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How To Easily Find The Best Debt Collectors In Scotland

Debt Collectors In Scotland

Debt Collectors In Scotland

You will have no lack of choices looking for debt collectors in Scotland.  If you search Google you will receive 1,340,000 results, 10 adverts and 8 suggestion for other search terms. By using our tips of the trade, you can reduce the results down to a more manageable 20 results and no ads!

If you desire a visual look at debt recovery firms in Scotland, we can show you how to easily do that (at the bottom of page).

The solution we demonstrate to you is fantastic, if you are looking for debt collector near you. Or you are outside Scotland and you need a Scottish debt collector. More importantly you might need a debt recovery agent who is located near your debtor.

Scottish debt collection has some major differences from the rest of the UK. You need to use a Scottish based debt collection agency.

Nearer the debtor is better than nearer you. It means the agent can visit more often – if need be.

debt collectors in Scotland

You will learn how to use Google operators to find exactly what you want. This technique will certainly reduce the results to debt recovery UK companies. Reducing the time it takes you to find a suitable debt collecting company in Scotland.

allintitle: debt collectors scotland
allinurl: debt collectors scotland

All you do is copy and paste either of the above into a google search bar/box. Your results are now reduced to 2,610 and 3,660, respectively. These numbers are dynamic and change form hour to hour. But it is far easier for you to review a few thousand results than several million.

Insider Tips On Searching For Debt Collectors in Scotland

You will find more than a few solutions in the following paragraphs. There will be one particularly suited to you. Each solution becomes more focused and concentrated. You can mix and match the search terms until you find exactly what you are looking for.

These tips of the trade will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. And your money.

However one must keep on mind that the long term life of you chosen DCA could be limited.

Debt Recovery Scotland

You would think that searching debt recovery rather than debt collectors would return similar results. That is an emphatic NO! 8,000,000+ results for this search term.

That is an unbelievable amount of results for you to plough through. If most people were honest, they would be overwhelmed and look at a couple and “get it over with”.

Insider Tip #1

So back to Mr. Google’s operators allinurl and allintitle.

allinurl: debt recovery Scotland
allintitle: debt recovery Scotland

This reduces the ridiculous amount of results into 1,000’s rather than time consuming millions. It allows you to make a better choice; quickly and easily.

Debt Collection Companies Scotland

You are never going to believe what number of results this provides. As the more words there are in a search term, the more results. On this occasion 23,000,000. If you are an international debt collector or lender, this looks like a lost case.

You can use “parentheses” and search “Debt Collection Companies UK” and the numbers are miraculously reduced to 40,000.  

However perhaps even this reduction in search results for a debt collector or a debt collection company in the UK is not good enough for you. You want to know exactly where they are. Or are they good enough for you.

Let us go back to our initial search for debt collectors Scotland.

Debt Collectors in Scotland

We are going to show you one of Google’s most awesome and breathtaking tools. One has to assume though, that any company worth its salt is registered or connected to Google in some shape or form. Not only does this show you the location it includes reviews. Though you can take a review for what it might be worth. However generally their value averages out over time.

We are ready to show you a quick video on how to use Google Maps. This is not edited and is the actual time you will invest. From 50 – 60 seconds.

Map To Success

The Easiest Way to Use Google

How To Find Debt Collectors in Scotland 15 minutes

Google Maps

How To Easily Find The Best Debt Collectors In Scotland

Find and open Google maps.

Enter the town of your debtor

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Always try to find a debt collector near the debtor

Service you require

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You can search for debt collector or debt lawyer or repossession agent.

Make a choice

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Make a list of 3 and call them. Have your questions prepared.

You will: Choose from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh or even the smallest village.

  1. Open google maps
  2. Change search details to Edinburgh
  3. Type debt collectors into search box
  4. Further investigate Edinburgh:
    1. moving map
    1. increasing/decreasing size with +/- on bottom right hand
  5. click on red markers to research debt collectors

You will clearly see that when we click on the red marker it highlights the company on the left sidebar (or pops up), giving you the address, reviews, and website etc.

None of the debt recovery companies or debt lawyers that we click show, are not be considered a recommendation. It is only for demonstration purposes.

Other Location Based Services

This has nothing to do with debt recovery companies or debt collectors. There are many of you who will realise that using google maps is awesome for discovering any location based service.

After finding the location type in any service that you require.

Are You A Debtor Living in Scotland

If you are a Scottish based debtor living in Scotland, beware of what looks like an advice website. They will inevitably lead to a fee charging website. You can visit Stepchange or CAB for free advice. These should be your first port of call.

Are Debt Collectors Legal In Scotland

Debt collection agents in Scotland are legal. However, what they can do is limited. Notwithstanding that they may say stuff that worries you. They can ASK but RARELY demand action. They are allowed to contact you at a reasonable time without embarrassing you.

