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Not a Listing – Not A Directory – No Side By Side Competition

There are 60,000+ monthly searches in the USA for personal injury lawyers or personal injury attorney on Google. This figure does not include searches on Bing, nor does it include similar or broad match search terms.

We will enhance your opportunity to attract this profitable traffic economically and with modest effort on the part of your firm.

Google AdWords would cost your firm anything from $50 to $150 per click. And you can never be sure if the clicks are bone fide. We offer a fixed fee, minimal cost, no nonsense solution for 24/7 web presence in (state). 

Our website has 3 pages dedicated to personal injury attorneys and lawyers. These are:

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Relevant Information

  • Our website is designed to appear as a personal, but specialized blog. It provides just enough information to prompt and encourage the visitor to look for a professional personal injury lawyer.
  • We deliver layman’s information without giving away the family silver. It provokes the web visitor to click on an advert.
  • We are a content management portal. Our focus is on gaining clicks to our advertisers’ websites at a fraction of the cost of Google and Bing.
  • Research states that page 1 visibility will see a 30%+ click through rate. Whilst a top 3 position could gain a 75% click through rate.
  • Our posts contain the main keyword in URL’s which Backlink state will increase CTR by 45%.
  • We are focused on creating a website that will filter potential clients to professional law firms like yours.
  • As your website has a domain authority of les than 40, you are unlikely to gain top position in Google without your competitors focusing on you and creating a vicious cycle of website investment. Your other option is to pay Google a small fortune for each click through AdWords.
  • Above the fold is before paragraph 3 and below the fold is after paragraph 3.
  • Once a page is sponsored no other adverts will appear on the page that you have chosen.
  • A visitor to our pages dedicated to personal injury lawyers are highly unlikely to visit other pages within our website. However, these other pages give the website unprecedented real estate space and attraction on Google and Bing.
  • As at today’s date we have 22,000 page views and 2,900 unique visitors.
  • Our mission is to constantly update and promote these pages organically. Giving potential visitors to our website a source of substance and useful information.
  • Your banner is perceived as a recommendation, not an advert or sponsor.
  • We use sophisticated geo targeting software so that your firm’s banners appear only in your state, city, or country.

Our Offer For Unmatched Promotion

  1. A low-cost investment to your firm, either above or below the fold banner, adverts for on all 3 pages. The fee can be discussed. This is the annual fee payable in advance. This will be a fraction of Google AdWords.
  2. An option for year 2. We will contact you 2 months before expiry of year 1.
  3. You can opt for above or below the fold. Or both. In addition, you can choose more than one state.
  4. Should you require different banners for different cities in your state we can arrange at an additional cost.
  5. Unlike Google AdWords your fee is fixed. There are no constant increases in prices. Google costs adjust as other legal firms start bidding on relevant keywords.
  6. Adverts will run from 1st May 2021 until 30th April 2022.

Technical And Useful Information

  • Our website pages have relevant interlinking (siloing) to increase effectiveness. Currently 1,100+. We can send accurate report if required.
  • If you and the other firms we have contacted click on any of our links it is already improving the page rankings in Google and Bing. This is all part of the independent cooperation.
  • com will be 1 year old on 1st of March 2021 and gains momentum daily. This anniversary is important for Google as it recognizes persistence and reliability. Gaining our website relevance and higher rankings.
  • RankMath analyzes pages for ranking ability on Google. An excellent score is 80. All of our pages are 90+. Another detail that increases our Google visibility.
  • We can monitor and report how many clicks on your banners.
  • 200+ lower value relevant keywords and search terms that are constantly updated. If you can nail these low value terms, Google recognizes you for the big value search terms. This takes time and persistence to integrate them meaningfully.
  • Regular social media outreach and blogging over several platforms. Essential to have regular updates to keep all of us in the forefront of internet searches.
  • Adverts are not rotated with other firms. Your banner becomes a static feature on the 3 pages referred to.
  • Schema markup for HowTo and FAQ. Makes the web pages more clickable, leading to more visitors to (firm)
  • AMP and mobile usability.
  • Sitemaps updated dynamically.
  • Disavowing poor and bad links to maintain a viable online reputation with Google and Bing.
  • Cloud hosting through Siteground hosting which is exceptionally good.
  • Content Distribution Networks offers easy access and quick responses to website visitors.
  • is reaching its 12 month anniversary, which is important to Google. Most websites do not earn trust from Google until they have at least 1 year under their belt
  • Outbound links are valuable and has 567 unique outbound URL’s in 757 links. These increase weekly.
  • We closely monitor broken links and disavow poor links and create excellent new ones.
  • We constantly revive old posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. This gives an opportunity for new visitors to be captured.
  • Domain Authority is 65 which gives us exceptional internet visibility. The average for firms competing with us is 32.
  • Website has 60,000 word count. All content is unique and optimised for Google visibility. We constantly add new content
  • Many pages and posts are in excess of the 2,500 words to ensure visibility on page 1 of Google
  • All posts have Sitelinks on Google, giving them more real estate pace on search result.

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