reporting.

One of the top most concerns for debt collection agency is their ability to exist. It will come to an end.

The Law

Debt collection law or debt recovery recourse through the courts is the last thing you want to become embroiled in. Do not cut your nose off to spite your face. The likes of Moorcroft Group and Credit Collection Services have teams of debt lawyers on their payroll or on contingency.

Unless you want to become a martyr, we suggest other ways of resolving the issue.

Remember the law gives you the minimum protection – and we mean this in a good way. Debt collectors can give you a better deal than the law allows. ALWAYS. We know, we have done it many times.

Debt Collection Solutions

In this section, we have suggestions for all concerned. Each of the suggestions are beneficial to all parties. None of these debt collection solutions favour one party.

Debt With Collection Agency

Just because your debt has been transferred or sold or being collected by a debt collection agency: it is still you that is in control. You have something they want. They want your money or they want you off their books.

Many people like yourself has googled debt with collection agency to get some help. Mostly you will get debt consolidators hoping to make some money from you. Or debt lawyers wanting to give you advice.

However if you have searched for impartial advice using debt with collection agency you will find it here. Some you might like and some you might not want. It will not go away unless you deal with it. What is for sure the more pf their time you take up the more they want to get you off their books.

You might want to remember if one debt collection agency returns your debt to the lender, it may well end up with another firm of collectors. Keep all records; either paper, calls or electronic. If possible record personal visits.

Pre Repossession

We have to assume a few things here. You can no longer afford the car/boat/house/phone or whatever. It might sound harsh – but you can survive without this item. We know this is a hard decision. However, maybe you can obtain a similar asset or item form a different supplier. Just think about that and do a bit of research.

Here is what you want. You want debt for the current item to “go away”.

The lender or debt recovery agency want to resolve this as cheaply and quickly as possible. No matter what they say, they really do not want to go to court to have their asset returned.

Inform them that you will return their asset (car, phone, boat or whatever) on the following conditions:

  1. There will be no payment of the arrears
  2. There will be no payment requited on the shortfall of the sale of the asset
  3. All details of the loan will be removed from credit bureau register. This can be done, and it is quite easy. If the lender says they cannot do it – tell them to speak to their data controller.

It is a simple letter; here is our suggestion

Dear (lender)
Your Details
I write regarding the above. I will allow you or your agents to take possession of (describe the asset) on the following grounds.
That is it. We used this many times for people who we considered to have been hoodwinked or experienced unexpected changes to their life.

Post Repossession

Lets us tell you how much your post repossession or sold debt can be worth. We were once involved in the sale of “post repossession of distressed debt” in the UK. Fancy talk for bad debt. The average balance was £2,600 and the total balances involved were in excess of £100,000,000. It took us 8 months to put the pack together and another 6 months to “sell” to the debt purchase company. Who were similar to all debt collection companies.

The debt was sold for £1,300,000. Which is 1.3%. Add some expenses and we are at 2%. This gives you an idea of what your personal debt is worth to the debt collector. Admittedly some debt is worth more and some a lot less.

Why would a lender sell the debt to Moorcroft Debt Recovery? Their option is to completely write off. Many lenders want to lend – they do not want huge collection departments.  Debt collection is specialised. Not everyone is suited to be a professional debt collector.

The directors of the company we worked for were over the moon to get rid of 40,000 customers and pocket £1.3 million.

Negotiating With Debt Collection Company

It costs a debt recovery agency truly little to keep calling you and sending you emails. They are all automated until you do something. What does cost them, is interaction with you.

The art of negotiation is fairly simple. Start low and move slowly. Move the same amount each time, no matter what they say. It will cost them time and money to consider your offer. In addition, if you ever go to court, you can state that the lender or Moorcroft debt collection or whatever debt collection agency is obtuse.

Make them an offer in writing. “I offer you xxx in full and final payment of (describe loan/account) on or before xxx date.

Be reasonable with date. Not too short and not too long.

If you are a bit on the cheeky side, ask them to remove records. However, that is up to them. They can if they want,

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Their motto is managing debt responsibly. Now, we have to question this.

From a purely business point of view. A lender uses risk based pricing. Therefore, it expects bad debts. If it is not using risk based pricing, it should be. If a debt goes bad it should be written off. Assume that the debtors have overextended unintentionally, or circumstances have changed.

It is in the price. Accept it and stop penny pinching. And that goes for all the other debt recovery agents in the UK. Recovery agencies in Australia and debt attorneys in the USA.

Voice Recording

Why do some debt collection companies and debt lawyers refuse to use voice analysis? It is cheaper than a team of people listening through sample conversations. It is to your advantage that calls are recorded. Many of the voice analysis recording software solutions allow audio or printed copies to be sent to you.

If Moorcroft debt are recording your conversation insist on a copy being sent to you. And that goes for any other debt collection company.

Here is what we think. They want to avoid compliance issues. Proper voice recording and analysis is difficult to manipulate.

Related Searches To Moorcroft Debt Recovery

The most often asked questions about MDRL are:

  1. Is Moorcroft debt recovery is it real?
  2. Will Moorcroft debt recovery take me to court?
  3. Can Moorcroft but my debt?

The simple answer to all of these is yes. Stop avoiding and start communication. Here is the thing. Contact them to see who they recommended that can give you free and impartial advice – they are obligated to tell you.

