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How To Find The Best International Debt Recovery Agent

international debt recovery

International Debt Recovery

One of the most problematic aspects of international debt recovery is enforcing any action. Another hurdle is the cost of litigation – is your debt worth pursuing. If your debt is below 200,000 the cost of recovery might just outweigh any result. Does your debtor have any assets that a court can repossess? The timescales can be legendary – literally years.

What you need is an option that allows you to quickly launch a debt recovery campaign against a debtor. You can opt for Resolute Collections or an international legal firm.

Legal companies pricing for international debt recovery are 25% to 40% of the face value of your debt.

One thing is for sure, if you have had to start recovery proceeding against a customer, you will not be trading with that company again. If you fail to take action, there is absolutely no doubt that your company will be passed along the grapevine. you could end up with serial defaulters. You have to do something. Do not delay and start action today.

Resolute Collections offers a sharp and timely rebuke to international nonpayers.

As we mainly deal with English speaking nations. You will find our pages on Australian Debt Collectors and USA attorneys mighty useful.

Worldwide Trade Opportunities

The ability to trade internationally provides huge potential for profit. It also has pitfalls should your client default and you need international debt recovery.

You have probably completed a D&B report and other due diligence. Possibly requested a deposit or staged payments, whether you are selling or buying goods internationally. However, the growth of scams is making international trading more difficult.

Taking early and quick action against the less scrupulous is essential. Others will become aware that you are not to be deceived or dallied with.

International Debt Recovery Due Diligence.

You will find an international debt collecting company quite easily in your own jurisdiction. However, at the other end it is another story. And you must remember, it is your international reputation at stake.

This is from a symposium we attended in the late 90’s. The lesson is still valid. An international debt collection company had employed the services of a debt agent in Nigeria. The agent was performing exceptionally well. Too good to be true, so an auditor was sent to determine what was happening.

What the agent was undertaking, was to threaten and actually abducting members of the debtor’s family! Family members were returned when debt was paid.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that everyone in the debt collection chain is performing the way you would expect.

Debt Recovery Strategy

What is there to strategize over? The debtor owes the money to the creditor. Ask them to repay it as agreed. How difficult is that?

All you need is legitimacy (your contract with the debtor) and persistence. Here is a quote from our home page on Resolute Collections:

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success”

That is your strategy in a nutshell.

International Debt Firm

The Easy Way 15 minutes

catastrophic injury lawyer

Simply open Google maps. Best on a desk top or lap top.

Enter Location Required

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

The best location for your debt recovery agent is close to your debtor. However; you must do additional due diligence if not in your country.

Seach For Service You Need

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

What is the service you need? An asset reposessed? Maybe investigation into your debtor – do they have assets? Or simple debt collection in a foreign country>

Make Your Choice And Call The Firm

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Choose 3. Do some quick research on Google. Arrange a skype or Zoom call. It is imperative that you see them and their offices. Keep it casual.

Risk Free No Collection, No Fee

What do international debt recovery firms mean by this? It quite literally means; if it is too difficult, we walk away. Could you imagine if a civil engineer said, if the bridge we built for you falls down, we will not charge you?

What about the collateral damage to your business? There was a risk – yours. You are now months if not years down the debt recovery road with no result. And they walk away!

Debt recovery lawyers take defeat as a little knock to the chin and get on with the next deal. This was a big deal for you. It could be a disaster if handled incorrectly.

There has been a cost. Your time in choosing the debt recovery company, updating them with information and reading reports. It has cost you TIME. And time is money.

There is no such thing as risk free international debt collections, nor no cost. It is risky and costly for you.

At the very minimum Resolute Collections shows you something tangible. And our fees are amazingly simple to understand. If your debt is less than 200,000, you might just want to give us a stab at it.

international debt recovery

International Debt Recovery Comments

If you have any recommendations or suggestions, we would love to share with everyone that reads our blogs.

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commercial debt collection

Guide To Finding A Great Commercial Debt Collection Firm

business debt collection

Commercial Debt Collection

Nearly every lawyer in the land is into Commercial Debt Collection, which says something about how easy or profitable debt collection is. You might be able to deal with yourself. It is not as difficult as it might seem. From a simple debt collection letter to a full blast campaign of debt recovery.

