debt collectors in brisbane

Ultimate Guide To Finding Awesome Debt Collectors In Brisbane

debt collectors in brisbane

Debt Collectors In Brisbane

debt collection agency brisbane

We will show you how to find the best debt collectors in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. What we mean, is the best debt collecting agency for your needs. Everyone has different needs and levels of service. You can use this as a guide to find the best debt recovery solution for you. You will find our must use industry tip to finding great debt collectors in Brisbane at the end of the article.

There are important debt collection facts and tips instead of you jumping in.

Before you begin there are a few fundamental facts that you have to assemble. You must have these facts available or look at an alternative solution to your collection strategy

Debt Recovery Fact Checker

  1. Do you have absolute proof that the debt is owed? Documents etc. You cannot depend on a mere bank transfer or verbal obligation. Debtors will merely say that you gave them the money. Or, we did not say that, and it is their word against yours. A fulfilled contract is essential. A signed document by both parties is the basis of your claim.
  2. Does your debtor have the ability to pay? Before you spend another cent, does the debtor have the money to pay. If they do not have any money, even the best debt collectors in Brisbane cannot get blood out of a stone. If their money is hidden or offshore you could do with a different strategy.
  3. Is it a personal debt or a small business debt? There are different debt recovery lawyers in Brisbane that deal in specific niches. It is a question they will ask you and one that you should be asking them. IE do you have extensive experience in dealing with personal debt or collecting business debt.
  4. There are no unresolved disputes or quality complaints. You must ensure that your debtor is not going use this as an excuse. It will cost time and money. If your debtor is using a dispute as a mere smoke screen to avoid payment. Make sure you give this information to your agent or lawyer.
  5. What are your debt recovery expectations? You could consider all of the debt paid over months or years. Or you might want to negotiate an expedited settlement. There is the idea of selling or factoring the debt. Money today? It was/is your money and it is up to you to decide. Then take advice.

Location, Location, Location

Your debtor is up on the Sunshine Coast and you are down on the Gold Coast. You might be an international debt collection agency and have no idea if Bindebango is near Byron Bay. Or can you simply pop over to Toowoomba for an afternoon chat with a debtor if you are based in Southport?

If you are local to Brisbane and you debtor is in Brisbane, it is not going to matter very much. However, our advice is always to use a debt recovery agency nearest to the debtor. This makes it far easier for the agents to visit the debtor in person. You can always use zoom etc., to engage with you chosen recovery agent.

It is more important for the debt recovery agent to chat face to face with your debtor, than you to be in front of the collection agent.

Try here if looking for personal injury lawyers in Sydney.

Debt Recovery Lawyer or Debt Collector In Brisbane

This depends on your debt and your strategy. Generally speaking, a debt recovery lawyer in Brisbane (or anywhere else) is not too keen to knock on doors. Whereas debt collectors are good at knocking on doors and giving debtors a telephone call.

However, lawyers are always keen to play by the book. If your reputation is at stake there is always recourse against a lawyer if they get it wrong. Plus, if your debtor has a lawyer, they will be far keener to negotiate with their own kind.

Best Debt Collection Agency Brisbane

So how do you go about finding the perfect agency for your personal debt or small business debt?

Brisbane Search FAQ’s

Can I be sure that I only see Brisbane based debt collectors

Absolutely YES: Use google maps.

Can you help me?

Yes we can! follow this link debt collectors in Brisbane

Will these searches help me with service reviews?

If you click on the red marker, the collection agences will appear on the left hand side with their review ratings

Do you recomend any of these debt collectors

No: we simply help you find a debt collector or debt lawyer in the Brisbane area you are looking for.

What do i do now?

Call or email the companies you like the look of.

Debt Collectors in Brisbane Solution

There are various quick solutions to finding debt recovery specialists in Brisbane. Here are our recommendations and ways not to do it.

The absolute worst way is to search Google for debt collectors in Brisbane. This is an absolute waste of time with 1.5 million search results. Who has the time to review even the first 100 or so? Not taking this non-solution any further. Do not even contemplate doing this.

