catastrophic injury lawyer

How To Quickly Find An Expert Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

catastrophic injury lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Before you start to go off hunting for a catastrophic injury lawyer, we need to understand what we are looking for. Or why we believe that what we have is Catastrophic or a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims are for a myriad of causes. From an injury at work or an accident in public. Generally, all you need to do is prove negligence (partial or wholly) on the other party. Much of this is covered by their insurance.

The average personal injury claim is between $3,000 and $75,000. The injuries will have been claimed many times and have specific values. Any competent personal injury lawyer will have his own experiences to assess your claim.

A claim for a catastrophic injury is another matter altogether. At the end of the article we will show you a quick method of separating the wheat from the chaff. So that you find the best lawyer to suit your needs.

A Summary Of Frequently Asked Questions

The fact that these questions are often asked is because there is often not a lot of information on Google. Nor do lawyers and attorneys give out information for free. However, once you know the questions to ask your choice of injury claim lawyer the better the choice you will make.

What is a catastrophic injury lawyer?
Is a legal professional who subject matter is personal injuries of an extreme nature. Lawyers and attorneys in this field of law will have extensive and persuasive negotiation skills. Many will be familiar on how to deal with insurance companies
What is a catastrophic injury?
By its very nature it is of the utmost seriousness. It can involve the loss limbs or damage to the spinal column. catastrophic injury can also include major burns or internal damage.
What are the common causes for catastrophic injuries?
By a long margin, the most common causes needing a catastrophic injury lawyer are, car accidents, medical errors, workplace injuries and defective medical devices.
Do I need a catastrophic injury lawyer?
The short answer is YES. If you have had and accident or believe that you or a loved one have been affected by a medical mistake – you need to contact an attorney or lawyer as soon as possible.
How do I find a specialised catastrophic injury lawyer?
We at resolute collections show you how to find a personal injury lawyer quickly and at no cost. All it takes is 5 minutes on Google maps and a being prepared with a few questions.
How much can I claim for a catastrophic injury?
That is an impossible question to answer accurately. It will involve how the accident happened, who was to blame, how to apportion blame, incapacity involved and how long care will take.  Ongoing medications, nursing care, loss or earnings and diminished life enjoyment. You will need an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer
Is there an organisation for catastrophic injury lawyers?
Yes, there are. In the UK It is the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. In the United States it is the National Academy of Personal Injury lawyers. In Australia you can visit the Australian Lawyers Alliance. These legal organisations can help you research any personal injury claim lawyer you might consider representing you.
Are there no win no fee catastrophic injury lawyers?
Nearly all law firms will offer some sort of no win no fee. However, their fee could be up to 40% of the claim. Make sure you know what it will be and who pays it.
How long does a catastrophic injury claim last?
This is impossible to state on a website like this; indeed, any website. It will depend on a myriad of facts, assumptions, attitudes, and willingness to negotiate. It will depend if you lawyer can negotiate a settlement or if you go to court. If you go to court who knows how busy they will be. This means your catastrophic injury claim could be 6 months to 6+ years. 
What does a catastrophic injury mean?
The best place for an explanation that will be meaningful to you is to search Wikipedia. Whether you are looking for sports related injuries or major trauma. These pages will give unbiased information nor try to engage a specific personal injury lawyer for you.

Costs For A Personal Injury Lawyer

Considering what you will read in this article any attorney or lawyer may ask for a fee upfront or they may not. It is not public information and something you will need to discuss with your legal team or representative. This is a business for them. They may offer tea and sympathy but what they want is fee income. Sounds scornful: but it is true. All legal firms want fees.

In addition, they will most definitely want a success fee. This could be as much as 40% of the net claim, after all testimony and experts have been compensated.

Notwithstanding this, a catastrophic injury lawyer is essential. Make the right decision and make the best deal you can.  