Data Protection And Commercial Debt Collection

Resolute collections asks the question. Is it right for one company to hide behind laws that are meant to give private individuals protection from large organisations? We are not suggesting that you immediately go out and make a banner. You can be more inventive than that.

What we are moving towards is an enlightened view of the restrictions imposed on you by bureaucrats. Who are paid with tax money and do not need to worry about their invoices being paid. 

No Win No Fee

When you see this, you should be thinking – no effort. You should be thinking cherry picking and large success fees. The success case pays for the unsuccessful Commercial Debt Collection failures. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

You are unable to put pressure on a debt collector to collect debt when you have not paid them. They will return it to you and now it is 2nd hand, which is not good.  

What we would like to see is a guarantee. No win and we will give you a percentage of your debt as a thank you! That would stop some of these debt collection agents trawling for business.

Can you imagine any other business that said to you, if we fail, we will not charge you? We will build you a bridge, but if it falls down, we will not charge you – ludicrous or what.

We are not free. You value your time and we value ours.

Commercial Debt Collection Laws

We strongly recommend that you should not break any laws when collecting commercial debt.  What we do suggest to you, is that you look at how the law helps and does not hinder you.

commercial debt collection

Compliance officers in most companies involved in commercial debt collection are there to say NO. Maybe we are being harsh on them, but they are more interested in their company’s reputation than your money.

Resolute collections works without borders and uses the law to your advantage. The return of your money is really our priority. Although we have charged you upfront, we need to earn the commission on collecting what is owed to you.

And not to forget, most commercial loans and trade debt is unregulated in some form or other.

International and Interstate

If you need commercial debt collection and your debtor is not in your jurisdiction. Your debt collector is going to have to increase their fees or commission. The debtor is not going to owe you anything extra.

The decision here for you is to invest more cash and energy or write off the debt. Alternatively, you could sell the debt or use one of Resolute Collections services. We do not buy debt, but you might find someone willing to take it off your hands and off your balance sheet.

Make sure you sell it to someone reputable. Becuase it is still your reputation at stake. You can sell the income stream but not the obligations. That is free legal advice often omitted by buyers of debt.

You And Your Team

Most people do not actually enjoy debt collection. It does not take much to NOT pay, but getting it back takes skill, determination, and attitude. Do not put anyone in charge of your commercial debt collection who does not want to do it. They will lose you money whilst they should be doing something, they are good at.

After 30 days overdue have a professional deal with it. That cold be someone in your company or an outside debt collection agent. So once your customer has got used to stop paying, they get used to it becuase it becomes a habit. A good debt collector will allow you to keep the customer in the long term.

Never use your sales team to collect seriously overdue accounts – they do not have the skills. They sell, they do not collect.

Debt On The Balance Sheet

You can argue this with your accountant. A debt on the balance sheet is not an asset. It is a cash hungry expense. Sitting looking at it month in and month out will not turn it into an asset. You need a commercial debt collection plan.

If the debt is more than 60 days overdue you need to be doing something proactive. At 120 days overdue you can say goodbye to your money and write it off.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of our debt recovery services. At the very least you can take satisfaction on seeing something being done. It is visible to all.

Business to Business Debt Collection

This information is for business to business debt collection in the UK. If a business owes you money or has not paid it’s invoice. A debt lawyer will be able to collect the debt without any cost to you. That is what all the legal eagles will say to you. And it is true; assuming you have been all legal and proper documentation.

There are 2 drawbacks. Most companies are not can pay but won’t pay. They normally default becise they have no cash. And you cannot get blood out of a stone. No matter what you threaten it with.

The other situation is when there is no enforecable agreement or invoice. Your only option assuming persuansion has not worked is to take unsual steps and think out of the box.

And the old saying still stands good – never throw good money after bad. Unless you want some other form of satisfaction.

Commercial Debt Recovery

If your commercial debt recovery has not had the result that you desire. Resolute Collections offers a different approach. We understand that this is not for everyone, however, you get the opportunity to vent your frustration.