Second best solution is using “parentheses”. Use the following search term by copying and pasting into a Google search box.

“debt collectors in Brisbane” 300 results

“debt recovery lawyers Brisbane” 800 results

The #1 solution used by industry experts is Google maps. You can do this in 2 ways. Learn how to do the search yourself as follows. Or use the searches we have already arranged for you.

debt recovery lawyer brisbane

Do it yourself:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Search for Brisbane, Queensland
  3. Search for the service you want. Debt collector or debt lawyer etc.

Or click on any of the solutions we have set up.
Debt collectors in Brisbane
Debt recovery lawyers Brisbane
Debt collection agency Brisbane

This is another page in our Australian debt recoveries series. We add locations and useful information on a regular basis.

insider tips to find a debt collector in brisbane

How to easily find a debt collector in Brisbane

Great Brisbane Debt Collector In 15 Mins 15 minutes

Open Google maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

In a google search box, simple type Google maps and open link. You will be presented with a map


find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Type in the location. Country, region, city, village or street

Service required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

In the same box that you typed in the location. Overtype with the service you require: debt collector, debt collection lawyer, debt recovery agency, etc


do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You can now move the map or increase/decrease the size of the map. On the map you will see red markers, these are the companies you need to investigate further. Click on a marker and the full details of the business will appear on the left sidebar. You will see reviews and the services they offer.
You can open their website for further information.


By far the best way to get a result is to call them. It is better than an email and it indicates their level of service. Remember, your debtor may call them.

Brisbane Based Debt Collectors or Australian Debt Recovery Agent?

This is a question that is often asked. Do you want or need the resources of a national debt collector or the local knowledge of a debt collector in Brisbane? Debt collectors in the Gold Coast are going to be able to visit your debtor quickly. They will also have personal knowledge unavailable to national and international debt collectors.

Many small business in Queensland and businesses outside the gold coast will opt for someone who can handle all their debts in one location. The reason it appears to be easier is because your credit control staff do not have to think too much. All they need to do is recognise a slow payer and bung it off to whoever. This might not be the best solution for your business.

Here is a basic truth of credit control. In all our years in debt collection we have never found a “credit control” department who was effective or efficient in collecting debts. No matter if the debts were close by and especially when they were further afield. They send a demand or reminder letter, complete a bit of administration and that is it.

Salespeople are even worse. They understand sales commissions. They should be left toy what they are good at. Once again we have experience in working with salespeople as debt collectors. It does not work.

Dedicated Debt Collector in Brisbane

If you are a small business or medium sized business in Brisbane. Find a decent debt collector who see it as their profession. We feel great pride in doing our job properly and professionally. It can be a part time position based at home. There is so much IT and software solutions out there to make it easy to do. How many clients should they handle? We managed a debt heavy business that allocated 800 debtors to each collector. Some more automated businesses allocated 2,000 live accounts.

Nobody will collect your debt better than you own dedicated person. Give them as much information as possible about the profitability of the accounts they control. Ensure that the bonus or commission structure ensures that the account is remedied – no cherry picking or milk rounds. If you do not understand these debt collection terms, you need to learn them soon.

Basically, accounts have to be forced and the collector or debt agent does not create a regular collecting regime that is aimed at earning commission. You might need help form a professional to discuss these.  

YOU have to find a debt collector in Brisbane or Queensland who actually know what they are doing and teach them about your business. They might be in your business now. Give them a bit of leeway. The best debt collectors are different. Guidance rather than fixed rules. Notwithstanding that they work within the law. The moral high ground always works best.

Become your own private debt collection agency sunshine coast. It might not be all sunshine but it is worth the investment.

Personal Debt Recovery

If you need to recover personal debt. Pop over and read our page. It will give you some hints and trade secrets. You will need all the unbiased help you can gather.

Personal Injury Claim

If the “debt” you want to clain is becuse of an accident or an injury that was not your fault. You have to find the right representation. Not only that, it is a good idea if you understand a bit about what and what you cannot claim.

