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The Best And Easiest Top Targets For Scammers

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Top Targets For Scammers

The 45 – 54 year old age group is the ideal demographic for Top targets for scammers. This information is not a secret, as it is publicly available from Experian. This should act as a wake up call if you are in the group. Just when you think it is safe – they find new ways to scam and fraud you.

Why is this age group so attractive to the scammers, fraudsters, and con men?

Scammer Definition

It quite simple really. Anyone who gets you to part with money, goods or time and has no intention of paying you back. Or sending you the goods you think you have purchased. It is easier to prevent than getting anything back from a scammer.

Why Connectivity Is Important

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A 45 – 54 year old may have children and parents. This gives the scammers triple access to your information. You, your parents, and your children might be adding details to social media to build up a picture of you. Even something as wishing someone a happy birthday on facebook can give a scammer the date of your birthday and even year. HAPPY 50th – not difficult to work out a date of birth from that greeting.

Seniority in Work

At the 45 to 54 age age group you are likely to be working in a senior role and have a decent salary. Con men would rather have high earners than low. Seems rather obvious.

Pension Eyes

You can see retirement coming on the horizon and you are actively looking for a great deal for your pension. This makes you attractive as one of the top targets for scammers Fraudsters and no ethics or morals in scamming your pension pot. The old maxim of if it appears to be too good – it is. Anything that would double your money within 10 years has to be checked by a trusted professional. A detailed internet search of the business owners should show something. If it comes up blank – walk away. Very few people have ZERO information on the internet.

Downsizing Gives You Extra Cash

Scammers and fraudsters are aware that a 45 – 54 year old might be moving into an easier and smaller home. The obvious result being that you will have substantial amounts of ready cash to invest. They want your cash and will say anything to get it. Remember that a few days of work can net a fraudster 20,000 or 30,000. This makes you the ideal Top targets for scammers.

Scammers love Mortgage Free

Top Targets For Scammers

The scum of con men will know that you are probably mortgage free. Cash that they will con you out of. They will find your soft spot be it a hobby, vocation, or a vice, and manipulate you.

Naiveite Makes for Top Targets For Scammers

This does not mean gullible. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Your typical fraudster and scammer are way more knowledgeable about what to do than you are. They have been scamming people for years – they are good and experienced!

Global and Interstate Debt Collection

Scam merchants will use the law as much as they can, so that they need not pay you. They move freely, knowing that you probably cannot. Luckily, we can remove that expensive barrier. We work free of barriers.

If you need interaste or interational help we have pages that can help you. If you are looking for debt solutions in Australia or debt collection in the UK. Have a look at our resources.

Bitcoin Scams

This could be an entire website on it’s own. The principle reason bitcoin scams are popular is that it is almost impossible to point the finger at a scammer. Fake exchanges, ponzi schemes, blackmail, fabricated crytpocurrencies, impersonation, free giveaways, phishing, money transfer,or maleware.

The actual currencies are not the problem it is the scammers. The best advice is an old one


Jim Campbell

Caution is the whatchword for bitcoin. Once it is gone it is gone. Move on.

What If You Have Been One Of The Top Targets for Scammers

You can engage resolute collection to get your money back. Our experience is second to none in dealing with scammers and conmen. At the very least you will expose a con man to the world – 24/7.

Have you been scammed?

Share your experiences with us. Your story might prevent someone else being fleeced. We are particulary interested if you can give an opinion on USA debt attorneys or business debt collection specialists.

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