Your Comments On Commercial Debt Collection

If you have any advice or opinion, others would like to see it. This is the only website that we know of that allows this. Please start your comments with commercial debt collection.

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Credit Collection Services

The Best Method To Deal With Credit Collection Services Effectively

credit collection services

Credit Collection Services

What we have to do here is separate the 2 faces of credit collection services. One is a US debt collection company but the others are debt collection agencies in general. Let us delve into both and see what we can do for you.

Debt Collection By Any Other Name

Make no bones about it, any company using the credit collection handle is in debt collection. They are companies chasing debtors for creditors.

On the other hand, you might be searching for a company because you have lent to someone so you need help to retrieve your money or asset. If you are looking for an unusual but tested way to get your money back. We are the collection company for you.

5* Credit Collection Services

You will notice one very strange thing. Almost without exception all the companies offering credit collection services had 5-star reviews. It is hard to imagine that debt collection has such a great reputation about it. Could the companies be using reputation management software, simply making the reviews up or ignoring bad reviews.

How To Handle Credit Collection Services

If you are being contacted by a debt collection company, ensure you visit their website. This gives you and idea about how to handle them. Know thy enemy! Please remember they are just doing a job.

Before you accept any liability of any sort or even identify yourself, ask for documentary evidence of the debt posted to you. Many debt collection services companies buy “your” debt for pennies. They hope that alleged debtors will just pay. They have no soul and are not interested in your circumstances. It does not matter what the law states or how they present themselves. Debt collectors make commission becuase they collect from you.

Emails and automated calls cost them very little. They will send them willy nilly. Simply block them. Do not respond, as it is tantamount to accepting that you are the debtor.

If they send a letter. Return it. Do not ignore it. Keep the snail mail going.

Many companies (UK and USA) will state they will take you to court. Inform them if they do, that you will want it to be heard in a court of your choice. Normally your hometown, as this will add unnecessary expense to them.

Phone Calls From Credit Collection Services

Credit Collection Services

You should refuse to use phone calls as a means on communicating. Although there is some awesome phone call analysis software available, but not every debt collection company uses it. You would be surprised at the reason. Collecting on regulated loans is full of rules for debt collectors. They would have to self-report if they were breaking the law.

Surely this software can record all calls and analyse what is being said? Yes, it can and that is why they do not like it. Not using analytical software allows the collection industry to “not record” what some debt collectors say to debtors.

Stay Calm

You should be calm at all times, never lose the plot or become an aggravating nuisance. It does not work. We know from personal experience of debt collection, if you annoy a debt collector, they will take pleasure in returning the same. The difference is that debt collection companies normally have unlimited funds and time to do so.

Who Can You Complain To?

When we worked in finance, the biggest reaction was when a director or shareholder received a letter. If your fist letter does not work, try and find out he name and addresses of directors or shareholders.

Online Reporting Of Credit Agreements

The first thing for you to do is get a copy of your credit file. Write to the finance companies and ask the credit collection services company to remove your details. It is far more difficult to have the credit bureaux remove it.

It is far easier to remove your details than you think. A company reporting finance agreement have to report monthly. All they do is code your file – remove. You want the agreement completely removed.

You might even find that the company is not reporting your details or reporting them incorrectly.

There is no such thing as a blacklist. If anyone say it to so, report them to a senior member of the company.

Last Option To Clean The Sheet

If the debt is yours and can be proved. You can negotiate to settle and have the debt removed from online reporting. As we have said what the finance company can do it can also undo. The credit collection services company can inform the credit bureaux to remove your debt. Then you are back to a clean sheet.

However, if the debt has a court order, this can only be marked as paid. Because it is difficult to have it removed, although it will disappear in time if paid.

Questions To Ask A Debt Collector

If you are called by CCS or any other debt collector and you are unsure about the callers legitmacy. You have every right to ask some questions. If they are unable to answer on the phone ask them to reply to the questions in a letter to the debtor at the address they have.

Never reveal personal details or accept any responsibility for any debt. They are on the phone to answer your questions.


