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moorcroft debt recovery

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

This article is not exclusively about Moorcroft Debt Recovery and the Moorcroft Group. Nor is it a legal loophole to get you out of debt. Nor is it, to persuade lenders to use Moorcroft debt recovery or any of its debt solutions competitors.

What we will explain is information that is not widely distributed. Everyone talks about the law. We will talk about our inside knowledge of how debt collection companies work.

We have no axe to grind as this article will cover us, you, lenders, debt collectors and the law. In that order.

There are 100’s and 1,000’s of debt recovery companies in the UK, USA, and Australia. They all basically follow the same path. A bit like follow the money.

Firstly: Information About Us

What gives us the right to talk about debt collection. We have had many roles as employees and our own business in the debt collection and lending world for 4 decades. From doorstep lending to deals worth 100’s of millions. Asset repossession to writing off debt – permanently. We give you access to the inside workings of lending and collection institutions.

Our biggest piece of information is that what man can make, man can amend. By this we mean if anyone and we mean anyone says that something cannot be done or undone – they are simply lying. Debts can be written off. Credit bureau records can be undone. The LAW can be circumvented – as long as it is in the debtors (you) favour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moorcroft

  • What is the email address of Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

    [email protected]. You can use this email address for all sorts of questions. General enquiries, complaints, and compliance. If you are not good on the phone, ask them to make this your primary contact method. They will ask you to jump through a few hoops. Ay least this gives you a copy of all their responses and timings.

  • What is Moorcroft debt recovery phone number?

    0330 123 9765. This number is NOT a premium number. You can use this to make payments, ask for you balance. It is also a helpline for people who are struggling with debt. You can use it to ask for the file they hold on you which can be had for FREE. Another question to ask is that a transcript of the call to be sent to you. Either a paper transcript or an audio file.

  • Is Moorcroft Group legitimate?

    You can bet your last penny that it is. It has every licence you could imagine. They have more lawyers making sure that they are properly registered than most financial institutions. Do not waste your time querying if they are legitimate.

  • Who do Moorcroft collect debts for?

    They collect for a whole crowd of companies and industries: water, gas, and electricity companies. Banks and financial institutions. In addition, they collect debts for local, regional, and national government departments. They are also highly active in the telecommunications industry.

  • Can you complain about Moorcroft?

    YES. Best place is to start with is their complaint hotline – 06161 475 2970. Remember the people on these lines are highly trained; no matter what you believe or think. This is the place to start before you start writing to the financial ombudsman. Ask for a transcript of your conversation or copy of the audio file. Ask for this at the beginning of the call. 

  • What is Moorcroft Debt Recovery address?

    If you want to write to Moorcroft about you account, copy of file request, or general information, the address is: It might be an idea to send your letter by recorded delivery and have it signed for.
    2 Spring Gardens,
    SK1 4AA

  • Are Moorcroft allowed to buy my debt?

    This is something you have to check in your original agreement. There should be a section of how your account can be assigned. You can ask Moorcroft or your original lender for a copy of this highlighting the area that allows either the sale, transfers or use of third party debt collectors. You might need a lawyer to do this for you.

  • Who should I write to at Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

    They always say aim for the highest. This might mean doing some leg work and expense. You can obtain a full report of the directors and shareholders at companies’ House. However here are a few of them (as of October 2020): Andrew James McRoberts (company secretary), Rodney Neil McRoberts, Neil George McRoberts, Amanda Martin McRoberts. Here is one potential email address [email protected]

  • Can Moorcroft debt recovery enter my premises?

    NO – they cannot, unless you invite them. They are debt collectors NOT enforcement agents.

  • Can I refuse to discuss my debt with Moorcroft?

    Absolutely yes. The original lender or service supplier has to talk to you if you wish. Your lender or provider cannot reassign the obligations under your contract. One of their obligations is to discuss your account with you. Therefore, if they say you will have to speak to Moorcroft, inform your lender they are breaking the law and you wish them to write to you repeating what they have just said to you.  After that you could, and we say could (not demand) that they amend/write off your debt. Indeed many of them will have recordings – always ask them to email you a mp3 or transcript of your conversation.

  • What if I cannot afford to pay Moorcroft debt recovery?