Agents representing themsleves for debt collection in Scotland should not be confused by Sheriff officers. Debt collection agents will request payment whereas sheriff officers can take your belongings. Seek advice before a sheriff appears.  

Comments and Suggestions

You have read and seen our ideas. If you have any suggestions about debt collectors in Scotland or debt recovery agents in the Scotland – everyone would like to hear them. Recommendations or otherwise.

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australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

How to Quickly Plan Effective Australian Debt Recoveries

australian debt collector

Australian Debt Recoveries

Probably your first port of call on Australian debt recoveries is a search on google. This particular search will net you 1,300,000+ results. Not much use if you are looking for something more specific.

Reading our article for 10 minutes will save you hours of struggling through volumes of google search pages. You will find our tips truly awesome, for researching any location for a multitude of services. From debt collectors to bakers or great bars.

Consider this our personal guide to help you with Australian debt recoveries.

How to find an Australian Debt Collector in 5 Mins

Speedy and Easy 5 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer Open google maps. It will probably show the location you are in. Go to step 2

Enter a location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

In the top lest hand search box enter a location. It could be Australia or Brisbane or Sydney. You can enter anything from a country down to an individual street. No limits.

Enter Service Required

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might require a business to business collection agent or a personal debt collection agent. You can try a few variations.

Click On Marker

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You will see red markers. Click on one to see the full details of the business you might want to use.

Make The Call

australian debt recoveries-1536x1536

You need to call them. not email or SMS. You need to know that they can think on their feet. Have some basic questions ready. Experience, cost, tine scale, success rate etc

Sample Search

Here is a typical example of a search for debt collector in Brisbane.

Debt Collectors Australia

What you probably need is a method in which to find debt collectors in Australia. As with the above, if you simply search google you will be inundated with 3.5 million search results! Plus, a couple of dozen adverts. You can narrow the search by using google operators:

Our 2 favorites are:

  • allinurl: debt collectors australia – this will return a more helpful 305 results
  • allintitle: debt collectors australia – returning a more manageable 510 results

This is the method that international and interstate companies will use to find trading partners. They will then assign your debtor to a third party.

Occasionally Google will flash up a warning saying that they recognize unusual activity on your computer.  They do not like you using their search engine tools – which they built to make things easier. Its as though they want to keep it a secret. Just click in the box and continue.

How to find nationwide debt collectors in Australia. or visi this page if you are intersted in an international debt collection agency. It has information to hep you locate a suitable agnet for you, no matter where in the world.

You can get more detailed information by visiting our pages covering:

On our pages you will find our simple guide to finding a debt collector in Australia – easily.

Googles Not So Secret Search Engine

To make your search even easier you have to give Google maps a try. It is easy to add “near me” or “Australia” at the end of a search. However, this can be miss and hit. The video below shows how to complete an effective search in awesome detail. But the basics are:

  1. Open google maps
  2. Search for Australian debt collection agencies or Australia debt collectors

It all becomes very apparent in 54 seconds. Have a look at our video showing you how to use Goolge maps to locate a great Australian agent.

The instruction for cities is different. Simply visit the links above. If your location city our town is not on our list, simply substitute your city in the search box.

Australian Debt Agency List

The biggest players in Australian debt collection are:


These 2 Australian debt collectors focus on different aspects of debt collecting. Ausdebt focus on software solutions for business. Whereas debtrecoveries focus on; you guessed it. Debt recoveries from consumers and businesses.

On the face of it you would appear not to have many options to recover your debts. If you are collecting single international debts, small business debts or personal debts then option 2 is not for you.

On the other hand, if you choose option #1, the absolute minimum commission you are going to part with is 11%. There is no doubt that for skip tracing they would be your first choice. They have data on debtors that probably no other Australian debt agency owns. If you know otherwise, leave a comment.

They offer some free templates that are useful, when trading in Australia.

  1. tax invoice
  2. letter of demand
  3. credit application and terms

Prushka Fast Debt Recovery

When discussing debt recovery in Australia, you must mention Prushka fast debt recovery. I am neither promiting this comapny of detailing how to handle them. It is just some information.

Prushka state they have 60,000 clients. The question here for trust is what does this mean? Is it active clients? Or does it include budines colelcting on one debt? At nearly $40 per letter you could send a reminder letter or final demand letter yourself. Then you are going to part with at least 11% on debt collected plus any “other” fees. Read the small print.

They advertise a credit control department. That is another question. Are they deciding to who you might ectend credit or is it what it should be called a debt collection department. Our advice when we did telpehine ollection was not that we were credit control. We were debt collectors – simple. We did what it said on the tin.

What you need with a debt collection firm is someone who sayd we will have a look and let you know if it is worth persuing. Or you might want to take debt action via the internet.