You need a lawyer who deals in personal injury claims. Luckily, we have an laymans article on this, filled with academic research.

Can Brisbane Debt Collectors Take You To Court Australia?

The short answer is yes. However, there many conflicting reasons not to go to court or to do it quickly. Nor is it normally up to the debt collector it will be the decision for the lender. In all my years I have never allowed or never know a debt collector to instigate legal proceedings – no matter what they say.

If you can pay and won’t pay – you end up in court. Should you have no assets nor steady income, rarely will the lender take real action. The excepton is if you have realy annoyed. YES, there are vindictive people in lending institutions and they have more money than you.


If you have any experiences or recommendation on debt collectors in Brisbane, we would love to share them. A few moments of your time cold save someone their business. Or put to end a money grabbing scammer.

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debt collectors uk

How To Find The Best Debt Collectors In UK

debt recovery services company

Debt Collectors UK | The Best

You will have no lack of choices looking for debt collectors UK.  If you search google you will receive 5,600,000 results, 20 adverts and 8 suggestion for other search terms. By using our tips of the trade, you can reduce the results down to a more manageable 2,610 and half the number of ads.

If you desire a visual look at debt recovery UK firms, we can show you how to easily do that.

The solution we demonstrate to you is fantastic, if you are looking for debt collector near you. Or you are outside the UK and you need a UK debt collector. More importantly you might need a debt recovery agent who is located near your debtor.

An agent nearer the debtor is better than nearer you. It means the agent can visit more often – if need be.

You will learn how to use Google operators to find exactly what you want. This technique will certainly reduce the results to debt recovery UK companies. Reducing the time it takes you to find a suitable debt collecting company.

allintitle: debt collectors UK
allinurl: debt collectors UK

All you do is copy and paste either of the above into a google search bar/box. Your results are now reduced to 2,610 and 3,660, respectively. These numbers are dynamic and change form hour to hour. But it is far easier for you to review a few thousand results than several million.

You will find more than a few solutions in the following paragraphs. There will be one particularly suited to you. Each solution becomes more focused and concentrated. You can mix and match the search terms until you find exactly what you are looking for.

These tips of the trade will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. And your money.

Here are some FAQ’s

Do I need a professional debt recovery agent?

We would say YES you do. Most private undoviduals and SME are not geared up for chasing debt.

What will it cost to hire an agent?

This will depend entirely on the debt. It could be a fixed fee of a few hundred. Or a now win no fee – however you can expect to pay up to 60% commission

Will I get all I am owed back?

Given time you might. Genrally speaking it is highly unlikely that you will achoeve 100% of everything including, inital debt, fees, time invested.

Can I claim for the time I have spent on this?

Not really. Unless your business is debt collection. Focus what is owed and chalk the rest down to experience.

Is it all worth the candle?

That is a good question! If you get the money back it is. If you do not, it is time and money wasted.

How do I know if it is worth trying to litigate etc?

Have the debt collector or an investigator find out if the debtor has cash or assests – which is easier said than done.
You might wish to try an alternative method if that fails.

Debt Recovery UK

You would think that searching debt recovery rather than debt collectors would return similar results. That is an emphatic NO! 66,000,000 results for this search term.

That is an unbelievable amount of results for you to plough through. If most people were honest, they would be overwhelmed and look at a couple and “get it over with”.

So back to Mr. Google’s operators allinurl and allintitle.

allinurl: debt recovery UK
allintitle: debt recovery UK

This reduces the ridiculous amount of results into 1,000’s rather than time consuming millions. It allows you to make a better choice; quickly and easily.

Debt Collection Companies UK

You are never going to believe what number of results this provides. As the more words there are in a search term, the more results. On this occasion 223,000,000. If you are an international debt collector or lender, this looks like a lost case.

debt collection companies uk

You can use “parentheses” and search “Debt Collection Companies UK” and the numbers are miraculously reduced to 40,000.  

However perhaps even this reduction in search results for a debt collector or a debt collection company in the UK is not good enough for you. You want to know exactly where they are, or are they good enough for you.