    Fill out an income and expense statement. Be completely honest about it. We can assure you that it is not in the interest of Moorcroft or your lender to try and get money out of a stone. Do not try and blame the salesman etc. for getting you overindebted – they will always defend their introducers. Take it on the chin and send them a statement. You might just find that they will write it off or take a token payment. They have an obligation to treat customers fairly.

  • Can I avoid pay my Moorcroft debt?

    Of course, you can avoid it – however it will not go away. Remember that you have used someone’s money or service and they deserve being paid. If you cannot pay them, they deserve to be told the truth. Invest an hour or 2 and it will be resolved forever. Be courteous and pleasant at all times. The people you are speaking to only came in to do a day’s job. It is not personal it is simply their job. We assure you that you will feel better once it is put to bed and resolved.

  • Can Moorcroft Debt Group write off my debt

    The answer is probably yes. If they have purchased your debt from your lender they can write it off, if they have a good reason. If Moorcroft are acting as a third party debt collector, they can recomend to your creditor that your account should be written off. The simplest (and only) way to achieve this is to complete a financial statement and a short letter explaining your over indebtedness and inability to pay. Give them a valid reason to strike off your debt.

  • Does Moorcroft have to be registered with the FCA

    Yes they do, and yes they are. If you want to dig a bit deepeer into who they are and what they are allowed to to you can visit Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA has all the details you would need to make a thorough investigation of your own. However, you would only require this information if you beleive they have done something wrong in the way they are treating you.

  • Does Moorcroft Debt Recovery have to abide by the Data Protection Laws

    They certainly must. And you can check they have a valid registration at the Information Commsioners Office website. Never let data protection get in the way of resolving issues. Many debt collection agencies make it difficult to discuss your account because they want your personal information. If they say they need further information to discuss your account you can write to them and inlcude a secret password that they can use. Or simply say that all discussion will have to be by letter and them write to the most senior person you can find.
    Remember that the DPA is not an excuse not to resolve your account. We know we were there when it was being introduced and the red tape maniacs have went over board as the years have passed

Acceptance And Remorse

Maybe some strong words when dealing with a debt collection company. However, if you want to succeed in getting great result you need to occupy the moral high ground. They probably have the legal high goriund , so you play to your strengths.

We will assume that the debt is yours. Simply accept it, no amount of arguing or screaming will change that. This allows you to move to a stage on resolving the situtation. If you have a genuine complaint and by that we don not mean something minor, like a letter wrong in your name or the way the member of Moorcroft Debt spoke to you. If you have a serious dispute about the ownership of the debt write to them. If it is not valid, you have wasted YOUR time.

Remorse is your way of understanding that you have wasted your money on whatever and you now are expected to pay for the goods you used. Genuine remorse will go a long way to creating a great rapport.

Once you have accepted that it is your debt and that you have genuine remorse, you will obtain a seriously good result with any debt collection agency or lender.

Your Moorcroft Debt

Let us get this right – Moorcroft debt recovery are contacting you because you entered into an agreement. It could have been for anything: a phone, personal loan, car finance, utilities, home mortgage, boat loan, room rental. Just about anything where you had the use of something with the promise of future payments.

The first thing for you to do is simply accept your indebtedness. Do not try and become a legal expert trying to find a loophole. Debt collection companies like Moorcroft group and credit collection services have heard it all before.

Do not try and say they have no right to collect the debt. You can be sure that Moorcroft and the lender have had legal opinion on their ability to do so. There is an addendum to this that many people ignore and which we have personal (painful) experience of. The actual debt (income stream) can be assigned but not the obligations of the lender. Keep this in mind for later.

Income And Expenditure

Put some work into creating your own personal income and expenditure spreadsheet. Many debt collection agencies want you to use their version and I am sure Moorcroft group are no different.

You can create the spreadsheet over many weeks or even a month of 2. This is going to help you. Add the things they might not usually consider. Gambling, alcohol, smoking, obesity. Be honest with yourself. It might lead to a better lifestyle.

Writing things down makes it easier to deal with. It makes it easier to discuss your financial situation with debt collectors or debt attorneys. Or self help groups. There are groups in your area that can help. However, it is a good idea to be prepared.