Name, address and phone number of the company THEY are calling from. Any legitmate company will gladly hand this over. You can also ask the callers name. And are they calling from the registered address or their own home.

Debtors Details

Ask them the name and address of the person they are trying to contact. Be firm that you will not divulge your personal details. Nor do you accept that you owe any money or recognise anything they say.

Ask A Tricky Question

The debtors bank details or social security number. Under no circumstances should they reveal this if they are legitmate. And never give yours.

Write To Me

Without giving any of your details ask them to send you a letter quoting a reference you have made up. I want you (the caller) to use the reference “our unwelcome call today”.

Call Recording

Ask them if the call has been recorded. Ask them to send an email with audio, DO NOT give your email address. They can include a link in their letter to you.

Acceptance and Remorse

This is a general guide on how to deal with a debt collecter be it credit collection services or any other lender. Acceptance and remorse sound quite powerful, so what do we mean.

If the debt is your simply accept it as so. It allows you to deal with it in your own mind. If you have a dispute ensure it is not frivolous. Mube they have got the spelling of your name slightly wrong or made a simple spelling error. If it is your debt accept.

Even though you accept that the debt is your you can insist on delaing directly with you lender or supplier. They cannot transfer the obligations they have under any agreement.

Remorse is an unusual word to use, and to our knowledge we are the only advice site that does so. Let your lender or debt recovery agent know that you have real remorse and you are trying everything you can to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. You might have spent the money or used the product and no longer use it. However you did and you will have to resolve the issue.

You will gain the moral high ground by having true remorse and debt collectors will want to help you get out of your debt. An income and expenditure review will go a long way in getting a deal done. Be truthful and honest.

Many peole like yourself are in this situation through no fault of your own and CCS should hopeful recognise this.

We mention another situation other companies do not mention. Should you be in the siutation you are becise of an addiction. Seek professional help. You will be amazed at what help you can find.

Credit Collection Services Comments

If you have any experience of credit collection services companies, we want to know and share your comments.

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International debt collector

4 Simple Steps on How to Find an International Debt Collector

International debt collector

International Debt Collector

Before you consider an international debt collector, there must be a reason. And it has to be feasible. The first item to look at is your debt.

If it is a large debt or contract, the chances are you will have a contract and the jurisdiction that is on it, shall apply. Then you really ought to have representation in that international jurisdiction. Although that does not guarantee you any success. Be it the UK, USA or Australia.

Your debt might have originated in the jurisdiction you both reside, and the debtor has absconded. Then you are between a rock and a hard place. Where do you begin. Most people will begin with costly legal advice.

international debt collector

Alternatively, you might have left the jurisdiction and it is awkward to apply proper pressure without being present. Debtors ignore creditors at the best of times. If you are in a foreign jurisdiction, they will disregard you completely.

If it is a small debt the costs will outweigh the payback. On an international scenario you are probably talking about less than a debt of $100,000. Do not throw money after bad. Look at our cost effective solutions.

These are the minimum criteria before engaging an international debt collector.

How Much Will A Debt Collector Cost

 You are going to have to pay at least 2 lots of expenses or fees. The legal representation in your jurisdiction and theirs. We think it is fair to say that we are talking a large sum.

Many organisations and individuals will sell their debt. You will be lucky to achieve more than 20% of the face value. If you do sell your debt – remember your reputation. Normally you cannot assign your responsibilities. How annoying is it, that they don’t pay you and you have to act within the letter of the law?

At resolute collections we are an international debt collector without borders. The internet has no limitations and is open 24/7.  Our fees are fixed and transparent.

In addition, there will be international banking fees to be paid by you.

Due Diligence On International Debt Collector

How exactly are you going to vet the debt collector in another country? Language is not just the written word; it is the intention and nuanced meaning. Sometimes these nuances can be misunderstood by a non-native speaker.

Banking your money or returning your asset are beset with problems. If the debt collector collects cash in the country can they send it out or will the exchange rate be a problem. Resolute collections offers our clients payment direct from the debtor to your bank account or via cryptocurrencies or via 3rd party solutions. Whatever works best for you.