Let us go back to our initial search for debt collectors UK or try here for debt collectors in Scotland.

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

MDRL are on eof the biggest in the UK. If you are a lender looking for a debt recovery company in the UK, you could have a look here. If you are a debtor – our site has information on how to deal with debt collectors.

Debt Collectors UK

We are going to show you one of Google’s most awesome and breathtaking tools. One has to assume though, that any company worth its salt is registered or connected to Google in some shape or form. Not only does this show you the location it includes reviews. Though you can take a review for what it might be worth. However generally their value averages out over time.

We are ready to show you a quick video on how to use Google Maps. This is not edited and is the actual time you will invest. 57 seconds.

How To Guide

How to find debt collectors in the UK

find a debt collector in 5 minutes 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

How To Easily Find The Best Debt Collectors In Scotland

Use any search engine or

Search for UK debt recovery agency

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

You can use other search terms like; UK debt collector etc

Narrow and define your search

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Using the mouse or the controls on the bottom right. You can easily navigate around the UK. focusing in yor local area or the debtors location

Make you choice

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Click on any of the red markers and you are presented with the businesses full details and reviews.

Make a move

The best idea now is to call the debt collector. This will give you an indication of their service level and communication skills

In our next video we will show you how to start with a specific city and inspect various companies. You will:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Change search details to Edinburgh
  3. Type debt collectors into search box
  4. Further investigate Edinburgh:
    1. moving map
    1. increasing/decreasing size with +/- on bottom right hand
  5. click on red markers to research debt collectors

You will clearly see that when you click on the red marker, it will highlight the company on the left sidebar. This gives you the address, reviews, and website etc.

None of the debt recovery companies or debt lawyers that we click on, in the video, are not be considered a recommendation. It is only for demonstration purposes.

Other Services

debt recovery uk

This has nothing to do with debt recovery companies or debt collectors. There are many of you who will realise that using google maps is awesome for discovering any location based service.

The hint: if you are looking for a country rather than a town/city, use the country name in the search. I.e. —       UK debt recovery agency

Comments and Suggestions

You have read and seen our ideas. If you have any suggestions about debt collectors UK or debt recovery agents in the UK – everyone would like to hear them. Your recommendations or otherwise.

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australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

How to Quickly Plan Effective Australian Debt Recoveries

australian debt collector

Australian Debt Recoveries

Probably your first port of call on Australian debt recoveries is a search on google. This particular search will net you 1,300,000+ results. Not much use if you are looking for something more specific.

Reading our article for 10 minutes will save you hours of struggling through volumes of google search pages. You will find our tips truly awesome, for researching any location for a multitude of services. From debt collectors to bakers or great bars.

Consider this our personal guide to help you with Australian debt recoveries.

How to find an Australian Debt Collector in 5 Mins

Speedy and Easy 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer Open google maps. It will probably show the location you are in. Go to step 2

Enter a location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

In the top lest hand search box enter a location. It could be Australia or Brisbane or Sydney. You can enter anything from a country down to an individual street. No limits.

Enter Service Required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might require a business to business collection agent or a personal debt collection agent. You can try a few variations.

Click On Marker

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You will see red markers. Click on one to see the full details of the business you might want to use.

Make The Call

australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

You need to call them. not email or SMS. You need to know that they can think on their feet. Have some basic questions ready. Experience, cost, tine scale, success rate etc

Sample Search

Here is a typical example of a search for debt collector in Brisbane.

Debt Collectors Australia

What you probably need is a method in which to find debt collectors in Australia. As with the above, if you simply search google you will be inundated with 3.5 million search results! Plus, a couple of dozen adverts. You can narrow the search by using google operators:

Our 2 favorites are:

  • allinurl: debt collectors australia – this will return a more helpful 305 results
  • allintitle: debt collectors australia – returning a more manageable 510 results

This is the method that international and interstate companies will use to find trading partners. They will then assign your debtor to a third party.

Occasionally Google will flash up a warning saying that they recognize unusual activity on your computer.  They do not like you using their search engine tools – which they built to make things easier. Its as though they want to keep it a secret. Just click in the box and continue.