Alternative To Moorcroft Debt Recovery

If you see any of the following: seek advice. Many of these companies are out to make a profit. Seek out a debt charity of citizens advice in your local area.

  1. Debt management plan
  2. Consolidation loan
  3. Debt arrangement scheme
  4. Individual voluntary arrangement

Companies offering these will have a fee. That is not to say they are not an option. Consider carefully.

Is Moorcroft Debt Recovery Real

Indeed it is. If others tell you to ignore them out of hand, think on your own behalf. Alternatively, there is government advice on what to do if your are overwhelmed by personal debt.

Nearly all the advice on the web about Moorcroft Debt Collection is from companies offering and IVA (individual volutary arrangement). These are arranged by a “qualified” person. An IVA will often last 5-6 years.

You might consider negotiating with creditors on your own behalf. Doing it on your own can be rewarding. If you are not up to it – or you have many debts. Ask a non profit what you can do. Or try and increase your income with earning or saving

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catastrophic injury lawyer

Insider Tips How To Find Awesome Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

You are looking for a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury attorney. Where do you start? We will give you a lay man’s introduction into the world of personal injury claims. Although out article is written by legally qualified people, you need to find a lawyer or an attorney to help you with your claim.

Make no doubt about it. Once you have made your choice you are generally committed to them for a long term. Changing lawyers mid claim is always a bad thing. Make the right choice, from the get go.

Several forms of claims can be made in personal injury cases. However, for a claim to be considered there must be a breach of a duty of care by another person. Such a breach must result in damage or injury. Generally, a personal injury arises either due to negligence, absolute liability, or intentional torts. [1]

This article helps you understand personal injury claims in the USA, UK, and Australia.

What Can You Claim For?

Personal injury claims are meant to alleviate psychological or physical injuries suffered. The claims can be broadly categorized into 2; material and non-material damages. The claims are similar in the USA, UK, and Australia. [2]

First, you can claim for monetary damages. Monetary damages include current and future loss of earnings as a result of an injury. The damages take into account pension loss due to stopped contribution. It also covers medical costs, travelling costs in seeking medication, funeral costs, and household services such as caregiver costs. Other costs covered include property damages, holiday enjoyment loss, and housing modification costs. [3], [4]

Secondly, you can claim for non-monetary damages. Non-monetary damages cover aspects of psychological injury. They include reputational loss, humiliation, pain, amenable loss (loss incurred by only being able to work in an alternative lighter job), and emotional anguish. The compensation for such damages is based on the jury’s evaluation and judgement. [3], [5]

Your personal injury lawyer or attorney helps you through this stressful process. They will make it easier for you to obtain the proper compensation.

What You Might Be Able To Claim For?

Some of the claims are not a guarantee. They vary on a case-to-case basis. You may claim legal costs and attorney’s fees to be covered by the defendant. However, the legal framework has placed limits on such payments. [6]

To avoid unnecessary costs, you may take advantage of the contingency fee plan; that is, payment of attorney fee for a win scenario only.

Injuries You Definitely Cannot Claim For

Some claims are not feasible within the legal framework, since they cannot be justified. You cannot claim for loss of earnings for an elderly pensioner or a housewife. Similarly, it is challenging to claim for an unemployed person. However, such people can still pursue other damages. [7]

It is absurd to make a claim for compensation in an unfortunate occurrence, whereby nobody is squarely liable for your injury. For instance, in an act of natural occurrence, you cannot blame anyone. This involves personal injury from natural phenomena such as earthquakes and storms. [8]

Additionally, you cannot claim the restoration of health. This is not feasible, and cannot be guaranteed by any law. Legally, you are entitled to the best treatment but a restoration to the original health status cannot be assured.

Size Of Claims For Named Injuries

The size of a claim for personal injury is based on the general principle of subrogation. This is an underlying rule, whereby an injured person is meant to be restored to their initial financial status before the damage.

The market share of the personal injury industry in the USA, UK, and Australia stood at $ 34.5 billion, $ 4 billion, and $ 2 billion respectively in 2019. The claim payments follow the same order in terms of amounts. [9], [10], [11]

The 2016 average UK settlement for Motor accidents was £ 2,673 and £ 3,946 for public liability. The mean for employers’ liability and medical malpractice was £ 3,994, and £ 3,760 respectively. Statistics show that 58% of all UK claims are below £ 5,000. [12] [13]

Medical Malpractice

In USA medical malpractice claims reached $ 4 billion in 2018. The average payout for medical malpractice is $ 300,000. The general average for all personal injuries is $ 52,900. Australia’s average payout is $ 20,000. [14], [15]

What Will A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost You

Traditionally, in the UK, a defendant found liable would compensate the plaintiff and then pay the legal costs and attorney fees. However, the 2013 legislation made a raft of sweeping changes. The legislation stipulates that attorney fees are drawn from the plaintiff’s compensation. It is capped at a maximum of 25%. Similarly, in Australia, the legal and attorney fees are recovered from the compensation to a maximum of 25%. [16]

In the USA, different states have different legislation on the legal and attorney fees charged. Generally, the charges follow the same rule of Australia and the UK; they are deducted from the plaintiff award. The charges range from 30% to 40% of the compensation. It is capped at 33.33% in Florida. In most instances, it is a contingency fee, implying that no charges for cases lost in court. [17]

How long Does It Take To Make A Personal Injury Claim?