General Debt Advice

Australian Debt Agency List

Make sure your customer or debtor is able to pay you. Never throw good money after bad. If it is something different you want to achieve; Resolute Collections has various services, we can offer at a fixed debt collection fee.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Will I Be Successful?

Depends. 2 cornerstone pillars – make sure debtor has money and be quick. Early bird catches the worm (snake).

What If The Debtor Has No Money?

Debtors rarely have money when you ask them! Get a professional debt collector or use one of our solutions.

Will I Get All My Money Back

Negotiation or litigation. The former can be quick whilst the latter can get all your money back eventually. Lawyers and debt collectors are great negotiators.

Commercial Collection Agency

If you are looking for a debt collector or commerical collection agency, we have a page on that subject. Many agencies specialise and understand the law when dealing with companies. You will discover many debt recovery providers in niches, to make recovering your debt as stress free and as succcesful as possible.

Your Comments and Stories

We love to share your successes or otherwise regarding Australian debt recoveries and debt collectors. 5 minutes of your time could save a business or someone’s life savings. Or email us and we try and find a solution for you.

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small business debt collection

How To Guide For Small Business Debt Collection

small business debt collection

Small Business Debt Collection

For the purpose of clarification, when we speak of small business debt collection, this article is for the creditor. It is to highlight the options for a small business to collect their debt cheaply and quickly.

A large debt or several small debts defaulting, can bring a small business to its knees. This is especially true if the debtor goes into bankruptcy, flees, or simply will not pay you.

How To Collect Small Business Debt

Quick and Easy 10 minutes

Move Quickly

The quicker you move the better. Get the final demand letter to them and make a deadline

Is There Money?

Does the company have money NOW. Pay me today or tomorrow. If they do not pay you – start step 3. No waiting. Start the clock ticking

Move Quicker

Start court proceedings within a maximum of 60 days overdue.

No Success?

Think out of the box. Maybe there is something in our box.

Your Options

The great aspect of modern technology is that small businesses can leverage the power of the largest debt collection agencies. But this can only work if the debtor has something to pay with. Many customers suddenly become professional nonpayers by hiding their assets. And with international banking and travel so simple – they can simply transfer cash to anywhere.

business debt collection

So, what are the debt collection options for a small business.

The first step is to send a reminder letter and a final demand. These letters HAVE TO BE followed up with a professional phone call. Your reminder, final demand and call must be within 30 days of payment being due. Either you or a professional must create a small business debt collection letter.

A telephone call should always be preceded by a reminder letter or email. It gives your call “legitimacy”. With over 40 years’ experience we understand that you need to refer to something.  

You can do this yourself or have a debt collection agent do it for you. A small business debt collection agent is the better option. However, make sure you understand the fees and commission.

  1. No emotion. Neither you nor the agent should be angry, sad, or aggressive.
  2. Debt collection agencies have heard every story in the book. DCA’s deal with this day in and day out. An excuse being only an excuse. It is not a reason for nonpayment. There are no reasons, apart from fraud.
  3. A collector should remain focused on the debt – nothing else. Not charges nor extra fees. Do not become distracted. Be focused on collecting the debt, first and foremost.

Small Business Debt Collection Outsourced

The step above is reasonably cheap and works quickly. You certainly know if the debtor will pay or not. However, they have not paid you. You really need a professional at this point. There is really only 1 important decision. A debt collection agent near you or near the debtor.

If you search google for business debt collection agent, you will be given millions of results. Literally, millions of pages including some adverts. Here we give you the solution to finding a suitable debt collector. We have used Sydney. You can use your location or the debtor’s location.

This will work for you locally, interstate or internationally. Its is Google, so its free and it is the tool that debt collection agencies use to outsource their assignments.

Simply open google maps. In the top left search box insert the location you require. Once the location has been found you can search the for the service you want, business debt collection, debt attorney or lawyer etc

Your Questions Answered

Why Should I Move Quickly

Generally the sooner the better.

Should I Stop Process With A Promise Of Payment?

Never. The process stops when you are fully paid.

What if Business Is Bust

Write it off and never worry about it. Or chase the business owners, if you believe that is the right thing to do.

Can I Sell My Small Business Debt

Yes. However 2 things to consider. You will not reive the face value of the debt – maybe as little as 10% or less. You can assign the income, but not the responsibilites of any contract – even though they have not paid you. Choose a reputable firm to sell to.

Business Debt Collector Fees

A business debt collector is going to charge you a fee and you have to decide if it is worth it or not. There are many things to consider that only you know. Is it personal or just business? A fee for debt collection to vary from 15% of the debt to far more. You might even lose more money.