Why Should I Hire A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

The straightforward reason is that you do not have the experience or contacts to do it successfully on your own. A personal injury lawyer is going to know how the system works. They are going to have professional contacts who can make the entire process easier for you. All you have to do is invest a couple of hours finding the best catastrophic injury lawyer to hire for your claim.

What Is The Difference Between An Attorney And A Lawyer?

The additional question is will it affect your decision? The difference is not so great and only really applies to claimants in the USA. Firstly, the proper title for an attorney is an attorney in law. And it all boils down to who can represent you in court. Generally speaking, a lawyer will require an attorney if the claim goes to court. Considering that 99% of all cases are settled out of court there is no need for the additional expense of hiring a personal injury attorney. Simply search for a catastrophic injury lawyer near me. More information on searching later in this article.

Choosing The right Personal Injury Lawyer

We wholeheartedly encourage you to find a Catastrophic injury lawyer you feel comfortable working with. There is no changing relationships midstream. This should be an unbreakable partnership until you gain success or failure. Changing halfway through is not an option to consider.

What Does A Catastrophic Injury Mean?

If you are at the receiving end of a Catastrophic injury, you will no longer be able to work in the medium to long term. Probably the extent of the injury will mean you will never be able to work again.

There will be urgent and long term medical care required. You may require specially adapted means of transportation and long term home care.

Injures can include but are not limited to:

  • Single or multiple amputations
  • Significant brain damage
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns over large areas of your body
  • Major life changing injuries

Legal Definition Of The Term Catastrophic Injury

In legal jargon it does not really exist. It is certainly catastrophic to you but that is not a legal category.  You have a personal injury. The main difference is that this “personal injury” will have significant lifestyle changes, loss of future enjoyment and expensive enduring medical costs.

Use this as a quote: The American Medical Association (AMA) defines a catastrophic injury as a severe injury to the spinal cord, spine, or brain.

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Occur?

They are wide and varied sources of catastrophic injurie. Here are the most common examples:

  • Accidents involving cars, trucks, or trains
  • Medical negligence or catastrophic mistakes
  • Injuries sustained in your workplace or public buildings
  • Major side effects of drugs or malfunctioning medical devices.
  • Injuries suffered in sport or recreation
  • Building site accidents

The Four Most Common Catastrophic Injuries

  1. Severe or traumatic brain injury
  2. Injuries to the spinal cord. There will be 15,000+ cases recorded every year according to the national spinal cord injury statistical center (USA).
  3. Major disfigurement burns
  4. Loss of limb(s)

Aide Memoire

From the very first instant that you know that you are making a catastrophic injury claim for yourself our someone else. Think about some of this:

  1. Do not worry about going to trail with a jury. Rarely does a claim get this far. You are more likely to be with your counsel in front of a sole judge.
  2. You are not the only lawyers dance in town. More than likely they will be working on many cases. Your lawyer will be seldom at your beck and call.
  3. No question is too ridiculous to ask. As they say there are only stupid answers. Ask anything that concerns you. Anything at all.
  4. Your claim will not be an overnight outcome. Batten the hatches down for a tedious journey with a tumultuous finish.
  5. Keep a record of everything. Pictures, phone calls, letters, conversations or medications and treatment. Everything. You never know when it could be the difference of failure to glorious success.
  6. An early offer is a sure sign of disquiet by the third party. Get an injury lawyer and wait. And then wait a little bit more. Let your lawyer review all aspects of the claim. It will be well worth the wait.
  7. You will need expert medical opinion. You stand a better chance of a successful outcome when the best are your side.
  8. Make sure your choice of law firm is carefully considered. Separate the wheat from the chaff. From promises of no fees to instant success.  This is the most important choice you will make. We have tips at the end of the article.
  9.  Always employ the skills and experience of an lawyer or lawyer who has worked on similar cases to yours. You do not want to be their 1st project.
  10. Do not. Really, do not try and do this on your own. You need a qualified lawyer with relevant experience.
  11. Expenses. Keep accurate records of everything that you have spent regarding the injury. Absolutely every receipt. Not only does it record your financial loss it will indicate a need for future income and back up of your claim.
  12. Diary. Keep detailed notes for both your medical team and legal team. Every twinge or headache or “something is not right”. Write it down on paper or use an audio diary. There are apps for audio diaries.
  13. Disclosure. It is absolutely imperative that you inform medical experts, consultants or you legal team about mental or psychological symptoms. This is not a time to be shy or out on a brave face.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Associations

You are going to have to find a lawyer who can lead a team of experts. A legal firm with immediate access to experts in the field of the catastrophic injury sustained.