In the USA, the duration of making a claim varies from one state to another. Generally, the claim period ranges from as short as 1 year in some states to the longest period of 10 years in Oregon State. There are 3 states with 1 year claim period namely Tennessee, Louisiana, and Kentucky. Many states give a limit of 2 or 3 years. [18]

In the UK, the average time for making a personal injury claim is 3 years. However, there are small discrepancies concerning specific injury case types. Trips or falls, workplace, and road accident claims involving motor vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles should be made within 3 years. A criminal injury should be reported within 2 years of injury incident. Industrial disease and medical negligence have a maximum time limit of 3 years after knowledge or diagnosis of the problem. [19], [20]

In Australia, workplace injury claims should be made within 6 months. However, the period may be prolonged to 3 years due to unforeseen circumstances such as medical diagnosis. Motor vehicle and public liability claims should be made within 3 years of an occurrence of an accident. [21]

What Are The Success Rates?

The USA has an average litigation success rate of 54% for personal injury cases. The success rate of all cases including without trial is much higher at about 70%. This is because most cases especially those involving small amounts are settled amicably outside the justice system. [22], [23]

The success rate is highest in auto accidents at 61% and lowest in medical malpractice at 19%. The average is close to the auto accident rate since motor vehicle accidents account for a large proportion of all personal injury claims in the USA. [24]

The UK has an average litigation success rate of 63% in personal injury cases. Most of the cases are agreed upon before reaching the litigation level. Auto accidents have the higher rate of 80%. [25]

Australia has a lower success rate of 36% in personal injury cases. The low rate is largely due to the strict criteria and legal reforms aimed at protecting defendants against unreasonable demands. [26]

The success rates in the 3 countries align with the above market share statistics of the person injury industry. The USA with the largest market share has large payouts followed by the UK and, lastly Australia.

Limitations On Personal Claims

You can make monetary and non-monetary claims in instances of personal injury. However, you cannot make a claim for a natural calamity, whereby no one is responsible. Similarly, an elderly pensioner, or a housewife cannot sue for loss of earnings. In the USA, UK, and Australia, the average time to claim for a personal injury is 3 years. In terms of litigation success rate, the UK has the highest at 63% followed by the USA at 54%. Australia has the lowest rate of 36%.

What Is In Name?

Not a lot. you might be searching for an attorney or a lawyer. Even personal injury solicitors. the title might be a country based term or a legal qualification. All is almost immaterial when you start to question them about their qualifications. You need a solictor, lawyer, attorney or whatever who has dealt with your type of personal injury.

Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer in 15 Minutes

google maps for personal injury lawyer

How to find a personal injury lawyer

Find Your Ideal Personal Injury Lawyer 15 minutes

Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer



find best catastrophic injury lawyer

In top left hand search box, type the location of where yo want to find a personal injury lawyer. City or state.

What Type Of Lawyer

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Once again; in the top left hand search box type personal injury lawyer or personal injury attorney – etc


do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You will be presented with a map with red markers. These indicate lawyers and attorneys who offer personal injury claim services

What Is The Average Payout For Personal Injury

The average payout is not what you might think for a personal injury claim. It is not like what you see in blockbuster films. They are made for entertainment – even though they be true.

An average payout is likely to be in the region of 3,000 to 75,000. Admittedly this is a huge variance as it will depend on the claim. From that the personal injury lawyer may deduct a fee as high as 40%

Personal Injury Claims Payouts

Here is a brief sample of personal injury claim payouts from Judical College on PSLA (pain, suffering and loss of amenity). This is for United Kingdom readers

Brain Damage

From less severe via moderate to very severe – £12,000, £150,000 up to 325,000

Back Injury

A very common claim and payouts can be calculated wuite accurately by your lawyer. If it can be repaied with a few months you can expect £2,000. If recovery will take up to 2 years the claim might be £30,000. For the most severe you can expect £130,000. This is not exactly gold mine amounts

Chronic Pain

Payouts are chronically low. From moderate to severe you can expect £20,000 to £50,000.

Paralysis Claims

Even in the most severe cases you can consider up to £350,000

As you can see the Judical College is not exactly recomending throwing money around like no tomorrow. The above is a mere snippet from their website.

Medical Reports For Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to injury claims settlements, insurance firms evaluate claims for compensation proposes based on specific characteristics. One of the most significant aspect is what they feel the probability of a specific dollar verdict will form to be with regards to place where the case has to prosecuted under the law location is the jurisdiction, that is venue, that is expected to hear the case. It similarly is based on the kind of individual the victim is assessed as by the insurance firm. Do you know what may scare an insurance company when it comes to a personal injury claim in court? The very proof that a claimant’s attorney will dig up during trial.

Proofs Required

Normally, the proofs that will be submitted on medical legal issues during trial do not normally deal with the issues that you may not consider important. When it comes to personal injury claims settlement, it is vital for a victim to work with medical and legal team. This is because you will not only get a substantial amount in compensation, but you will be properly examined to determine the level of the injury you sustained. This will help you and all concerned as to whether or not the injury will result in a long-standing problem that will hamper your life and render you handicapped in the long run.

