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these are the most common questions asked by debtors

You will find all the answers of what we do to get our clients’ money back.
Remember the onus and obligation to satisfy the outstanding debt is yours alone.
We suggest you do this today.

We could ask you the same question. Not paying your debt – is that legal? We believe that what we do is not illegal in the jurisdictions we are based and operate.

We have purchased your debt and have sent you an assignment letter. If you wish we can email it again to an email address of your choosing. Focus on paying your debt and try not to prevaricate.

  1. You can pay the person you owe the money directly to their bank or by check
  2. You can pay us by bitcoin
  3. You can pay us directly to our bank
  4. You can pay by debit/credit card
  5. You can use PayPal

Yes – half today and the remainder within 4 weeks. However, we continue our action until fully paid.

We consider ourselves as very persistent and consistent not aggressive.


We are reminding you of your obligations. You should check the legal definition of blackmail before you wrongly accuse anyone of such action.

We are not harassing you. We are simply persistent in reminding you of your obligations.

You will receive a receipt for final payment and then they will be no requirement for us to continue our action.

Once you have paid the full amount, you can then do what your creditor has been doing for months. Negotiate with you. You become the creditor.

It costs us to maintain our action to recover the debt you owe.

When something has a trunk, big ears and is grey, I call it an elephant. What you have done and continue to do has all the hallmarks of a scammer, con man and trickster.

Yes, we can. You can come to our head office.

You can do that if you wish. However, it would be cheaper, quicker and simpler to pay your debt.

This is a misconception on several levels. Mainly in that we own the debt and we do not take instructions from the original lenders/investors – you would have to take us to court.

If you can find a single case of a borrower being successful in stopping a lender/investor (that is our company) being stopped by the courts, we would like to see it.

Plus, the cost is horrendous. You would have to cut your nose off to spite your face.

We will publish every step you employ to avoid and deflect your obligations.

It means that we now own your debt. It means that you now owe us money plus any late fees and charges that we add.

It is not up to you to accept of decline. It has been done.

That is not how we operate. You did not go to court to obtain this credit. There is no need for us to invest cash or time in litigation.

That is your choice. However, as the debt ages we become more determined that you will pay. In addition, you will pay our costs.

That is your challenge, not ours. Everyone can find cash when they are determined. By the by, every debtor we have ever pursued for debt in over 40 years says the exact same thing; then they paid us.

We often receive threats. It is a criminal offence to threaten harm to us or our clients. We actively promote criminal prosecution.

Generally, people become angry with themselves when they know that they will have to repay their debt. This feeling of anger subsides once you have fulfilled your obligations.

We need to confirm that you are still at the address you stated you are at. And we are not in the business of knocking on doors.

We are investigating where you spend  our money

We need to investigate where you are spending our money

We need to investigate where you are spemding our money.

We need to confirm if you are in gainful employment.

So that we can deduce what you are earning

To confirm that you still have paying customers

To ensure that you are paying taxes, VAT, sales tax on your activities. If you are not paying our debt there is a good chance you are not paying taxes. Nonpayment of these is not right or legal

To ensure that you are not claiming from the taxpayer for benefits you should not have. Many non-payers regularly defraud the government. It’s a fact

Givernets do not like people who claim what is not theirs.

To confirm that you have an active bank account. We are merely confirming that your bank account is active.

To make them aware of this serious problem. They should know how the company is being run and how it is treating customers, suppliers or other investors

To make them aware of this serious problem. Maybe they are unaware of the financial situation of the business or your actions.

To make them aware of this serious problem

To make them aware of this serious problem. To share the pain.

To ensure we have the right debtor.

Once the debt has been settled, there is no need for us to continue further action.

There is no need for us to waste our time once you have paid.

That would not be a wise step for us. It is you that will put yourself out of business if you continue to prevaricate on your obligations.

So that other creditors and interested parties can contact you. We assume they are not secret.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Collection

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There are no money trees. No matter how many branches a bank has.

Firstly, it is a lot more than just a website. There is a whole process of which the website is a major factor. Notwithstanding the other factors in the process, nobody likes to see their untrustworthiness bared to the world.

No. That is not the way we work. Modern collections are global and interstate. They require cutting edge technology to create maximum persuasion.

That precludes court action

We believe that what we do is not illegal. Ask 12 legal eagles and some will say yes, some will say no. The others will state “in my opinion” and the spout nonsense

  1. A detailed document regarding how the debt originated. In your own words – nothing legal required
  2. Reasonable proof that the debt exists.
  3. Any information that you believe will help us. Addresses, phone numbers, websites, social media, etc.
  4. Any documents you have regarding the debt.
  5. Our fee
  6. Signed assignment letter
  7. Anything you would like us to do.