Legal Bodies To become Familiar With.

You will want your intermediate lawyer to fully check your catastrophic injury lawyers’ credentials. A shiny website and an advert on Google is not nearly enough. Research is required. Both with legal associations, courts, and Google.

United Kingdom

  • Forum of insurance lawyers
  • Association of Personal injury lawyers
  • Civil justice Council


  • American Bar association
  • Association of Trial lawyers of America
  • Workers compensation lawyer’s association

How Your Claim Is Assessed

Initially it is quite straightforward. Your chosen catastrophic injury lawyer will review:

  • The Injury suffered.
  • How long will the damage last?

Secondary Considerations Will Be

  • Expert testimony. The cost and availability of experts in the field of the actual cause of the injury and specialists in your recovery plan. The courts will want to understand the diagnosis and the prognosis. This is costly to both parties and time consuming. 
  • Level of opposition. There will no doubt be a vast amount of money at stake. Your opponent will be balancing the cist of time and expert testimony versus reduction in your payment.  Be prepared for years. In exceptional cases a decade or more. Be prepared for a long wait.

What you need is an excellent lawyer.

How to find a catastrophic injury lawyer. Invariably the search will present firms as personal injury lawyers.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Near Me.

Generally, Google will find a lawyer near you. However, to get the best results you should use the following method. It is a really good idea to do this at a desktop or lap top and something to make notes. Simply making a normal search on Google is going to return tens of thousands of results for a catastrophic injury lawyer. Take our insider tips to narrow it down to a manageable number.

Finding the best catastrophic injury claim lawyer near me

Total Time To Find Lawyer Near You 5 minutes

Open Google Maps
catastrophic injury lawyer

Find and open Google maps on a laptop or desktop to view the best results

The Location Is Vitally Important
find best catastrophic injury lawyer

You can enter any location that helps your claim. Maybe the head office of the third party. Or near you if you wish to make it easy to visit your lawyer.

Service You Require
do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Seems a bit obvious, but it does remove the chaff from the wheat. A general google search gets you tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of results. This will return a few dozen focussed selections

Choice and Research
do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Next step is to choose 3-5 potential legal firms. Then you need to research and call them. Have your list of questions and go through them in order with each claim lawyer.

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debt collection attorney

How To Find The Best Debt Collection Attorney

debt collection attorney

Debt Collection Attorney

If you have used a google search to find a debt collection attorney and found our website, it is quite remarkable. These identical words appear in 1,280 URL’s, in the title of 3,490 website and in the content of 132,000,000 webpages.

At the bottom of the page you will find FAQ and HowTo section

The fact you found us means that we definitely stand out from the crowd. The question is why do we stand out from the crowd?

Many of the marketing people from legal firms and debt collection agencies insert debt collection attorney search terms into their website. So that you will find them, just like you found us (more about us later). Most or many of them do not specialise in debt collection but realise there is money to be made. They have clever marketing people.

debt collection attorney

On google and this website you will find attorneys who are out there looking for your custom. They will tempt you with no win no fee offers.

Resolute collections will give you information to decide if you need an attorney or not. You might even be able to collect debts owed to you, using your own knowledge and determination. At the very least you have something invested in this debt.

You might simply need a debt collector who is near you. Or near your debtor. They might be in the USA, United kingdom or Australia.

Why Do You Need An Attorney?