Never, Never, Never

2 things you must not do.

  1. Never threaten violence. Keep the moral high ground.
  2. Never offer a payment you cannot make, just to keep the person on the phone happy. They get paid for promises being made. However, it is better for them and you to make an offer you can keep.

Your Original lender

The reason that Moorcroft debt recovery are chasing you is because someone lent you something. The lender will have done everything, insomuch that it can, to ensure you could repay. Although there are caveats here

  1. They were not given your real facts. Either by you or the lenders staff or introducer. There lending decision was made on the facts that they were given. They will assume that it was you, as you have signed the agreement.  It is difficult, but not impossible to prove otherwise. Notwithstanding that – if you have had use of the item or service that the credit was granted the lender can use that as a defence. However, we do not want to get involved in legal terminology.
  2. There was a large deposit made on an asset which they can quickly resell. Possibly quicker than the loan/rental term. However, this type of repossession is becoming more difficult for the credit grantor.

Notwithstanding that your debt has been sold to Moorcroft or they are collecting on behalf of your lender. The lender still has to uphold his obligations. And in turn, Moorcroft debt recovery ltd has to uphold those obligations. Generally, data protection and treating customers fairly. Once again, just because the lender has deviated a little from their obligations it might not eradicate your debt. They cam always rely on the law to enforce.

You do not want to go to court. The lender can afford better debt attorneys and collection lawyers.

Here is something that all lenders know or should know. People defaulting has rarely bankrupted a lender. Fraud is the death knell of a lender. And more often that not this comes from within or from you dealer network. Seek your savings there and not investing in better debt collection methods.

Advice To Lenders

Invest in real underwriting. Spend time there and your debt collections teams can be reduced. Put debt collectors in charge of lending. Mix up you credit and risk teams.  If you have a credit control department – close it until you have a better name for it. Maybe Good Business Creation or something – anything. 

By the by lenders – ensure that you debt recovery solution provider uses voice analysis. In addition, make sure 1 of your people who knows how it works. You can then add in your own keywords and phrases. Saves a lot of time reporting.

One of the top most concerns for debt collection agency is their ability to exist. It will come to an end.

The Law

Debt collection law or debt recovery recourse through the courts is the last thing you want to become embroiled in. Do not cut your nose off to spite your face. The likes of Moorcroft Group and Credit Collection Services have teams of debt lawyers on their payroll or on contingency.

Unless you want to become a martyr, we suggest other ways of resolving the issue.

Remember the law gives you the minimum protection – and we mean this in a good way. Debt collectors can give you a better deal than the law allows. ALWAYS. We know, we have done it many times.

Debt Collection Solutions

In this section, we have suggestions for all concerned. Each of the suggestions are beneficial to all parties. None of these debt collection solutions favour one party.

Debt With Collection Agency

Just because your debt has been transferred or sold or being collected by a debt collection agency: it is still you that is in control. You have something they want. They want your money or they want you off their books.

Many people like yourself has googled debt with collection agency to get some help. Mostly you will get debt consolidators hoping to make some money from you. Or debt lawyers wanting to give you advice.

However if you have searched for impartial advice using debt with collection agency you will find it here. Some you might like and some you might not want. It will not go away unless you deal with it. What is for sure the more pf their time you take up the more they want to get you off their books.

You might want to remember if one debt collection agency returns your debt to the lender, it may well end up with another firm of collectors. Keep all records; either paper, calls or electronic. If possible record personal visits.

Pre Repossession

We have to assume a few things here. You can no longer afford the car/boat/house/phone or whatever. It might sound harsh – but you can survive without this item. We know this is a hard decision. However, maybe you can obtain a similar asset or item form a different supplier. Just think about that and do a bit of research.

Here is what you want. You want debt for the current item to “go away”.

The lender or debt recovery agency want to resolve this as cheaply and quickly as possible. No matter what they say, they really do not want to go to court to have their asset returned.

Inform them that you will return their asset (car, phone, boat or whatever) on the following conditions:

  1. There will be no payment of the arrears
  2. There will be no payment requited on the shortfall of the sale of the asset
  3. All details of the loan will be removed from credit bureau register. This can be done, and it is quite easy. If the lender says they cannot do it – tell them to speak to their data controller.