Business Debt Collection – The Initial Decision

Genrally speaking if you are trying to collect from a business, the debtor company will know what they are doing. You are not the first to try and collect from them. Have a good, cold look at why you allowed them credit in the first place. Did they accept the terms too quickly? Have you had previous experience? Did they gradually increase their indebtness over time? Was the salesman being paid handsome commisions on the sale and not the payment? Did they have to pay a reasonable deposit? Was the decision made on GUT instinct?

If YOU have failed on making a properly informed decision, the chances of recovering the debt are slim. Before you even commence a debt collection process have someone look at your credit vetting. If you got that wrong, you might learn something. The cost of that decision could be to write off the debt and getting back your your core business.

If it is a large debt, find a professional debt collector. If the debt was small, chalk it up to experience. However do not allow that experience to hinder your business by not allowing credit sales.

Final Decision On Business Debt

Is it all worth it? You might have to invest some cash. Is your time better invested in finding new business? Is your expectations of collecting your debt too ambitious? How long will it take the debtor business to pay you?

However, you do not want to be seen as an easy touch. The word does get out. Although you have to watch your P’s and Q’s because of data protection etc., the debtor can say anything they please. There are solutions to that scenario.

You could choose a commercial collection agency. They specialise in business debt and understand the law. Use our tips on how to find an agent near you or near your debtor. It will save you time and grief. us eth tools the professionals use. They are free!

Sell the debt. There are buyers out there willing to buy distressed business debt. You will receive less than you thought.  But it is a relatively low involvement solution.

Resolute Collection Services

If you believe that your debtor is hiding assets you might consider our solutions. Sometimes the unusual works. At the very least, you see something being done.

small business debt collection agency near me

Comments On Debt Collection

If your business has had a great success with a small business debt, we would love to share it. 5 minutes of your time could save another business from failing.

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debt recovery services

How To Find the Best Debt Recovery Services

debt recovery services

Debt Recovery Services

You are going to find uncountable Debt Recovery Services providers on the internet. The good news is that finding one that suits your needs, is simple. As long as you know “your debt” and you have a clear and reasonable understanding of the solution you want.

When these are clear in your mind you can research the best debt collector to act on your behalf.

If you are looking for 100% recovery plus costs and for no win no fee, it might prove to be a bit more difficult. You might want to reconsider your expectations as the amount of time finding a service provider will prove difficult.

No Win No Fee

We are staring off with this offer from many companies. If you do not value your debt how can you expect Debt Recovery Services provider to value your debt.

A no win no fee company is going to cherry pick. Why will they invest in your debt and you are not? High commissions?

Debt Recovery Services – YOU

Many people and business try this with no plan. Collecting your own debt can be quite satisfying. However, you have to have a plan. Invest in a diary and lay down the steps you intend to take. From a simple debt collection letter to court action or something more inventive.

You have to be in control of the road to recovery. Keeping notes is imperative. You might have to hand the debt to someone else to handle and they will need meaningful information. A debtor rarely forgets what they have said or conveniently forgets what they have promised.

Debtor Promises
If the debtor breaks a promise do not dwell on it. Get back immediately to resolving the debt that they owe you. It is truly pointless talking about broken promises – utterly useless.

With a broken promise, always revert back to your original contract and create a new solution.

Do Nothing

debt recovery services

Write the debt off and get on with your life. It is pointless trying to get blood out of a stone. If it is simply a way to vent your frustration, Resolute Collections have solutions that could do that for you. Value for money, effective and satisfying.

A by the by, nonpaying debt on your balance sheet is not an asset. It is a growing liability. Now go and argue that with your accountant.

Debt Recovery Services – Outsourcing

debt recovery services

There are more companies out there offering debt recovery services than there are debts! Maybe that is an exaggeration. There are a few items to consider when choosing an outsource company to collect your debt.

One thing you must remember with any outsourced debt collector it is your reputation at stake. No matter the contract and service level agreement. You are the one responsible for your reputation.

Selling Your Debt

Another choice of debt recovery services is debt purchasers. This sounds like a no brainer. But you will soon realise to get the best price, a debt buyer will want full history and a real customer contract. Unless you have been set up from the get-go this can be onerous.

A professional debt buyer will complete quite rigorous due diligence. You are going to have to open up your credit process.

Timing is critical to a debt recovery company. The older the debt will result in a reduced price.

Moorcroft Debt Collection

If you are looking for a debt collection agency with a huge exposure to the UK market, Moorcroft Recovery is up there with the big boys. We are not recomending anyone, however, they understand debt collection in the UK.

Concluding Debt Recovery Services

The choice for you is simple. There are only 4 major options:

  1. Do it your self
  2. Do nothing and write off
  3. Outsource
  4. Sell your debt

Decide on which option you desire and plan B. it is all about how much or how little time you want to invest. And, as we all know time is money. Invest your time in your business or collecting debt.

Do not dwell; time is of the essence.  