We will not publicize your personal; details unless you wish us to do so.

This is simple yet complicated. The biggest factor is generally that creditors, like yourself, are not experienced and have too much emotion involved. This might be the first time you have ever had to deal with a “professional nonpayer”. By the by, professional nonpayer doesn’t mean they are good at it, it simply means they do it regularly. With a certain amount of confidence.

The person who owes you money will have done this before and have experience in not paying. They also have a huge amount of emotion invested; they really, really don’t want to pay you. On the other hand, we have dealt with far more debtors, con men and scammers than they can imagine – we have heard every excuse under the sun. Nor are we emotional – this is our job. We know the buttons to press when it comes to persuading debtors to pay. We play a calm and persistent game. We can up the ante regularly.

This is common and understandable. We all like to think of ourselves as sophisticated and great decision makers. Sometimes we get carried away and I know this from personal experience. It was only when I owned up to be scammed that nearly everyone in my community owned up to the same thing! Recognise that you have been scammed and hand the debt collecting process over to a professional.

£399 fee plus 20% commission or £599 for a professional website. Our fee is non-negotiable

Because scammers create too many problems and require a lot of time. Rainmakers in legal and collection firms like to cherry pick. Or at the very least, create billable hours.

The contact between us is very simple. We believe in one page documents. It simply states what we will do for you and what the fee is. It includes a return of the debt to you at any time for any reason.

Scammers tend to visible and easily persuaded.

  1. Fraudsters are a different breed from scammers and conmen or people who simply don’t want to pay you. How you tell the difference is fairly simple. They will look incredibly professional and their true identities will prove hard to find. They will move your money from place to place very quickly.
  2. The internet has weakened the rules by which most people operate. It is easy for them to commit a fraud and harder for you to seek recompense.
  3. Fraudsters are generally well organised and slightly more dangerous than your average scanner of conman. They take far more investigation to find assets a=and to persuade them to part with their ill-gotten gains. For that reason, we are not keen to accept without prepayment. Our fees on fraud cases are 10% of debt amount upfront and 15% of any money collected.
  1. This allows us to act without redress to you. It is your interest for us to take any legal fallout. In its simplest terms it means we are now the creditor.
  2. Almost every financial body, lender or whoever assigns debts. It is common practice. In some cases, debt can be assigned to many collectors. Like a domino effect. You never know who is collecting your money
  3. We never reassign our assigned debts.

No, we don’t. You know if the debt exists and if it does, we can collect. We value our time.

It allows 2 important features

    1. Any action taken by us is our choice and ours alone.
    2. The debtor cannot sue you for our actions.

We cannot collect the debt on your behalf. However, we are prepared to build you a website and give you basic instructions on how to get your debtor to pay.

People who offer this either cherry pick or put little effort into your case. Additionally, we have real expenses in setting up a plan of action that includes website and time consuming research.

Either you or us. It doesn’t not matter to us. We can use your bank details for payment if you wish.

Completely understandable. We are quite willing to be your second or third choice. No hard sale from our end.

Operationally it works for us and for you in the pursuit of your money.

It is easier for us to NOT be based in UK or USA

Our actions will have a finality. See our cases.

Our upfront fee is our fee. It is not refundable. You would not expect legal representatives to hand back their fee if they lost your case.

That is our objective. We intend to get all your money back.

There are no additional fees or expenses. Anything after the initial fee is at our expense.

The courts do it all the time! They publish cases before and after the court hearing. Nothing could be more public than that. Add into the mixture that newspapers etc. will publicize these court orders and hearings.

We have been in the collections business for over 40 years. We have had real connections with over 300,000 debtors. Face to face, asset repossession, negotiation, demand letters, email, court appearances and 1,000’s of telephone calls.

Simply let us know and we will cease and desist any action we are taking or have taken.

We are prepared to continue against the principles or owner. YOUR debtor will be found and reminded that they owe you money.

We will work on most debts. Franchise fees, improper building work, loans, dubious investments, MLM schemes, unfit goods (cars etc.), poor lawyer advice,

We do not become involved in organised crime, drug related debt or medical cases.

We are experts in less than £100,000 GBP. If your case is greater than that we will review your case.

Either you or they can be a private individual, incorporated body, sole trader, partnership, group, LLP; anything or anyone.

Currently we have 1,000 verified email addresses from which we send emails. Unlike spammers we are only sending a few emails per day/hour. Google is looking at people who send 10,000’s and hundreds of thousands of emails.