It is a simple letter; here is our suggestion

Dear (lender)
Your Details
I write regarding the above. I will allow you or your agents to take possession of (describe the asset) on the following grounds.
That is it. We used this many times for people who we considered to have been hoodwinked or experienced unexpected changes to their life.

Post Repossession

Lets us tell you how much your post repossession or sold debt can be worth. We were once involved in the sale of “post repossession of distressed debt” in the UK. Fancy talk for bad debt. The average balance was £2,600 and the total balances involved were in excess of £100,000,000. It took us 8 months to put the pack together and another 6 months to “sell” to the debt purchase company. Who were similar to all debt collection companies.

The debt was sold for £1,300,000. Which is 1.3%. Add some expenses and we are at 2%. This gives you an idea of what your personal debt is worth to the debt collector. Admittedly some debt is worth more and some a lot less.

Why would a lender sell the debt to Moorcroft Debt Recovery? Their option is to completely write off. Many lenders want to lend – they do not want huge collection departments.  Debt collection is specialised. Not everyone is suited to be a professional debt collector.

The directors of the company we worked for were over the moon to get rid of 40,000 customers and pocket £1.3 million.

Negotiating With Debt Collection Company

It costs a debt recovery agency truly little to keep calling you and sending you emails. They are all automated until you do something. What does cost them, is interaction with you.

The art of negotiation is fairly simple. Start low and move slowly. Move the same amount each time, no matter what they say. It will cost them time and money to consider your offer. In addition, if you ever go to court, you can state that the lender or Moorcroft debt collection or whatever debt collection agency is obtuse.

Make them an offer in writing. “I offer you xxx in full and final payment of (describe loan/account) on or before xxx date.

Be reasonable with date. Not too short and not too long.

If you are a bit on the cheeky side, ask them to remove records. However, that is up to them. They can if they want,

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Their motto is managing debt responsibly. Now, we have to question this.

From a purely business point of view. A lender uses risk based pricing. Therefore, it expects bad debts. If it is not using risk based pricing, it should be. If a debt goes bad it should be written off. Assume that the debtors have overextended unintentionally, or circumstances have changed.

It is in the price. Accept it and stop penny pinching. And that goes for all the other debt recovery agents in the UK. Recovery agencies in Australia and debt attorneys in the USA.

Voice Recording

Why do some debt collection companies and debt lawyers refuse to use voice analysis? It is cheaper than a team of people listening through sample conversations. It is to your advantage that calls are recorded. Many of the voice analysis recording software solutions allow audio or printed copies to be sent to you.

If Moorcroft debt are recording your conversation insist on a copy being sent to you. And that goes for any other debt collection company.

Here is what we think. They want to avoid compliance issues. Proper voice recording and analysis is difficult to manipulate.

Related Searches To Moorcroft Debt Recovery

The most often asked questions about MDRL are:

  1. Is Moorcroft debt recovery is it real?
  2. Will Moorcroft debt recovery take me to court?
  3. Can Moorcroft but my debt?

The simple answer to all of these is yes. Stop avoiding and start communication. Here is the thing. Contact them to see who they recommended that can give you free and impartial advice – they are obligated to tell you.

Alternative To Moorcroft Debt Recovery

If you see any of the following: seek advice. Many of these companies are out to make a profit. Seek out a debt charity of citizens advice in your local area.

  1. Debt management plan
  2. Consolidation loan
  3. Debt arrangement scheme
  4. Individual voluntary arrangement

Companies offering these will have a fee. That is not to say they are not an option. Consider carefully.

Is Moorcroft Debt Recovery Real

Indeed it is. If others tell you to ignore them out of hand, think on your own behalf. Alternatively, there is government advice on what to do if your are overwhelmed by personal debt.

Nearly all the advice on the web about Moorcroft Debt Collection is from companies offering and IVA (individual volutary arrangement). These are arranged by a “qualified” person. An IVA will often last 5-6 years.

You might consider negotiating with creditors on your own behalf. Doing it on your own can be rewarding. If you are not up to it – or you have many debts. Ask a non profit what you can do. Or try and increase your income with earning or saving

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