Longevity Of Injury

You should recognize that the factor of the longevity of an injury is a crucial factor from the perspective of an insurance company. In that before a jury the victim’s attorney will be able to demand injury rewarded to cover the entire life of the claimant’s existence since he or she is surviving with the result of the injury. And if the insurance provider is not presented with the main records of this case, they will not give out any significant settlement to cover it.

When it comes to medical expenses arising from personal injury cases, one area physicians hardly think of in the medical reports is the aspect of the amount of money that will be needed to foot future medical bills of the victim. This means if the insurance agency is not presented with this information, they will not give anything for this kind of damage. Hence, it is imperative that the physicians who will be witnessing as an expert in the case take this into account.

When advocating for personal injury claims, you will have to have legal counsel to help with the claim. With respect to future medical expenses you need the support of a specialist doctor to determine that amount for you. The physician’s opinion regarding the money that will be involved in future medical bills or the long-standing effect of an injury will be accepted during trial. The better the doctor’s opinion will increase the worth of the claim. Once the insurance firm recognises the issues stated in the documentation presented to them with regard to the claim, will result in a  significantly higher payout.

Experienced Legal Counsel

A qualified personal injury lawyer with years of experience should be capable of identifying and collecting proofs involving documented details from physicians working with several medical areas that victims will find it hard to identify let alone document. Normally, a physician will not readily provide an opinion to a claimant than he will be ready to provide to an attorney with whom he has worked with for several years. This is why you need a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury attorneys are indispensable when it comes to personal injury claims and trial or hearings. To strengthen your case, an experienced personal injury lawyer can call upon physicians on the requirement of their clients and similarly interact properly with his client in order to comprehend the complexities that the case might bring and how he is required or expected to document the issue. An experienced attorney that can document the relevant evidence in your case and this will always support your claim to achieve the highest settlement.

4 Factors To A Personal injury Claim

You will have to act fast to ensure your legal privileges are safe guarded. A personal injury case has four factors that a jury must take into cognizance prior to a case going to trial. Generally, there is causation, breach, damages, and duty. There are numerous kinds of injury cases that can happen, and the majority of people may be ignorant of what might constitute a personal injury.

So, it is important for all to learn what personal injury is and what it is not. A qualify personal injury lawyer can educate you on this, contact one today. Did you know that physical injury includes injury to their organs, spine skeletal system, brain, and the like? This kind of case is less complicated and the evidence of pain and suffering. Obviously can cause the victim to be compensated. The financial compensation given will be influenced by the severity of the injuries that were sustained.

Economic Injury

One of the most complicated injuries when it comes to personal injury is economic injury. This is because some things can cause damages where an individual might not suffer bodily injury. For example, if another party’s negligence causes the depletion in the value of a personal asset, this might be regarded as an economic injury. Ever heard of a personal injury case called injury to reputation? This is an aspect of personal injury law in which some persons slander another individual. In certain situation these issues are regarded as economic injury, but the constituent breach of duty present is separate. The plaintiff really has to demonstrate that the damage done to their image has causes bodily or economic harm for this kind of claim to be proved.

Intentional Personal Injury

Are you aware that intentional injury is an aspect of personal injury law in which the negligence levels does not count? This is because the accused person as actually commit. The misdeed being fully aware of it. An instance of this kind of injury could involve battery and assault.

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References Used In Personal Injury Lawyer Research

  13. Removed
debt collection agency list

How To Create The Best Debt Collection Agency List Quickly

debt collector agency list

Debt Collection Agency List

If you actually require a debt collection agency list, there is a good chance you will not find it easily. Unless you wish to spend some serious cash. However, we have ways to help you locate the list you require. Or at the very least suggestions on how to obtain a debt collection agency list cheaply.

You will find several solutions to your quest within this page.

For a very quick and simple solution you can try a gig on Fiverr or any of the other outsourcing companies. They charge $5 + 20% commission for a small sample. However, they have found some great lists for us.

Continue reading, we do have links to cheap or FREE data bases that are regularly updated.

How To Create A Debt Collection Agency List

Making A List Easy 1 hour and 30 minutes

Why do you need a list?

debt collection agency list

Do you need the list to solve a debt collection problem? Are you marketing a solution to debt collection platforms? Are you a debt collection agency seeking to find competitors or partners?

What location are you interested in?

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Are you in the UK, USA or Australia? Do you need a list for an entire contry or a specific location? Are you looking for debt recovery agents near you or near your debtor?

Size of list

If you are looking to recover a personal debt you might only need 3-6 potential businesses. The same goes if it is business to business commerical debt. Keep you list manageable.
If, However you are trying to sell to debt collectors, you might require all the details of an entire country – which we show you on this page – for free or cheap.

Google might not be the answer

The first thought is to use Google. However, that is going to achieve nearly 200 million results. Which is neither good to man nor dog.

Debt collection associations

There are many. And we have found them useless. They are for the use of members. Avoid.

Final step

If you are unable to source a list. Drop us an email and we might be able to find one for you – time permitting – as it is free

List Of Collection Agencies

Almost without exception most google results will either show a business touting their wares or an extremely limited list of collection agencies.