This seems like an obvious question. “I need a debt collection attorney because I need a debt collected”. The assumption is that you are unable to collect the debt by yourself. The first thing an attorney is going to do is ask for his fee upfront.

You will be asked full details of the debt and all communication you have had with the debtor. 

Now you are out of pocket a few hundred dollars and your valuable time yet nothing has happened.

The attorney will send out a demand letter, which you could and may have sent by yourself. However, an attorney’s letter will look more “legal”. But make no doubt this, it is a template and has been used 100’s of times before.

Specialized Debt Collection Attorney

Is the attorney specialised in this field or did they have a nice advert and website? If you are searching the web there are a few guidelines that might help you.

debt collection attorney

If you search using this phrase allintitle:Debt Collection Attorney (no full stop). It will reduce the number of options from 130,000,000 (yes one hundred and thirty million) to a manageable 4,000. Or make a standard google search with “near me” or “your city” added to the end of whatever term you have used. You can also use allinurl:debt collection attorney as a search term. Simply copy and paste either of these search terms highlighted in yellow into Google or Bing.

Is A Collection Attorney Essential

You can find almost any type of users’ guides on the internet. What cannot be found is the experience a debt collection attorney will provide you in court. If you are going to end up in court – get an attorney. Do you want a different approach? Then Resolute Collections could be your answer.

When you go to court, you are going to have to depend on the letter of the law and fact. There will be no escaping this and an attorney is the best way forward. Sometimes it is the best paid attorneys who get a successful verdict – sometimes.

Cost Of A Collection Attorney

Even the best priced collection attorney is going to set you back $125 per hour. For an experienced debt collection attorney, expect to pay $350 per hour or more. You will then have to estimate how long a defended case will take in working hours. We suggest you plan for a worst-case scenario.

If a case is undefended it might be because the debtor has no assets or dies not care. Needless to say, that neither of these is good for you.

Some debt collection agencies will offer a no win no fee. You might pay up to 40% or more in commission. Proper legal eagles will not offer this sort of deal. A proper attorney will value their time and experience. Consider your options.

If you are at all confident that your debtor has assets and will pay, opt for a set fee. On the other hand, if you are not confident find an no win no fee debt collection attorney. Resolute Collections are obviously a solution for a fixed fee.

Debt Settlement Negotiation

debt collection attorney

If you intend to settle your debt claim through negotiation, then we highly recommend that you engage a debt collection attorney. You are probably the worst person to negotiate a settlement if it is not a skill you use regularly. They have talents and skills which we mere mortals do not have.

Using an attorney will take all the emotion out of any negotiation. Remember to set your fee for their time. You might want to consider a set fee with performance commission.

How To Find A Great Debt Collection Attorney

Total Time: 30 minutes

Here or There

Do you need a lawyer near you or near your debtor. We suggest your debtor.

Google – Not Regular Search

Best Method To Find A Great Commercial Collection Agency

Location Of Debtor

Debt finder

Service You Require

resolute collections

Red Flags Are Good

4 Simple Steps on How to Find an International Debt Collector

Narrow Your Choice

Pick 3 that you like. Call them. NOT email or text. Call them and have a quick conversation

Final Choice

Make your choice and engage them. GOOD LUCK

Some Questions Answered

What Are The Fees

Generally not purchased. This is really up to you to find out. In our HowTo we suggest you call 3 and decide which is the best option

Should I Go For No Win No Fee

As with the above it is a decision on what will make the best deal for you. If there is a very good chance of winning – fixed fee. If you are unsure – No Win No Fee. Ensuring the commission is not too high.

How Do I Check On Attorney

This will depend on the value of the debt. If it is ultra important – some basic google searches including the words scam and reviews in the search. Bearing in mind that some reviews use review management software. This means that bad reviews are never published.

Can I Do It Myself

Yes. However, do you have the time?

Debt Collection Attorney Comments

We love to share your stories and tips. Keep your suggestions and reviews legal. If you have any experiences about a debt collection attorney, we would love to share them.

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