How to find nationwide debt collectors in Australia. or visi this page if you are intersted in an international debt collection agency. It has information to hep you locate a suitable agnet for you, no matter where in the world.

You can get more detailed information by visiting our pages covering:

On our pages you will find our simple guide to finding a debt collector in Australia – easily.

Googles Not So Secret Search Engine

To make your search even easier you have to give Google maps a try. It is easy to add “near me” or “Australia” at the end of a search. However, this can be miss and hit. The video below shows how to complete an effective search in awesome detail. But the basics are:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Search for Australian debt collection agencies or Australia debt collectors

It all becomes very apparent in 54 seconds. Have a look at our video showing you how to use Goolge maps to locate a great Australian agent.

The instruction for cities is different. Simply visit the links above. If your location city our town is not on our list, simply substitute your city in the search box.

Australian Debt Agency List

The biggest players in Australian debt collection are:


These 2 Australian debt collectors focus on different aspects of debt collecting. Ausdebt focus on software solutions for business. Whereas debtrecoveries focus on; you guessed it. Debt recoveries from consumers and businesses.

On the face of it you would appear not to have many options to recover your debts. If you are collecting single international debts, small business debts or personal debts then option 2 is not for you.

On the other hand, if you choose option #1, the absolute minimum commission you are going to part with is 11%. There is no doubt that for skip tracing they would be your first choice. They have data on debtors that probably no other Australian debt agency owns. If you know otherwise, leave a comment.

They offer some free templates that are useful, when trading in Australia.

  1. tax invoice
  2. letter of demand
  3. credit application and terms

Prushka Fast Debt Recovery

When discussing debt recovery in Australia, you must mention Prushka fast debt recovery. I am neither promiting this comapny of detailing how to handle them. It is just some information.

Prushka state they have 60,000 clients. The question here for trust is what does this mean? Is it active clients? Or does it include budines colelcting on one debt? At nearly $40 per letter you could send a reminder letter or final demand letter yourself. Then you are going to part with at least 11% on debt collected plus any “other” fees. Read the small print.

They advertise a credit control department. That is another question. Are they deciding to who you might ectend credit or is it what it should be called a debt collection department. Our advice when we did telpehine ollection was not that we were credit control. We were debt collectors – simple. We did what it said on the tin.

What you need with a debt collection firm is someone who sayd we will have a look and let you know if it is worth persuing. Or you might want to take debt action via the internet.

General Debt Advice

Australian Debt Agency List

Make sure your customer or debtor is able to pay you. Never throw good money after bad. If it is something different you want to achieve; Resolute Collections has various services, we can offer at a fixed debt collection fee.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Will I Be Successful?

Depends. 2 cornerstone pillars – make sure debtor has money and be quick. Early bird catches the worm (snake).

What If The Debtor Has No Money?

Debtors rarely have money when you ask them! Get a professional debt collector or use one of our solutions.

Will I Get All My Money Back

Negotiation or litigation. The former can be quick whilst the latter can get all your money back eventually. Lawyers and debt collectors are great negotiators.

Commercial Collection Agency

If you are looking for a debt collector or commerical collection agency, we have a page on that subject. Many agencies specialise and understand the law when dealing with companies. You will discover many debt recovery providers in niches, to make recovering your debt as stress free and as succcesful as possible.

Your Comments and Stories

We love to share your successes or otherwise regarding Australian debt recoveries and debt collectors. 5 minutes of your time could save a business or someone’s life savings. Or email us and we try and find a solution for you.

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international debt collection agency

Finding The Best International Debt Collection Agency Made Easy

International debt collector

International Debt Collection Agency

Finding a cost-effective international debt collection agency or global debt collector is no easy task for you. Decent agencies are few and far between and can cost you a fortune. However, before you go searching for an agent who offers debt collection internationally, there are 2 basic steps to consider first.