Do It Today

Debt Recovery In 15 Minutes 15 minutes

Open Google Maps

Best Method To Find A Great Commercial Collection service

Now The Location You Need

Debt finder by resolute collections

Now The Debt Service You Require

5 Simple Steps on How to Find an International Debt Collector

Review and Choose

You must call them. An email is not enough. If you feel uncomfortable – do not proceed. Start over again. 30 minutes invested now is better than months of regret.

Increase Your Business

A final thought. Once you know how to handle nonpayers, it allows you to relook at your credit control. The PURPOSE of credit control is to allow you to create sales not to diminish them. As we have all heard, the credit control are also know as the sales cancellation department. Make sure you do not have one of those.

Comments About Debt Collection

If you have any comments or information about debt recovery services we would love to share it on your behalf. You might be able to help other creditors.

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Debt Recovery Solutions

How To Find The Best Debt Recovery Solutions For You

Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions.

There are many debt recovery solutions and it only takes a few minutes to decide which is best for you. Just gather all the information together and sit in a quiet room. Someone has to make a decision about collecting it – and it appears to be you. Once you have made your decision, it is them time to execute the process. Carpe diem.

Cost Versus Reward

This is often the stage that nonprofessional debt collectors simply omit. They look at the value of the debt and nothing else. There is a whole lot of “else” to be looking at in debt recovery solutions:

  1. Does the debtor have the ability to repay? Investigate their financial status.
  2. Is the debtor a can pay and will not pay? This is a professional nonpayer. They are difficult to get a result out of. Unless you know what you are doing.
  3. Is it worth investing your time trying to get this money back or focusing on making money?
  4. How long will a debt collector take you to get your money back?
  5. Do you simply want to spite the person or company?
  6. Has the debtor moved out of your jurisdiction?
  7. Could it be dangerous?
  8. Can you take your emotion of pursuing this debt? Anger rarely is successful.
  9. Could you prove the debt in court?
  10. Is the debt actually important to you?

If you omit the above considerations, you could end up choosing the wrong debt recovery solutions.

Let us delve into your options. From creating a list to finding the perfect debt recovery agent for you. Your debt solution might be very close to you or your debtor.

Not Worth Pursuing Debt Recovery

This does not mean that the debt has no value. It simply means that it not worth your time and expense to chase after a lost cause.

There are many companies out there who will purchase debt from you. Check the purchaser’s agreement documentation – receive what they believe it is worth. Move on.

Many of the debt purchase companies have been undertaking debt purchase for years and have tons of data. They will give you a realistic value of your debt. This may not be what you believe the debt to be worth – as you see it at face value. Generally, it is in single figure percentages. Work on 3% sale price to evaluate if you want to invest your time in researching this option. Assume 2 – 5 working days to complete research and offer. Time from start to completion 2 weeks – 3 months for a single debt.

For some strange reason some debt collection services go under the nomenclature of credit collection services.

Spiteful Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions

This should be done with considerable thought. It could involve costs that are literally money after bad.

  1. Write to people in your trade, neighbourhood, their customers etc.
  2. Revenge website
  3. Constant contact – not harassment.

Resolute collections does not offer this as one of their debt recovery solutions. However, by the nature of the services we offer, it incorporates these choices.

Outsourcing Debt Recovery

This is a global business with many players in the industry. Many will charge no fee no win. However, the amount retained in commission is likely to be 40%. On the face of it this is one of the most popular debt recovery solutions. Sadly (as we know from 40 years’ experience) the reporting is at best – dubious. We have an entire article and FAQs on this subject.

Where there is no upfront fee, the companies cherry pick. Launching a debt collection strategy against a debtor has costs. So, they pick the easiest cases to collect.

Demand Letter Strategy

Unless you careful or lucky, most credit control departments will merely set upon a course of letters. Letters take time and the process is costly. Many credit managers think this is a recovery solution – it is not. Sending a letter merely gives someone legitimacy when they actually talk to the debtor.

Going to repeat ourselves, credit control are generally not the best debt recovery solutions. A strongly worded letter followed by another then another, does not impress a debtor. You can buy simple software to automate this.  

If you have a Credit control department it can be expensive. Look for another recovery solution and have credit controllers do their job.

Resolute Collections Solution.

If you are looking for “unusual debt recovery solutions”, it could be Resolute Collections.

  1. Intense
  2. Different
  3. Determined
  4. Resolute

We have been collecting debt for over 40 years, working in large global organizations and on our own. We are the thinking man’s debt collector. Resolute Collectors are not credit control nor risk advisors – we are debt collectors.  All we collect payments.

There is no “no upfront fee” option. Like you, we value our time. 

UK’s Biggest Players

Moorcroft debt collection is definatley one of the biggest in the United Kingdon. However, constant monitoring is required with the big players.