We have 1,000 individual phone numbers which we use. The debtor can block as many as he likes. We simply invest in additional lines.

We have cases we have worked on for reference. We do not divulge individual cases in detail.


We are disruptive and persistent. A distributed denial of service is not legal. However, there are other things that can be done legally. Once you are a client we can discuss in detail.

It is entirely your decision. You will have read what we do with the debtor. We are one of the few who will and can take this action.

We have multiple copies of all websites on trusted servers. In addition, we have primary and secondary backup servers. It could take the debtors weeks or months to close a site – it takes us 5 minutes to reinstate the website.

If the debtor uses a platform to promote themselves or a business, then we will use the same platform to remind them to pay us.

We can only deal groups who invested or lent as a group. Formal and informal partnerships, companies or legal entities.

Until the debtor pays. Some have lasted months and others, literally days.

We believe that everyone has a skeleton in the closet. Cash, asset, secret bank accounts, all sorts of stuff. We find it and use this information to get your money back.

We do what it says on the tin. We are very persistent and unrelenting.

We are not keen to do this. If it is reasonable, we will let you make the decision.

Choice is yours. Cash, wire, bitcoin, bank transfer, PayPal.

We continue what we do until the money is either in your bank account or ours. We never stop.

Debtors often promise something to stop the process. And it goes on and on and on.

And so do we – we dont stop

That’s not the best method. We are allowing the debtor to know what we have and how it ratchets up. It is a steady progression that never ends. It’s only fair (we don’t often use that word to describe debtors) to give them an opportunity at each stage of the process. Its promise of action and then taking that action.

We have heard that 1,000’s of times. That is their problem and not ours. We simply don’t believe it.

Good question. They undoubtedly have a large legal department who enjoy playing with joe public and see it as a game. However, they do not like bad press.

Nor do shareholders and directors enjoy being contacted directly or seeing their name on a website.

Generally speaking, do nothing – never, ever speak to the debtor. If they want to say something – have them email you and us immediately. No waiting for letters or offers of payment.

With collection skills and knowledge, 40 years of experience and considerable investment of cash and time – you certainly could.

Absolutely not. We are more righteous than thugs. Heavy handedness by the debtor or creditor never, ever works. We are not interested if that is what you are looking for.

The fee is so that we cover our fixed costs. The commission means that we are invested in getting a result. It is the best of both worlds for you. Minimum fixed fee and low commission.

You do not need to. We are quite happy for you to receive the payment from the debtor and pay us our commission. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

We are not 9-5. We are global and 24/7 with no action stopped for holidays.

If there is a complete lack of proof or illegality we will not accept.

We have considerable set up costs and we want to see commitment from you.

Our method is a process. We are the professionals.

However, we have a website build only service. Then you can do your own thing.

We will take it down immediatly when you instruct us

We are always open to new ideas. If it is feasible, we will do what you suggest.

The assignment document puts all the responsibility for debt collection onto us. They could try and sue us. Let them waste their money and time. We will publish any attempt to silence us.

Our process involves from weekly to hourly.

Our process involves from weekly to hourly. We can contact the debtor hourly if we wish. Either at home or work numbers.

Initially we send a letter with information on the debt being transferred to us and a demand letter for full settlement. After that, we use other direct methods; however, we send snail mail from time to time.

Our process involves all media to emphasize our commitment to having the debtor pay.

Refer them back to their website it has all the details they need to make an offer. We prefer they did not see our website. they might preempt what we might do.

Refer them to the FAQ for debtors on their personal website

Report IMEEDIATELY to the police. That is a criminal act.

This law is primarily aimed at businesses collecting from consumers. It states how businesses and their debt collecting agents should treat customers fairly. However, we have advantages in that we are collecting as a creditor plus the law is aimed at collecting consumer debts. We believe that legally your debt was not a consumer debt. Make no bones about it, the debtor will try to use this law in saying we are being unfair – yes, they will state we are being unfair. It is they that have not paid.

See FDCPA it is all but the same in the UK. You have to be fair to your debtor and they can do what they want.

The short answer is no, as we only make money if we collect from the debtor. However, it is quite possible that our actions have a detrimental to the persistent nonpayer.

So that other creditors and interested parties can contact the debtor. We assume they are not secret. It is one of the easiest ways for a website to be optimised to focus attention on the debtor.

Surely you could. However, a website takes more than an hour to make – no matter what the like of GoDaddy say. You are going to spend at least 40 hours to make it look even remotely professional.

As soon as GoDaddy get a complaint, your website will be taken down. You then have to start all over again

Most web designers will walk away. They have their reputations to worry about. At the mere hint of a problem they will take your website down.