  1. Is your debt collectable?
  2. Is your debtor itinerant?

If the debt would be difficult to collect in your own country, its difficulty becomes exponentially more challenging when you are in different jurisdictions. Language, communication, and law are not as you may expect. Collecting a debt internationally is frustrating to say the least.

Global debt collectors might advertise their speciality, but the good ones are few and far between

Should your debtor move to new countries regularly (maybe every couple of years) you immediately have to start from the beginning. All the time and money you have spent does not cross international borders. 

Google a Debt Collection Agency

If you google International debt collection agency you will receive 194,000 hits. Are you really going to make a great choice? What you need is to narrow down your search. Simply add [near me] or [your city] to the end of your search. This will ensure that you have an agent somewhere near you.

International debt collection agency

Alterbativel you can try allinurl: International Debt Collection Agency or allinurl: International Debt Collection Agency. This will narrow the results to 222 or 801 respectively. This gives an indication that the search results will actually show you someone who can act as an international debt collector.

There are probably very few truly worthwhile companies involved in international debt collection. You ought to find one before making any deals with people and companies outside your own jurisdiction. 

If you are looking to resolve a debt in Australia, we have dedicated several pages to Oz. Like wise we have information on how to find an attorney in the USA.

Easiest Way To Find The Best International Debt Recovery Firm

Takes Only 15 Minutes 15 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

To get started; open google maps on a laptop or desktop

Enter Any Location; town, city, country or village

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Search the area where your debtor is located or has their head office. This makes it easier for the agent to visit and the debtor to pay in person

Enter The Service That Best Describes What You Need

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

What do you need? A financial investigation – always a good starting point. Regular debt collection or specialised repossession agent. Focus your search

Make A Choice

Call Them

It is best to make a call with prepared questions. 1st question being, do they know the debtor. What is their speciality, fees, success rate, times scales. Ask them the same questions in the same order. Review with an advisor and make a decision.

International Debt Collection Agency 24/7

A Resolute Collection website is going to work for you 24/7. In addition to that it is the only international debt collection agency that operates without borders. Your internet debt solution has no jurisdiction. As a global debt collector, we have no equivalent competitor.

Our fees are transparent and simple to understand.  Some companies require you to have a degree to understand their fee structure.

international debt collection agency fees

We are proud to be Intense | Different | Determined. The sooner you start the quicker you achieve a worthwhile result.

No Win No Fee

You will find few offers of no win no fee. There are no free lunches in debt collection. Ensure that you know exactly what is paid up front and how much commission comes out of your pocket.

No fee generally applies to their FEE. There will be charges for other elements of the collection process. Each company has a different charge structure. READ CAREFULLY

Global Debt Collector

If your choice of agent is a global debt collector make sure they are indeed global. If your debtor is an absconder, he is likely to move from one jurisdiction to another. You do not want to be looking for a new agent every time the debtor moves.

Many who profess to be global debt collectors are no more than agents. Once you have engaged them, they will fob it off to another agent in the country the debtors are in.  what it means to you is another level of fees and commissions.

International Debt Collection Horror

This is a story from a symposium we attended. It was a while ago, but it delivers a clear message about engaging with the correct global debt collector.

A USA company had a need for international debt collection agent. Their USA agent outsourced some of the debt to a Nigerian company. To their utter amazement the amount being collected was much greater than what other agents were collecting.  When they sent auditors, they were gobsmacked by what they found.

The debt collecting agency were threatening and actually abducting family members of the debtor until they paid. Beware of who you engage with.

Comments and Ideas

If you have any comments or experiences regarding an international debt collection agency or a global debt collector; we would love to share your views.

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international debt recovery by resolute collections

How To Find The Best International Debt Recovery Agent

international debt recovery

International Debt Recovery

One of the most problematic aspects of international debt recovery is enforcing any action. Another hurdle is the cost of litigation – is your debt worth pursuing. If your debt is below 200,000 the cost of recovery might just outweigh any result. Does your debtor have any assets that a court can repossess? The timescales can be legendary – literally years.

What you need is an option that allows you to quickly launch a debt recovery campaign against a debtor. You can opt for Resolute Collections or an international legal firm.