Professional International Debtor

Such a thing does exist. They are generally scammers and con men. They will scam people and companies and then move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There is little point in trying to take this type of person to court. You will waste your money.

The good news is that con men tend to continue use a similar modus operandi. That is where resolute collections focus their attention. We can monitor the internet and follow their trail of destruction.

What the scammers do not like is for someone to pop up where they are, to “out” them. They might well be prepared to meet their obligations to you.

We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

How Does An International Debt Collector Work

A legal collections company work in a world of their own. It truly is unfathomable. We believe that there might be a lot of back scratching so that fees can be achieved. If one side were to receive no fee – it would be far more interesting. It is intellectual nonsense.

Companies that toil like UK or USA debt collecting agents put in some graft. It is worth trying to seek out a DCA through recommendation. They have tools and software that private individuals do not have access to.

Many are not an international debt collector but fee collecting legalize speakers.

International debt Collection Agencies

It is probably obvious to state that you are not where your debtor is. And what you desire is a debt collector in the location of your debtor. A quick Google search will literally return millions of web pages for you to choose from. We can help you to reduce this to a few dozen or less.

Finding an international debt collection agency quickly and efficiently

4 Easy Steps To Find International Debt Collector 10 minutes

Open Google maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

Find and open Google maps

Enter the location of your debtor

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

Simply enetre the loaction of your debtor. It is often better to deal directly with someone near your debtor. However: you must do some due diligence

What service do you desire?

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

Do you need something repossessed? Maybe it is a simple private investigation. Or basic debt collection

Review and choose

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

If possible give the debt collector a call. You want to ensure that your choice of the firm can speak your language. Before you make a final choice, complete some due diligence. Searches on Google can conform anything dodgy. Remember that no information = dodgy (generally). Zoom or Skype – go with your gut

International Debt Collection Report

Many businesses will use a business credit report when they are negotiating contracts from international customers. Or possibly when they are experiencing troubles with invoices being paid.

Before you deliver goods or services to an international client contact an international debt collector first. Using our hints you can locate a debt colelction agency within very close proximity to your customer. This local debt collector will have far more information than a basic credit report. Credit reports are alwys historical. And as international credit report businesses state, it is better to have some knowledge than none.

If your client has had problems or is possibly facing problems this local firm will probably know. Create a relationship now with a local agent as insurance for future debt problems.

A few dollars spent now will be worth it in the long run. Even if it means cancelling the order or asking for cash up front.

Resolute Collections

When it comes to being an international debt collector, Resolute Collections are | intense | different | determined.

international debt collector countries

If you are looking for a cost effective debt collection solution – it could be us. It is worth considering.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for an international debt collector

You can use the comment area below. Your comments will be appreciated.

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Debt Collection Services

How To Find The Best Debt Collection Services Quickly

commercial debt collection

Debt Collection Services

There are a huge number of debt collection services that you can use. We would love you to choose resolute collections as your preferred supplier. Our solutions are maybe not what you need.

You have a few options to choose on depending on:

Debt Collection Services
  1. What type of debt do you are owed?
    • Consumer to consumer
    • Business to business
    • Business to consumer and vice versa
  2. Is the debt regulated
  3. What jurisdiction are all the parties
  4. What is the value of the debt?
  5. How much have you invested in the debt? You might have sold something with negligible value and have little invested. Or you may have lent money – which on the face of it is 100%
  6. You may have purchased the debt and are actively looking for debt collection services

Outsourcing Debt Collection Services

On the face of it, this is often the best method for most lenders.

  1. At what stage to you outsource?
    • When you intially invoice you client – this is basically factoring
    • When your credit control team cannot handle the client or volumes
    • At write off stage
    •  Or at a given date and hand over the entire debt collection services to a third party
  2. Why outsource?
    • Potentially less hassle. You need only meet the debt collections provider weekly or monthly. Or at certain levels of performance. Performance that is both good and bad.
    • No fixed costs for staff, software of premises
    • Scalability.
    • Your choice of debt collection services provider will be far more experienced than you are – generally speaking.

What Debt Collection Service Do You Need?

You should give a thought to the type of debt collection service you require. Its really not acceptable to say I want you to collect the whole shebang.