Our Google research to obtain a general list was limited. But read on and you might find your solution.  We have invested time and resources so that you do not need to.

If you have asome time or need a list of debt collection agencies quickly. There are 2 adittional avenues open to you apart from the advice from resolute collection.

Fiverr has some good people offering freelance services. You want to try 2 or 3 with a small task first. If they come up with the goods then offer them a bigger task. Remeber to state exactly what you need.

Buzzsteam is something we use. It is great for list building and reaching out. Not so good if you just want a good debt collector. So you would use this for selling to debt collection agencies or for reasearch.

list Of Debt Collection Agencies In Australia

If you happen to be looking for a list Of Debt Collection Agencies In Australia we have pages dedicated to Australia. Wether you are looking for a debt collector or an Australian personal injury lawyer.

List Of Debt Collector Phone Numbers

This is not something you can easily do unless you have a great deal of time on your hands. Once again, depending on your needs, you could use Fiverr or Buzzstream. We have used both to create outgoing call campaigns.

We would use a freelancer to obtain the list of debt collector phone numbers. Then import it into our CRM via a CSV. With Buzzstream you could then outsource any call campaign and easily monitor results.

Debt Collecting Associations

You might think that asking a national association for their members would be easy. Not so. They treat their lists as money earners, and you can expect to pay handsomely to have access to the list.

Google Operators

Our favourite way to find proper companies is to carefully use google operators. This allows you access to the full and microscopic date mining available through the biggest library of data ever held.

USA Debt Collecting Companies

You can use the North American Classification System. Many companies offer the entire data set. Gumroad offer a list of all business for $299. However, you will need a great data mining person to interrogate the database to obtain a useful list of debt collection agencies.

You will be able to create a comprehensive report or maybe just debt collections agencies near you or any other location. Or you might be looking for lenders who you can pitch your debt collection business to.

data mining for debt collection agencies

NAICSCode 561440 and 561491 – Collection Agencies and repossession agencies.
Or 522292 for real estate lending. This covers construction lending a farm mortgage.

This list only contains debt collection companies that are incorporated. It may also include companies who do not actively collect debt. The information on the lists are incredibly detailed. However, some of the data might be historical.

UK Debt Collection Companies

SIC or Standard Industrial Classification codes could be your way to creating a debt collection list. Company Database offer some free advice on many UK debt collectors. Their list has slightly over 200 entries.

Alternatively there is a FREE data base from Companies House and as long as you know the SIC code you can interrogate their data base and make you won debt collection agency list of you own. Companies can have up to 4 SIC classifications.

The following list are some of the SIC that might be of use to you:

  • 64992: debt purchase
  • 82911: debt collector
  • 64992: discount company (debt factoring)
  • 88990: debt counselling services
  • 66190: credit or finance broking
  • 64921: finance house activities

Similar to the USA you will not reveal any unincorporated debt agencies in these lists.

Business Debt Collection Agency

There is no classification for companies that purport to be a business debt collection agency. You can safely assume that most debt collectors will take on clients for business debt.

Copy and paste either of these into the Google search engine. Instead of having millions of responses it is reduced down to a few thousand.

allinurl: business debt collection agency
allintitle: business debt collection agency

These searches via google operators narrow down you search. However, scraping this information is not entirely legal. We have no information on how to extract a meaningful list of debt collecting agencies from a Google search.

Collection Agency Fees

You will need to employ an army of researchers to obtain a list of debt collection agency fees. Even a data scientist would be at a push to create a list. The other option is to outsource and call the companies up to create you own personal list of collection agency fees. We would love to know why you would want this.

If you visited our site to employ a debt collector. Use the advice above – narrow it down to 6 debt collection companies and call them yourself. Each debt is unique, and you can negotiate collection fees and commissions.  

Debt Collection Agency List

If you research thoroughly you will fin that you can create a personal debt collector agency list cheaply. There is a ton of data put there available. however, you need to know what you are looking for.

Here Are Some Common Questions

Are agency lists freely available?

NO – generally speaking you will have to pay

Are all agencies registered somewhere

NO – you would think that they would be but they are sometimes difficult to find. Sole traders, partnerships etc.

Is there a standard fee structure?

No – It will depend on the credit worthiness of the debtor, what is the value of the debt, how old is the debt.

Is there a review system we can depend on?

No – both creditors and debtors are not really keen to divulge that they are involved in debt recovery. You will have to depend on your research and sometimes your gut instinct.

Comments and Ideas

If you have any stories or suggestions about debt collection agency lists or a business debt collection agency (those are scarce) we would love to share. How can we acquire them etc. – it would be appreciated by all.
We will try and answer as many questions as we can.

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debt collection agency near me

Super Easy Way To Find Debt Collection Agency Near Me

debt collector near me

Debt Collection Agency Near Me

You would think that searching Google for: debt collection agency near me would do exactly that. Well, it is not so easy. You will not find debt collection agencies near me using that search method. You will find a few debt agencies near you. But mostly you will find, debt collection agencies with clever marketing guys – which can be a good thing.

We will show you how to narrow your search from 300,000,000 results scattered all over the world to an easily manageable 20, near you.

Another issue for you to think about; do you want a debt collection company near you or near your debtor? Debt collectors like to be near your debtor. It is far easier to go and knock on the debtor’s door if they are close at hand.