Cabot Group is another magalith of UK collections if you need major debt collection in the UK or international debt collections.

Expect fees and commissions on the high side.

Google Search Results

If you use the standard Google search for Debt Recovery Solutions you end up 65 million search results. You need to reduce this to a manageable number or you end up picking any old one.

#1 method to find the best debt solution

4 Simple Steps 15 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

This is best done on a laptop or desk top

Enter the location required

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

It is far better if the debt agent is near your debtor. Easier to collect or go to the local court.

Enter the service required – debt recovery solutions

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might need a simple private debt recovery investigations or a full bodied repossession. Or it might involve handing over a final demand letter in person.

Choose a firm and research

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Pick 2 or 3 to make some further research. Pick one and do some due diligence. It is then time to pass the debt – quickly. Time is of the essence.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for debt recovery solutions

Please tell your story in the area below. Your views are much appreciated.

Debt Collection Letter

How To Compose An Awesome Debt Collection Letter

debt collection letter

Debt Collection Letter

Making your debt collection letter appropriate for purpose – 1st time, is essential. It is from this letter that all future relationships with the debtor will be built on. Most people will have never sent a demand letter to a debtor and will probably get it wrong.

However, with a little advice and direction you will create a professional and meaningful image of yourself.

We do not offer or sell debt collection letter templates.

3 Basic principles of a debt collection letter

  1. Never, ever promise or threaten to do something that is either illegal, impossible, or impracticable.
  2. Always follow up on what you have said you will do in your debt collection letter.
  3. Stay calm and focused. Remain on the moral high ground at all times.

Facts On Your Demand Letter

It is absolutely imperative that you get the facts right: You must ensure these are correct on your debt letter template.

  1. Who the debtor is? Could be Jnr or Snr. Mrs., or Miss.
  2. What the debt is? Include any charges that are mentioned in the contract if you have one.
  3. Who you are? If you have moved address, ensure you use both addresses. Or you could be acting on someone’s behalf.
  4. If there is a contract, state what section has been broken. Do not simply refer to the terms of the agreement. Write the terms into the body of the debt collection letter. Eg:
    1. I refer to section 2 of our agreement which states that you will pay me in full on the [date] which you did not do.
    2. On the [date] we agreed that you would [do a certain task] on the [date] which you have not done.

Debt Letter Template

You will find various debt letter templates all over the web and as a rule most of them are not very good. Write your own or have a debt collection attorney write a letter for you. You can then use this as a template for future debt collection needs arise.

You can use our frequently asked questions to consider additions to your demand letter. Let your detor know what to expect without out and out threatening language.

Debt Collection Letter FAQ

  • Can I Send A Letter Anonymously

    Absolutely not. That sounds like you might be in the wrong or blackmailing. You have to use your details and make it as easy as possible for the recipient to reply.

  • Am I Oblidged To Send A Reminder Letter

    Not really, unless it is stipulated in your contract. However, as a 1st step in the debt collection process it is essential that you have something that you can refer to.

  • Where Do I Send Letter If Debtor Has Absconded

    Send the reminder or defauly letter to the last know address. It might be forwarded to the debtor. If you know for a fact they have left the address do not waste postage or paper in sending multiple letters. You can use a debt collection agent to locate your debtor and complete a financial check on them. And simply stop sending the letters.

  • Does The Remider Letter Have To Be Sent By A Lawyer

    You 1st letter to the debtor should be sent by yourself. This keeps the negotiation process open, quick and cheap. Try not to involve debt lawyers at this stage.

  • When Should I Send The Debt Reminder Letter

    From years of experience we suggest you send the default letter as soon after the payment date as possible. Remember if you allow the debtor to pay via a bank there might be additional clearing time for checks. You might want to wait 3-5 working days. If it is by direct debit, send the reminder as soon as the debit is returned.
    Nothwithstanding these suggestions, you can send the reminder letter the day after the payment was due and not made. in the afternoon to ensure all paymenst by post are accounted for.

  • Can I Write Anything On The Outside Of The Envelope

    The days of writing final demand or overdue payment on the outside of a letter are long gone. Do not do it; maintain the moral high ground. You should never embarrass or intimidate your debtor. You can of course add your name and address so that the debtor might be convinced to open your letter.

  • Can I Send Reminder By Email or SMS

    Yes, assuming you have specifically stated this in your agreement. You can do this if you are collecting your own debt. Do not be impressed by lawyers or debt coolection agents who only use this method becuase it is cheap.

  • What Is The Best Method To Deliver A Debt Collection Letter

    The absolute best method is to have the letter delivered, is to place in the debtors hand. This gives the default letter real urgency and legitimacy. The person delivering the letter will be able to report back to you the situation the debtor is in. Mainly attitude and living style.