Debt Collection Services
  1. Letter dunning cycles
  2. Telephone calls
  3. Face to face visits
  4. Skip tracing
  5. International or interstate collections

The debt collection provider will want to understand:

  • Your credit and risk criteria. They will want to know what steps did you take to offer credit to the debtor and how it was monitored?
  • What type of credit is it? Regulated, asset backed, mortgage etc.
  • What are your reporting requirements?
  • Your recovery expectations?
  • What are your reputational standards?
  • Performance timetables: i.e., if they have collected less than expected by a given timetable the debt will be taken back.
  • The process to return uncollectable debts.
  • Do you require daily, weekly, or monthly payments?
  • Is it a single assignment or ongoing?
  • Your current default rates?

Any creditor (you) might find themselves being rejected by a debt collection company if they fail to meet their criteria. The debt collection provider needs to make a profit.

How Much Will It Cost You?

This is a perennial question on outsourcing debt collection. We will repeat the question 2 ways

  • How much will it cost you if you continue what you do now?
  • How much will you net if you outsource to a debt collection services provider?

If you are unable to calculate these figures yourself, you can be assured of one thing. Your potential debt collector will calculate the financials for you. Most of the collection companies will have sophisticated software to analyze the numbers and behavioral demographics of your debtors.

Do It The Easy Way

How to easily find a debt collection agency or debt collection attorney. There is no easier way to find debt collection serives than what we will show you. and it will take less than 15 minutes to find your saviour.

Use Google Maps

Time to Find The Best Solution is 15 Minutes 15 minutes

Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

Get the ball rolling by opening Google maps and move quickly to step 2

Location, Location, Location

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

There might be a debt collection service next door to you. However you need one that is very close to your debtor. Enter a town, city, country or street name.

What Do You Really Need

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

What do you need? Investigation or a debt collection agent or a debt recovery attorney? This is where do drill down and focus.

Make A Choice

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

You can narrow down your search to 2 or 3. And it has only taken minutes so far. Clicking on the red markers will give you details and a review of the firms. Call them and tell them your situation and requirements. Then make a choice.

Business Continuity

You have to ensure that the debt collection company is making enough profit to continue operating. If it is at all possible have them mirror their software and download you copies each night. If your chosen provider goes bust or has a difficulty forced upon them, you at least have the data.

A provider of debt collection services has to prove to you that they have business continuity. Losing your data is not a good thing for you, it is unbelievably bad.

Single Debts or International Debts

If you have a few debts or $5,000 to $100,000 or they are interstate/national, you might want to consider Resolute Collections.

Debt or Credit Confusion

This is more critical in the USA, as a company trading as Credit Collection Services is actually a debt collection agent. We have no idea why they would want to create this confusion. However we all realise that one persons credit is the counterparts debt.

Two Final Considerations

Move quickly. The first and second rule of debt collection is to be first in the line. Providers of debt collection services (including us) is to act as timely as possible. Or earn/save more money to pay your debts – they will not go away.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for debt collection services

Please use the area below with any any hints or suggestions. Your input is appreciated.

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Debt Recovery Solutions

How To Find The Best Debt Recovery Solutions For You

Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions.

There are many debt recovery solutions and it only takes a few minutes to decide which is best for you. Just gather all the information together and sit in a quiet room. Someone has to make a decision about collecting it – and it appears to be you. Once you have made your decision, it is them time to execute the process. Carpe diem.

Cost Versus Reward

This is often the stage that nonprofessional debt collectors simply omit. They look at the value of the debt and nothing else. There is a whole lot of “else” to be looking at in debt recovery solutions:

  1. Does the debtor have the ability to repay? Investigate their financial status.
  2. Is the debtor a can pay and will not pay? This is a professional nonpayer. They are difficult to get a result out of. Unless you know what you are doing.
  3. Is it worth investing your time trying to get this money back or focusing on making money?
  4. How long will a debt collector take you to get your money back?
  5. Do you simply want to spite the person or company?
  6. Has the debtor moved out of your jurisdiction?
  7. Could it be dangerous?
  8. Can you take your emotion of pursuing this debt? Anger rarely is successful.
  9. Could you prove the debt in court?
  10. Is the debt actually important to you?