We have some real facts, which you can check on Google. Our page will show you how to better use Google; so that you can find a debt collection agency near me (you). Although google is getting better at giving you exactly what you want. The web design guys at debt collection agencies are terrific at reeling you in. Persuading you that they are near you. When in fact they are not.

How To Find A Debt Collection Agency Near Me – in 5 Minute

15 minutes to find best debt agency 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

Find and open Google maps on your laptop.

Loction You Require

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Enter the location of your debtor

Service You Require

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

What sort of service do you need debt collection agency, financial investigation or repossession

Choose A Service Provider

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Click on a firm and make your decision. Give them a call – not an email. Agree terms and time scale

Google Search Facts

If you search for debt collection agency near me, you will receive 298,000,000 results. You might also see a local map with a debt collection company near you.

You can narrow the results down to 11,200 by using “parentheses” as such “debt collection agency near me”. However, you will still see adverts from out of town debt collectors.

If you use Google’s other operators such as allinurl: debt collection agency near me or allintitle: debt collection agency near me. Your results will be less than helpful. They give out of date web pages and debt companies that are not anywhere near you.

(PS, I was searching from the South of England, your results may vary)

Best Way To Find Debt Collection Agency Near Me

This is unquestionably the best way to locate a debt collection agency for individuals or debt collection agency for small business near me. It seems like an insider secret, but it is in plain view. Follow 3 simple steps

  1. Open google maps. Easiest way to find it is in Google!
  2. In top let hand search box type in your location if not already showing
  3. Then type in debt collector or debt collection agency.

This type of search has numerous colossal advantages:

  • It is extremely specific to companies who have a business in your area. Unlike a standard google search which gives all in sundry. In our local Google map area, it has reduced 300,000,000 results down to 20!
  • You can quickly see where the business is. This might allow you to pop round and see them.
  • Your search will include Google reviews.
  • You will see their opening time and contact details without an additional click. Meaning less of your valuable time search for a suitable debt collection agencies near you.
  • If you click on the very bottom left of the google maps page it allows you to update search details if you move the map. Once again saving your valuable time.

Expand Your Search For Debt Collection Agency

We mentioned earlier that you might want to consider a debt collection agency near your debtor. This is particularly helpful if the debtor has moved.

Your local debt collection agency will use searches like this to subcontract debt collection work. Many companies do not have the manpower to be sending people all over the country. Nor do they have debt collectors internationally or in other states.

If the location is remote, simple increase the size of the area using the +/- icon on the bottom right

This will save you an enormous amount of time that could be better spent.

Debt Collection Agency For Small Business Near Me

You might not want to bother using this a search term. Trying debt collection agency for small business near me returns over 300,000,000 results. The same goes for the search term debt collection services for individuals.  It would be far easier for you to try either of the 2 solutions above.

Generally, both these terms are used and paid for by marketers in advertising

Debt Collection Agent List

We do not really get this idea. But we are always open to new ways of finding you the best debt collector for your needs. But who really needs a debt collection service company list? We can only assume it is for companies who want to sell software and services to the debt industry.

The Obvious Extra

You can use the information on how you search for a debt collection service to nay local service you require. Restaurants, bars, plumbers, car service. Just about anything you wish for.

FAQ About Debt Collection

Do They Need A Licence?

If the debt is regulated, they will. Many of the debt collectors for business debt will have a licence. It gives no recomendation. It is an easily gotten bit of paper.

Near Me Or Near Debtor

Near The Debtor. Use our how to at the top of the page. Insert debtors town rather than your own. Especially when recovering debt internationally.

What Will They Charge

How long is a piece of string. Even published charges are open to negotiation. Ensure yo have it written in a contract.

Business Debt Collection Agency Near Me

Before you get to the stage of needing a business debt collection agency, there is a differemt approach. Instead of after you experience trouble use them before!

Many credit control departments or employyes in a small company have no clue about credit and risk – they are administrators. To understand how to do the credit control function properly, they have to undersrand the business. The sting in the tail is that the business owner might not want to divulge margins to their employees.

As a business owner you need to consider outsourcing this function to a firm that can be trusted. I can hear you saying the cost, the cost of credit reports! It is a not an easy calculation. At its basic it involves lost sales. Not sales that have gone bad. And as an experienced risk and credit guy, I know that it is easier to prevemt than collect. However, the cost of outsourcing your credit function can substanially increase profitablity. Outsourcing is a variable cost with no employer liability. You can meet with them weekly or monthly and have frank discussions with them

Your credit policy should not be regarded as your cancellation policy by your salesman. Notwithstanding that it is easy to get sales on credit than cash. However, credit sales can increase your profitability exponentially.

As a parting thought, you can easily introduce accounting systmes that do the work of the credit control department.

back to the intial question about a business debt collection agency. When you find one that is suitable to do prelimanry creit reporting you have the ideal candidate for debt collection. Perfect circle.

Comments and Ideas

If you have suggestions of how you could easier find a debt collection company near me (you), we would love to share it. Especially for debt you collected in remote areas. We all love a good story. You could be saving a small business from a debt crisis.

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Credit Collection Services

The Best Method To Deal With Credit Collection Services Effectively

credit collection services

Credit Collection Services

What we have to do here is separate the 2 faces of credit collection services. One is a US debt collection company but the others are debt collection agencies in general. Let us delve into both and see what we can do for you.