  • How Do I Deliver A Demand Letter In A Foreign Country

    Although you have the likes of DHL and FedEx, we would suggest a 2 step approach. Firstly an email. Should that fail you need a professional. Locate an international debt collection company near where you think your debtor is. Have them deliver it for you.

Sample Of Debt Collection Letter

You are not going to find a sample letter that you can simply plug in your details. The reason for this, is that you have to understand what you are writing and therefore have to write it yourself. Sample debt letters refer to all sorts of things that are legal sounding, but mean nothing to you nor your debtor.

Filling these sample templates takes longer than making your own debt collection letter. We know – we have tried. If you want a legal letter, get the services of a debt collection lawyer.

If you can read this, then you can make your own debt collection letter. It does not need to be a literary masterpiece. Even if it has to go to court.

Make it Easy For The Debtor To Pay

Many years ago, the way to receive a payment was either in cash or a cheque. There are now a bucketful of ways that a debtor can pay you. It is imperative that you make it easy to accept payment. Wire transfer, PayPal, cryptocurrency, cash, Western Union, cheque, to name a few. In your debt collection letter make it abundantly clear that you will accept most types of payment. If you, wish you can send your debt letter sample to us to review free of charge.

By cash, we do not mean them handing you cash. They can deposit the cash into your bank account.

Cost and Risk Calculation

Writing a demand letter or a reminder letter has many costs involved. And a calculation of risk. So, how much will it cost to collect the debt versus the chance of a timely result. The cost to you includes your time, repayment time, outgoing expenses, and stress. Once you have written down these items and weighed them up, then you can decide to:

  1. Continue. Use a diary
  2. Outsource. Search the internet for a debt collection agency
  3. Write off to a bad experience. You might be able to obtain a tax deduction for this.
  4. Consider Resolute Collections.

Never throw good money after bad, unless you want to teach the debtor a lesson. Chasing after bad money will undoubtedly teach you a lesson. Can your debtor ever pay?

Stages in A Debt Collection Letter

You should have the ability to increase the pressure at each incremental stage. Do not go in with all guns blazing. If you do, you have nothing to fall back on.

Reminder, 2nd Reminder or Final Demand Letter

It makes for a great road map to send 3 letters unless you are already at the stage of a final demand letter. Each reminder in the process informs the debtor that you are good to your word. In the initial reminder you can give them a specified time to resolve the issue. If they fail to satisfy the debt in the time span given you immediately send the 2nd reminder. If that fails, you reveal your final demand and what actions might be appropriate. This gives you time to consider what “next stage” action could be.

This advice stands good for commercial debt collection and international debt collections .

Language Appropriate

Try to keep the letter language simple, so that the debtor will understand its content and purpose. Ensure that the content of the debt collection letter is in their native language and yours. This may mean you have to have your debt letter translated. Do not machine translate, have a real person translate the letter. and many other can do this for you.

Debt Collection letter Promises

Never stop any action on a promise. If your debt collection letter has prompted action, NEVER stop your planned stages. You stop action when you are paid.

Additionally, never negotiate on the broken promise – you immediately go back to the demand you made in the final debt collection letter. A broken promise means a new negotiation.

Our experience has taught us that you all too often end up discussing the broken promise. The initial demand is often forgotten. The broken promise is dead in the water. Leave it there.


If at all possible, ensure that you can convey your demand on the debt collection letter to 1 page. It makes it easier to read, nor can the debtor say that they have lost a page. If your demand letter has be 2 or more pages through necessity, ensure they are numbered, bind them together with staples and tape. 

Where To Send Your Debt Collection Letter?

This sounds obvious – send it to the home address. However, you might wish to send it to an adds that you know the debtor uses frequently. Ensure that it is marked private and confidential, to be opened by address only. [debtor name] c/o [golf club] etc.

How To Send Your Demand Letter

Always send by recorded delivery and email – both if possible. This gives you legitimacy. They cannot say that they never got your demand letter. You may want to consider hand delivering the letter and have this filmed on a phone.

Reread and Reread Your Debt Collection Letter

It is essential that you or someone else rereads any letter before it is sent so that it is perfect. Grammar or spelling errors are jumped upon by debtors. Online companies like have copy writers who will review and edit your debt collection letter. Becuase, it is better to pay a small fee than be ignored.

What if Your Debt Collection Letter Strategy Does Not Work?

Re-evaluate if it is worth pursuing. Focusing on other aspects of life and business could be more worthwhile and profitable. Throwing good money after bad will does not work, even with the best debt collection letter in the world

If you have no luck with your final demand letter, what should you do?

You can use one of our solutions. Resolute collections has 3 options you can choose from. You might as well start today without delay.

Debt Letter Template

There are literally hundredes if not thousands of site offering templates to make it “easier” to compose a definitive reminder letter. I have yet to find one that was eaiser than writing my own. They all appear to be tempting you to use a solicitor.