Legal companies pricing for international debt recovery are 25% to 40% of the face value of your debt.

One thing is for sure, if you have had to start recovery proceeding against a customer, you will not be trading with that company again. If you fail to take action, there is absolutely no doubt that your company will be passed along the grapevine. you could end up with serial defaulters. You have to do something. Do not delay and start action today.

Resolute Collections offers a sharp and timely rebuke to international nonpayers.

As we mainly deal with English speaking nations. You will find our pages on Australian Debt Collectors and USA attorneys mighty useful.

Worldwide Trade Opportunities

The ability to trade internationally provides huge potential for profit. It also has pitfalls should your client default and you need international debt recovery.

You have probably completed a D&B report and other due diligence. Possibly requested a deposit or staged payments, whether you are selling or buying goods internationally. However, the growth of scams is making international trading more difficult.

Taking early and quick action against the less scrupulous is essential. Others will become aware that you are not to be deceived or dallied with.

International Debt Recovery Due Diligence.

You will find an international debt collecting company quite easily in your own jurisdiction. However, at the other end it is another story. And you must remember, it is your international reputation at stake.

This is from a symposium we attended in the late 90’s. The lesson is still valid. An international debt collection company had employed the services of a debt agent in Nigeria. The agent was performing exceptionally well. Too good to be true, so an auditor was sent to determine what was happening.

What the agent was undertaking, was to threaten and actually abducting members of the debtor’s family! Family members were returned when debt was paid.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that everyone in the debt collection chain is performing the way you would expect.

Debt Recovery Strategy

What is there to strategize over? The debtor owes the money to the creditor. Ask them to repay it as agreed. How difficult is that?

All you need is legitimacy (your contract with the debtor) and persistence. Here is a quote from our home page on Resolute Collections:

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success”

That is your strategy in a nutshell.

International Debt Firm

The Easy Way 15 minutes

catastrophic injury lawyer

Simply open Google maps. Best on a desk top or lap top.

Enter Location Required

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

The best location for your debt recovery agent is close to your debtor. However; you must do additional due diligence if not in your country.

Seach For Service You Need

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

What is the service you need? An asset reposessed? Maybe investigation into your debtor – do they have assets? Or simple debt collection in a foreign country>

Make Your Choice And Call The Firm

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Choose 3. Do some quick research on Google. Arrange a skype or Zoom call. It is imperative that you see them and their offices. Keep it casual.

Risk Free No Collection, No Fee

What do international debt recovery firms mean by this? It quite literally means; if it is too difficult, we walk away. Could you imagine if a civil engineer said, if the bridge we built for you falls down, we will not charge you?

What about the collateral damage to your business? There was a risk – yours. You are now months if not years down the debt recovery road with no result. And they walk away!

Debt recovery lawyers take defeat as a little knock to the chin and get on with the next deal. This was a big deal for you. It could be a disaster if handled incorrectly.

There has been a cost. Your time in choosing the debt recovery company, updating them with information and reading reports. It has cost you TIME. And time is money.

There is no such thing as risk free international debt collections, nor no cost. It is risky and costly for you.

At the very minimum Resolute Collections shows you something tangible. And our fees are amazingly simple to understand. If your debt is less than 200,000, you might just want to give us a stab at it.

international debt recovery

International Debt Recovery Comments

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International debt collector

4 Simple Steps on How to Find an International Debt Collector

International debt collector

International Debt Collector

Before you consider an international debt collector, there must be a reason. And it has to be feasible. The first item to look at is your debt.

If it is a large debt or contract, the chances are you will have a contract and the jurisdiction that is on it, shall apply. Then you really ought to have representation in that international jurisdiction. Although that does not guarantee you any success. Be it the UK, USA or Australia.

Your debt might have originated in the jurisdiction you both reside, and the debtor has absconded. Then you are between a rock and a hard place. Where do you begin. Most people will begin with costly legal advice.

international debt collector

Alternatively, you might have left the jurisdiction and it is awkward to apply proper pressure without being present. Debtors ignore creditors at the best of times. If you are in a foreign jurisdiction, they will disregard you completely.