Debt Collection By Any Other Name

Make no bones about it, any company using the credit collection handle is in debt collection. They are companies chasing debtors for creditors.

On the other hand, you might be searching for a company because you have lent to someone so you need help to retrieve your money or asset. If you are looking for an unusual but tested way to get your money back. We are the collection company for you.

5* Credit Collection Services

You will notice one very strange thing. Almost without exception all the companies offering credit collection services had 5-star reviews. It is hard to imagine that debt collection has such a great reputation about it. Could the companies be using reputation management software, simply making the reviews up or ignoring bad reviews.

How To Handle Credit Collection Services

If you are being contacted by a debt collection company, ensure you visit their website. This gives you and idea about how to handle them. Know thy enemy! Please remember they are just doing a job.

Before you accept any liability of any sort or even identify yourself, ask for documentary evidence of the debt posted to you. Many debt collection services companies buy “your” debt for pennies. They hope that alleged debtors will just pay. They have no soul and are not interested in your circumstances. It does not matter what the law states or how they present themselves. Debt collectors make commission becuase they collect from you.

Emails and automated calls cost them very little. They will send them willy nilly. Simply block them. Do not respond, as it is tantamount to accepting that you are the debtor.

If they send a letter. Return it. Do not ignore it. Keep the snail mail going.

Many companies (UK and USA) will state they will take you to court. Inform them if they do, that you will want it to be heard in a court of your choice. Normally your hometown, as this will add unnecessary expense to them.

Phone Calls From Credit Collection Services

Credit Collection Services

You should refuse to use phone calls as a means on communicating. Although there is some awesome phone call analysis software available, but not every debt collection company uses it. You would be surprised at the reason. Collecting on regulated loans is full of rules for debt collectors. They would have to self-report if they were breaking the law.

Surely this software can record all calls and analyse what is being said? Yes, it can and that is why they do not like it. Not using analytical software allows the collection industry to “not record” what some debt collectors say to debtors.

Stay Calm

You should be calm at all times, never lose the plot or become an aggravating nuisance. It does not work. We know from personal experience of debt collection, if you annoy a debt collector, they will take pleasure in returning the same. The difference is that debt collection companies normally have unlimited funds and time to do so.

Who Can You Complain To?

When we worked in finance, the biggest reaction was when a director or shareholder received a letter. If your fist letter does not work, try and find out he name and addresses of directors or shareholders.

Online Reporting Of Credit Agreements

The first thing for you to do is get a copy of your credit file. Write to the finance companies and ask the credit collection services company to remove your details. It is far more difficult to have the credit bureaux remove it.

It is far easier to remove your details than you think. A company reporting finance agreement have to report monthly. All they do is code your file – remove. You want the agreement completely removed.

You might even find that the company is not reporting your details or reporting them incorrectly.

There is no such thing as a blacklist. If anyone say it to so, report them to a senior member of the company.

Last Option To Clean The Sheet

If the debt is yours and can be proved. You can negotiate to settle and have the debt removed from online reporting. As we have said what the finance company can do it can also undo. The credit collection services company can inform the credit bureaux to remove your debt. Then you are back to a clean sheet.

However, if the debt has a court order, this can only be marked as paid. Because it is difficult to have it removed, although it will disappear in time if paid.

Questions To Ask A Debt Collector

If you are called by CCS or any other debt collector and you are unsure about the callers legitmacy. You have every right to ask some questions. If they are unable to answer on the phone ask them to reply to the questions in a letter to the debtor at the address they have.

Never reveal personal details or accept any responsibility for any debt. They are on the phone to answer your questions.


Name, address and phone number of the company THEY are calling from. Any legitmate company will gladly hand this over. You can also ask the callers name. And are they calling from the registered address or their own home.

Debtors Details

Ask them the name and address of the person they are trying to contact. Be firm that you will not divulge your personal details. Nor do you accept that you owe any money or recognise anything they say.

Ask A Tricky Question

The debtors bank details or social security number. Under no circumstances should they reveal this if they are legitmate. And never give yours.

Write To Me

Without giving any of your details ask them to send you a letter quoting a reference you have made up. I want you (the caller) to use the reference “our unwelcome call today”.

Call Recording

Ask them if the call has been recorded. Ask them to send an email with audio, DO NOT give your email address. They can include a link in their letter to you.

Acceptance and Remorse

This is a general guide on how to deal with a debt collecter be it credit collection services or any other lender. Acceptance and remorse sound quite powerful, so what do we mean.

If the debt is your simply accept it as so. It allows you to deal with it in your own mind. If you have a dispute ensure it is not frivolous. Mube they have got the spelling of your name slightly wrong or made a simple spelling error. If it is your debt accept.

Even though you accept that the debt is your you can insist on delaing directly with you lender or supplier. They cannot transfer the obligations they have under any agreement.

Remorse is an unusual word to use, and to our knowledge we are the only advice site that does so. Let your lender or debt recovery agent know that you have real remorse and you are trying everything you can to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. You might have spent the money or used the product and no longer use it. However you did and you will have to resolve the issue.