If you omit the above considerations, you could end up choosing the wrong debt recovery solutions.

Let us delve into your options. From creating a list to finding the perfect debt recovery agent for you. Your debt solution might be very close to you or your debtor.

Not Worth Pursuing Debt Recovery

This does not mean that the debt has no value. It simply means that it not worth your time and expense to chase after a lost cause.

There are many companies out there who will purchase debt from you. Check the purchaser’s agreement documentation – receive what they believe it is worth. Move on.

Many of the debt purchase companies have been undertaking debt purchase for years and have tons of data. They will give you a realistic value of your debt. This may not be what you believe the debt to be worth – as you see it at face value. Generally, it is in single figure percentages. Work on 3% sale price to evaluate if you want to invest your time in researching this option. Assume 2 – 5 working days to complete research and offer. Time from start to completion 2 weeks – 3 months for a single debt.

For some strange reason some debt collection services go under the nomenclature of credit collection services.

Spiteful Debt Recovery Solutions

Debt Recovery Solutions

This should be done with considerable thought. It could involve costs that are literally money after bad.

  1. Write to people in your trade, neighbourhood, their customers etc.
  2. Revenge website
  3. Constant contact – not harassment.

Resolute collections does not offer this as one of their debt recovery solutions. However, by the nature of the services we offer, it incorporates these choices.

Outsourcing Debt Recovery

This is a global business with many players in the industry. Many will charge no fee no win. However, the amount retained in commission is likely to be 40%. On the face of it this is one of the most popular debt recovery solutions. Sadly (as we know from 40 years’ experience) the reporting is at best – dubious. We have an entire article and FAQs on this subject.

Where there is no upfront fee, the companies cherry pick. Launching a debt collection strategy against a debtor has costs. So, they pick the easiest cases to collect.

Demand Letter Strategy

Unless you careful or lucky, most credit control departments will merely set upon a course of letters. Letters take time and the process is costly. Many credit managers think this is a recovery solution – it is not. Sending a letter merely gives someone legitimacy when they actually talk to the debtor.

Going to repeat ourselves, credit control are generally not the best debt recovery solutions. A strongly worded letter followed by another then another, does not impress a debtor. You can buy simple software to automate this.  

If you have a Credit control department it can be expensive. Look for another recovery solution and have credit controllers do their job.

Resolute Collections Solution.

If you are looking for “unusual debt recovery solutions”, it could be Resolute Collections.

  1. Intense
  2. Different
  3. Determined
  4. Resolute

We have been collecting debt for over 40 years, working in large global organizations and on our own. We are the thinking man’s debt collector. Resolute Collectors are not credit control nor risk advisors – we are debt collectors.  All we collect payments.

There is no “no upfront fee” option. Like you, we value our time. 

UK’s Biggest Players

Moorcroft debt collection is definatley one of the biggest in the United Kingdon. However, constant monitoring is required with the big players.

Cabot Group is another magalith of UK collections if you need major debt collection in the UK or international debt collections.

Expect fees and commissions on the high side.

Google Search Results

If you use the standard Google search for Debt Recovery Solutions you end up 65 million search results. You need to reduce this to a manageable number or you end up picking any old one.

#1 method to find the best debt solution

4 Simple Steps 15 minutes

Open Google Maps

catastrophic injury lawyer

This is best done on a laptop or desk top

Enter the location required

find best catastrophic injury lawyer

It is far better if the debt agent is near your debtor. Easier to collect or go to the local court.

Enter the service required – debt recovery solutions

do you need a catastrophic injury lawyer

You might need a simple private debt recovery investigations or a full bodied repossession. Or it might involve handing over a final demand letter in person.

Choose a firm and research

do you need a choose a great catastrophic injury lawyer

Pick 2 or 3 to make some further research. Pick one and do some due diligence. It is then time to pass the debt – quickly. Time is of the essence.

Do you have any comments or recomendations for debt recovery solutions

Please tell your story in the area below. Your views are much appreciated.