If it is a small debt the costs will outweigh the payback. On an international scenario you are probably talking about less than a debt of $100,000. Do not throw money after bad. Look at our cost effective solutions.

These are the minimum criteria before engaging an international debt collector.

How Much Will A Debt Collector Cost

 You are going to have to pay at least 2 lots of expenses or fees. The legal representation in your jurisdiction and theirs. We think it is fair to say that we are talking a large sum.

Many organisations and individuals will sell their debt. You will be lucky to achieve more than 20% of the face value. If you do sell your debt – remember your reputation. Normally you cannot assign your responsibilities. How annoying is it, that they don’t pay you and you have to act within the letter of the law?

At resolute collections we are an international debt collector without borders. The internet has no limitations and is open 24/7.  Our fees are fixed and transparent.

In addition, there will be international banking fees to be paid by you.

Due Diligence On International Debt Collector

How exactly are you going to vet the debt collector in another country? Language is not just the written word; it is the intention and nuanced meaning. Sometimes these nuances can be misunderstood by a non-native speaker.

Banking your money or returning your asset are beset with problems. If the debt collector collects cash in the country can they send it out or will the exchange rate be a problem. Resolute collections offers our clients payment direct from the debtor to your bank account or via cryptocurrencies or via 3rd party solutions. Whatever works best for you.

Professional International Debtor

Such a thing does exist. They are generally scammers and con men. They will scam people and companies and then move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There is little point in trying to take this type of person to court. You will waste your money.

The good news is that con men tend to continue use a similar modus operandi. That is where resolute collections focus their attention. We can monitor the internet and follow their trail of destruction.

What the scammers do not like is for someone to pop up where they are, to “out” them. They might well be prepared to meet their obligations to you.

We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

How Does An International Debt Collector Work

A legal collections company work in a world of their own. It truly is unfathomable. We believe that there might be a lot of back scratching so that fees can be achieved. If one side were to receive no fee – it would be far more interesting. It is intellectual nonsense.

Companies that toil like UK or USA debt collecting agents put in some graft. It is worth trying to seek out a DCA through recommendation. They have tools and software that private individuals do not have access to.

Many are not an international debt collector but fee collecting legalize speakers.

International debt Collection Agencies

It is probably obvious to state that you are not where your debtor is. And what you desire is a debt collector in the location of your debtor. A quick Google search will literally return millions of web pages for you to choose from. We can help you to reduce this to a few dozen or less.

Finding an international debt collection agency quickly and efficiently

4 Easy Steps To Find International Debt Collector 10 minutes

Open Google maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

Find and open Google maps

Enter the location of your debtor

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Simply enetre the loaction of your debtor. It is often better to deal directly with someone near your debtor. However: you must do some due diligence

What service do you desire?

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Do you need something repossessed? Maybe it is a simple private investigation. Or basic debt collection

Review and choose

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

If possible give the debt collector a call. You want to ensure that your choice of the firm can speak your language. Before you make a final choice, complete some due diligence. Searches on Google can conform anything dodgy. Remember that no information = dodgy (generally). Zoom or Skype – go with your gut

International Debt Collection Report

Many businesses will use a business credit report when they are negotiating contracts from international customers. Or possibly when they are experiencing troubles with invoices being paid.

Before you deliver goods or services to an international client contact an international debt collector first. Using our hints you can locate a debt colelction agency within very close proximity to your customer. This local debt collector will have far more information than a basic credit report. Credit reports are alwys historical. And as international credit report businesses state, it is better to have some knowledge than none.

If your client has had problems or is possibly facing problems this local firm will probably know. Create a relationship now with a local agent as insurance for future debt problems.

A few dollars spent now will be worth it in the long run. Even if it means cancelling the order or asking for cash up front.

Resolute Collections

When it comes to being an international debt collector, Resolute Collections are | intense | different | determined.

international debt collector countries

If you are looking for a cost effective debt collection solution – it could be us. It is worth considering.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for an international debt collector

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