You will gain the moral high ground by having true remorse and debt collectors will want to help you get out of your debt. An income and expenditure review will go a long way in getting a deal done. Be truthful and honest.

Many peole like yourself are in this situation through no fault of your own and CCS should hopeful recognise this.

We mention another situation other companies do not mention. Should you be in the siutation you are becise of an addiction. Seek professional help. You will be amazed at what help you can find.

Credit Collection Services Comments

If you have any experience of credit collection services companies, we want to know and share your comments.

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Debt Recovery Solutions

How To Find The Best Debt Recovery Solutions For You

Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions.

There are many debt recovery solutions and it only takes a few minutes to decide which is best for you. Just gather all the information together and sit in a quiet room. Someone has to make a decision about collecting it – and it appears to be you. Once you have made your decision, it is them time to execute the process. Carpe diem.

Cost Versus Reward

This is often the stage that nonprofessional debt collectors simply omit. They look at the value of the debt and nothing else. There is a whole lot of “else” to be looking at in debt recovery solutions:

  1. Does the debtor have the ability to repay? Investigate their financial status.
  2. Is the debtor a can pay and will not pay? This is a professional nonpayer. They are difficult to get a result out of. Unless you know what you are doing.
  3. Is it worth investing your time trying to get this money back or focusing on making money?
  4. How long will a debt collector take you to get your money back?
  5. Do you simply want to spite the person or company?
  6. Has the debtor moved out of your jurisdiction?
  7. Could it be dangerous?
  8. Can you take your emotion of pursuing this debt? Anger rarely is successful.
  9. Could you prove the debt in court?
  10. Is the debt actually important to you?

If you omit the above considerations, you could end up choosing the wrong debt recovery solutions.

Let us delve into your options. From creating a list to finding the perfect debt recovery agent for you. Your debt solution might be very close to you or your debtor.

Not Worth Pursuing Debt Recovery

This does not mean that the debt has no value. It simply means that it not worth your time and expense to chase after a lost cause.

There are many companies out there who will purchase debt from you. Check the purchaser’s agreement documentation – receive what they believe it is worth. Move on.

Many of the debt purchase companies have been undertaking debt purchase for years and have tons of data. They will give you a realistic value of your debt. This may not be what you believe the debt to be worth – as you see it at face value. Generally, it is in single figure percentages. Work on 3% sale price to evaluate if you want to invest your time in researching this option. Assume 2 – 5 working days to complete research and offer. Time from start to completion 2 weeks – 3 months for a single debt.

For some strange reason some debt collection services go under the nomenclature of credit collection services.

Spiteful Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions

This should be done with considerable thought. It could involve costs that are literally money after bad.

  1. Write to people in your trade, neighbourhood, their customers etc.
  2. Revenge website
  3. Constant contact – not harassment.

Resolute collections does not offer this as one of their debt recovery solutions. However, by the nature of the services we offer, it incorporates these choices.

Outsourcing Debt Recovery

This is a global business with many players in the industry. Many will charge no fee no win. However, the amount retained in commission is likely to be 40%. On the face of it this is one of the most popular debt recovery solutions. Sadly (as we know from 40 years’ experience) the reporting is at best – dubious. We have an entire article and FAQs on this subject.

Where there is no upfront fee, the companies cherry pick. Launching a debt collection strategy against a debtor has costs. So, they pick the easiest cases to collect.

Demand Letter Strategy

Unless you careful or lucky, most credit control departments will merely set upon a course of letters. Letters take time and the process is costly. Many credit managers think this is a recovery solution – it is not. Sending a letter merely gives someone legitimacy when they actually talk to the debtor.

Going to repeat ourselves, credit control are generally not the best debt recovery solutions. A strongly worded letter followed by another then another, does not impress a debtor. You can buy simple software to automate this.  

If you have a Credit control department it can be expensive. Look for another recovery solution and have credit controllers do their job.

Resolute Collections Solution.

If you are looking for “unusual debt recovery solutions”, it could be Resolute Collections.

  1. Intense
  2. Different
  3. Determined
  4. Resolute

We have been collecting debt for over 40 years, working in large global organizations and on our own. We are the thinking man’s debt collector. Resolute Collectors are not credit control nor risk advisors – we are debt collectors.  All we collect payments.

There is no “no upfront fee” option. Like you, we value our time. 

UK’s Biggest Players

Moorcroft debt collection is definatley one of the biggest in the United Kingdon. However, constant monitoring is required with the big players.

Cabot Group is another magalith of UK collections if you need major debt collection in the UK or international debt collections.

Expect fees and commissions on the high side.

Google Search Results

If you use the standard Google search for Debt Recovery Solutions you end up 65 million search results. You need to reduce this to a manageable number or you end up picking any old one.

#1 method to find the best debt solution

4 Simple Steps 15 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

This is best done on a laptop or desk top

Enter the location required

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

It is far better if the debt agent is near your debtor. Easier to collect or go to the local court.

Enter the service required – debt recovery solutions

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might need a simple private debt recovery investigations or a full bodied repossession. Or it might involve handing over a final demand letter in person.

Choose a firm and research

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Pick 2 or 3 to make some further research. Pick one and do some due diligence. It is then time to pass the debt – quickly. Time is of the essence.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for debt recovery solutions

Please tell your story in the area below. Your views are much appreciated.