If you cannot write your own letter – use a solicitor. However, they then have you on their hook.

Do you have any suggestions that make for a great debt collection letter

Please share your ideas. Your experiences will help us all! If you have a debt letter example we can share so that we can help other creditors. Especially those chasing personal debts.

Creditors and the Debt Collection Letter

The following is from a debt collection agency in the USA. It might repeat some of what we said. However it is always good to have our thoughts bolstered by debt recovery agent. It describes how debt collection is a 2 way street.

You may think that the debt collection letter that’s sitting in your mailbox is nothing but pain mailed directly to you. However, you have to keep in mind that for every debt collection letter that is sent, the pain goes both ways – the creditor is desperate for payment for an overdue account and the debtor is scrambling for money to meet the due date of the payment. So, just as much as the debtor feels pressure, so does the creditor. After all, every delinquent account means that the company will not be getting back some money.

So, what exactly does a debt collection letter contain? The debt collection letter is sometimes referred to as a letter of demand. This letter notifies the debtor of the outstanding balances or unpaid amounts on his account. In certain cases, the letter may also inform the debtor that unless he is able to make the payments on time, court action may be used against him.

In order to help the creditor grasp the full details of the debt, the debt collection letter must come with all the documents that are related to the account. These include copies of the contracts, invoices of past payments, and other letters of agreements made between the debtor and creditor. This way, the debtor will have the documentation that proves that he is responsible for the debt.

The debt collection letter lets the debtor know that the creditor is serious about getting his money back. And in the event that the matter goes to court, the creditor can use the letter as proof that the company did attempt to contact the debtor in an effort to settle the account.

Now that the debt collection letter has reached your mailbox, what do you do next? The first step is always to respond to the letter. You have to let the creditor know that you are not running away from your responsibilities. If you ignore the letter, you may put yourself in more trouble.

Before you respond, study the letter and the attached documents. If you need to dispute the debt, contact a lawyer who can help you. Once you and your lawyer have drafted a letter of dispute, mail it to the creditor immediately. If you agree that you do owe the debt, you should contact the creditor as well.

Once you have contacted your creditor and your responsibility for the debt has been duly established, you may begin to negotiate with the creditor. You can offer to pay several installments or you may offer to pay immediately but with a lesser amount. Since the creditor most likely wants to save on the costs of pursuing you for payment, he is bound to agree.

After you respond, the debt collection letter has done its job. It has opened a way for the creditor to reach you and inform you of your delinquencies. At the same time, the letter has made some options available to you, and you can select a payment scheme that is affordable to you.

Dealing with Debt Collection Letters

We have to thank those interested in fair debt practices in debt collection for this additional information.

If you have missed payments for any of your debts, there is a chance that you will have debt collection letters piling up on your desk. These letters will remind you of all the money you owe to certain people or certain companies. However, before you shove those debt collection letters into your desk drawer, try looking at them. Once you start acknowledging these letters, you’ll have less anxiety over your unpaid bills.

Get all your debt collection letters out. Try organizing them. Sort the letters according to the companies that sent them. After that, sort them according to the dates they were sent. Organizing the debt collection letters will help you track the status of your account.

If you’re getting confused, here’s a quick guide to help you understand the different types of debt collection letters you will receive.

Initial Collection Letter

– This letter is the first letter you will receive. It simply notifies you that you have missed a payment. It contains information about the amount you owe as well as the due date. It may also include information about penalties for late payments.

Follow-up Collection Letters

– These letters may form the bulk of your pile of debt collection letters. They carry no threats. They simply tell you things like the amount you owe, how long the payment has been overdue, and how you can settle the account immediately. These letters also state that the creditor is still willing to conduct business with you, and he still values you as a good customer. Since these letters are to notify you about your outstanding debt, your creditor will send a lot of them to you.

Final Demand Collection Letter

– This letter is the last letter you will receive. If you do not respond to this letter, expect a debt collector to contact you. Out of all the debt collection letters, this one is the most serious and imposing. It usually gives a deadline for you to make payment of the amount due. This letter also informs the debtor that if he does not make any response, the account will be turned over to a collection agency.

Debt collection letters help the debtor understand one thing – the creditor wants his money back. So, before you get into further trouble, grab the debt collection letters and contact your creditor immediately. However, try to initiate communication through writing. This ensures that you will have actual documents to use as evidence in case there is any disagreement between you and your credit in the future.

Once you have responded to a debt collection letter, just wait for offers from the creditor. Usually, debt collection letters are a sign that the creditor is frustrated. He is eager to get his money back. In order to make sure that you keep paying, the creditor will negotiate with you. He may lower the fees, give you more time or reduce the interests on your debt. For the creditor, it is better to receive a smaller amount than nothing at all.

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